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TaxSEC Announces $13.9 Million Fair Fund Distribution to Harmed Investors in Raytheon Financial Fraud Settlement
TaxTimber Value Areas (TVA) - California Tax
TaxCanada Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
TaxFlorida Tax: Florida Guaranty Association Assessment Recoupment Reportable as Taxable Premiums
TaxSEC Charges Benefits Consultant to Government Agencies With Ponzi Scheme
TaxPaying Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Connecticut Tax
TaxIRS Tax: The IRS's Implementation of the Five-Year Net Operating Loss Carryback Claim Provisions Was Generally Effective
TaxUK Bribery Act 2010
TaxIRS Tax: The IRS Protects Taxpayer Rights When Issuing Levies
TaxIRS Tax: Inadequate Controls on IRS Contractors Place Taxpayer Data At Risk for Unauthorized Access or Disclosure
TaxIdaho Tax Commission offices closed on some Fridays
TaxU.K. Tax: U.K. Emergency Budget Briefing delivered
TaxAustria Tax: Fraud Act would limit deduction of financing expenses on acquisitions
TaxCanada Tax: New waiver procedures related to employer withholding
TaxCanada Tax: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revises policy on access to information
TaxChina Tax: Administration of high-income individuals strengthened
TaxCroatia Tax: Changes proposed to Croatia corporate Tax and Croatia personal income tax codes
TaxIndia Tax: India ITAT rules fees for technical services taxable even if services rendered outside India
TaxTunisia Tax: Tunisia Corporate tax rate reduced for stock market listings
TaxVietnam Corporate Tax: Additional guidance issued on finalization of 2009 corporate income tax liability
TaxEuropean Union Tax: Tax on interest paid to nonresident financial institutions
TaxEU Tax: Reduced rate of VAT applied to legal services
TaxThailand Tax: Bilateral advance pricing agreement (Bilateral APA)
TaxTax Treaty Summary
TaxFinland Tax: Tax working group proposes changes to Finland tax system
TaxIndia Tax: Revised Discussion Paper on Direct Taxes Code issued
TaxSwiss Tax: Withholding tax and stamp duty on intragroup financing abolished
TaxVenezuela Tax: Government sets new restrictions on foreign exchange
TaxTexas Income / Franchise Tax: Publication addresses franchise tax reporting & compliance tips for combined groups
TaxFlorida Documentary Stamp Tax - Short Sales
TaxFlorida Diesel Fuel Tax: Biodiesel Manufactured by Secondary Schools
TaxAlabama Tax: New License Requirement Effective July 1 for Dealers of Precious Metals / Stones
TaxIRS Tax: Affordable Care Act Provides Expanded Tax Benefit to Health Professionals Working in Underserved Areas
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Begins Accepting Applications for Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program
TaxIRS Tax: Excise Tax on Indoor Tanning Services Frequently Asked Questions
TaxIRS Tax: 403(b) tax sheltered annuity (TSA) plans
TaxUS Tax: Baucus unveils carried interest changes, spending cuts in 'Extenders 3.0'
TaxAlabama Tax: Alabama Department of Revenue July 14, July 15 rule hearings
TaxExcise tax on indoor tanning services - Regulations
Tax2010 Sales Tax Holiday - Florida Tax
TaxChanges to Sales Tax on Admissions - Florida Tax
TaxCanada Tax: Appointment to the Canada Revenue Agency Board of Management
TaxHarmonized Sales Tax (HST) for Ontario and British Columbia
TaxSEC Charges Palm Beach County Investment Adviser With Running a Ponzi Scheme and Stealing Client Funds
TaxIdaho Tax: Some Idahoans can estimate their property taxes at tax.idaho.gov
TaxIRS Tax: Deadlines Extended for Certain Retirement Plans in Eight States
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Notice 2010-48
TaxSEC Charges N.Y.-Based Investment Adviser With Fraudulent Management of CDOs Tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities
TaxU.S. Tax: Extenders action delayed as Senate bill hits procedural wall
TaxUS Tax: We're not in Kansas anymore...
TaxUS Tax: Guidance addresses 'grandfathered health plans' under Patient Protection Act
TaxIRS Tax Tips: IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2010-06
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Notice 2010-45
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-25
TaxIRS Tax: IRS TD 9487
TaxIRS Tax: IRS TD 9488
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) Presents Annual Report to Congress
TaxAustralia Tax: Austria's preferential tax treatment of certain skilled immigrants
TaxBelgium Tax: Court denies deduction for recharged capital losses on shares in global stock option plan
TaxCanada tax: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues guidance on adoption of IFRS
TaxChina VAT: SAT changes rules on recognition and administration of general VAT taxpayers
TaxGermany Tax: BMF issues decree on treatment of partnerships under tax treaties
TaxNetherlands Tax: Supreme Court concludes dividend withholding tax on distributions to Netherlands Antilles compatible with EU law
TaxNew Zealand Tax: New tax treaty with Australia eases PE definition relating to substantial equipment
TaxWorld Tax News
TaxBrazil Tax: Final thin capitalization rules introduced
TaxSaudi Arabia Tax: New procedure announced to claim tax treaty benefits
TaxU.S. Tax: Guidance revamps treatment of substitute dividends received by foreign lenders of U.S. stock


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