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TaxIRS Tax Tips: IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2010-05 - Six Tax Tips for New Business Owners
TaxHong Kong Tax: Hong Kong SAR Signs Comprehensive Double Taxation Agreements with U.K. and Ireland
TaxGeorgia Tax: Guidance issued on procedures to obtain tax treaty benefits
TaxRomania tax: Emergency tax measures adopted
TaxRussia Tax: Thin cap rules may be applied to foreign sister companies
TaxWorld Tax News
TaxTax treaties
TaxAustralia Tax: Resource super profits tax replaced by new minerals resource rent tax and expanded petroleum resource rent tax
TaxFrance Tax: Withholding tax on dividends paid to foreign UCITs contrary to EU Law
TaxGibraltar Tax: Record budget surplus and continued economic growth allow further tax reductions in 2010 Budget
TaxLuxembourg Tax: Chamber of Commerce contribution challenged
TaxTennessee Income / Franchise Tax: New law requires captive REITs to add back dividends paid deduction and file combined return with affiliates
TaxWashington Sales / Use Tax: Revised rule implements new law limiting application of bad debt credit / refund
TaxCanada Tax: Canada Revenue Agency revokes the charitable status of Tamil (Sri Lanka) Refugee-Aid Society of Ottawa
TaxIRS Notice 2010-39: New Requirements for Tax-Exempt Hospitals
TaxAffordable Care Act Tax Provisions - IRS Tax
TaxUS Tax: Back from recess, lawmakers keep tax agenda largely in the talking stages
TaxU.S. Tax: Interim final rules address preventive health service coverage required by recent reform
TaxOklahoma Income / Franchise Tax: New law decouples from IRC §108(i)
TaxOklahoma Sales / Use Tax: New law imposes remote seller nexus requirements & related amnesty-type provisions
TaxCanada Tax: New waiver procedures related to employer withholdings
TaxAustralia Tax: Clarification of employee share plan reporting requirements
TaxAlabama Tax: Joe Walls Appointed Taxpayer Advocate
TaxAdditional Steps are Needed to Prevent and Recover Erroneous Claims for the First-Time Homebuyer Credit
TaxErrors, Fraud Still Occur in First-Time Homebuyer Credit Program
TaxSEC to Publish for Public Comment Proposed Rules for Clearly Erroneous Trades
TaxUS Tax: Baucus revises carried interest, S corp offsets in new extenders package
TaxSEC Proposes New Measures to Help Investors in Target Date Funds
TaxAlabama Tax: Alabama Department of Revenue Huntsville Taxpayer Service Center Moves to New Location
TaxUS Tax: House OKs tougher GRAT rules to bankroll small-business tax incentives
TaxCanada Tax: Canada signs TIEAs with Bermuda and St. Kitts and Nevis
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Accepting Applications for Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grants
TaxSEC, Quebec Autorité Des Marchés Financiers and Ontario Securities Commission Sign Regulatory Cooperation Arrangement
TaxCanada Tax: Protecting the money you give to charity
TaxItaly Tax: Italy approves draft decree on documentation requirements
TaxCanada Tax: Crown clarifies grounds for appeal in GE Capital Canada's guarantee fees case
TaxSweden Tax: Sweden introduces bilateral and multilateral Advance Picing Agreements (APAs)
TaxAustralia issues draft ruling on business restructurings
TaxItaly Tax: Italy's Revenue Agency issues first report on APA program
TaxThailand Tax: Thailand releases APA guidance
TaxVietnam Tax: Vietnam introduces new transfer pricing guidelines
TaxChina Tax: China considers innovations in anti-avoidance administration
TaxMost Unpaid Taxes of Participants in the Troubled Asset Relief Program Have Been Resolved
TaxSEC Charges Former Chairman of Major Mortgage Lender With $1.5 Billion Securities Fraud and Related TARP Scheme
TaxSEC Charges New York Based Money Manager and Firm Touting Ties to Belgian Royal Family
TaxU.S. Tax: Senate extenders amendments pile up as Baucus eyes changes to S corp offset
TaxUS Tax: Levin proposes tougher GRAT rules to bankroll small-business tax incentives
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Notice 2010-49
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Notice 2010-50
TaxFlorida Corporate Income Tax "Piggybacks" 2010 Internal Revenue Code
TaxFrance Tax: France issues consultation document on transparency treatment of partnerships
TaxArgentina tax: Tax Incentives proposed for software industry and export of professional and technical services
TaxColombia Tax: Preparing for new net equity tax
TaxEuropean Union Tax: ECJ rules Spanish treatment of dividends incompatible with free movement of capital
TaxEuropean Union Tax: Finnish dividend withholding tax legislation referred to ECJ
TaxGermany tax: Guidance issued on reporting requirements on foreign investments
TaxIndonesia VAT: Certain export services subject to 0% VAT
TaxFrance Tax News
TaxNamibia Tax News
TaxAustralia Tax: Exposure draft issued on introduction of anti-roll-up rule for foreign accumulation funds
TaxBrazil Tax: Tax havens list expanded, list of privileged tax regimes added
TaxEuropean Union Tax: ECJ limits Dutch denial of Merger Directive benefits


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