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TaxExemption from Commercial Rent Tax - Florida Rent Tax
TaxThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is Improving Management Controls for Information Technology Strategic Planning and Capital Investments
TaxIRS Tax Tips: IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2010-03
TaxUS Tax: Tax agenda grows as Congress returns for July work period
TaxIRS Tax: Gross income is not reduced by returns and allowances for purposes of computing substantial omission
TaxUS Tax: Deduction for compensation of closely held corporation's shareholder-employee reduced, but no accuracy related penalty
TaxIRS Tax: IRS 401(k) compliance check questionnaires
TaxIRS Tax: Tax court refuses to reconsider on partnership statute of limitations
TaxNew IRS quality examination process - IRS Tax
TaxLoss importation transaction becomes a Tier I issue
TaxCalifornia Tax: New Legislation to Affect Manufacturers of Green Technology
TaxFlorida Tax: Indexed Tax on Asphalt Will Decrease - Per-Ton Tax Rate Announcement
TaxUnemployment Tax - Florida Tax
TaxIRS Phone: IRS Opens Dedicated Phone Line for Gulf Oil Spill Victims
TaxIRS Tax: CPA Disbarred for Failure to Exercise Due Diligence and Compliance Problems
TaxIRS Jobs: IRS Highlights Job Opportunities for New Grads on YouTube
TaxNational Taxpayer Advocate Submits Mid-Year Report to Congress
TaxProhibited Tax Shelters: IRS Issues Prohibited Tax Shelter Final Regulations
TaxIRS Invites Public Comment on New Reporting of Payments Made in a Trade or Business
TaxIRS Special Edition Tax Tip: Nine IRS Tax Tips on the 10 Percent Tax on Tanning Services
TaxThe Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board Has Taken Actions to Improve Its Financial Management, but Continuing Weaknesses were Identified
TaxIRS Oversight Board: Financial Management Improved, Further Improvements Needed, TIGTA Finds
TaxIRS Summertime Tax Tip 2010-02: Six Tax Tips for Students with a Summer Job
TaxCalifornia corporate tax loopholes
TaxNevada Tax Amnesty: Department reminds that tax amnesty program began July 1 and will run through September 30
TaxFederal Tax: Pending bills would require remote sellers to collect and remit taxes; limit the taxation of digital goods
TaxNew Zeland Business Tax Update - 2010
TaxFlorida Manufacturing and Spaceport Investment Incentive Program
TaxIdaho Tax: Idaho Tax Commission streamlining customer services
TaxExemption from Florida Commercial Rent Tax for Persons Providing Telecommunications, Data Systems Management, or Internet Services at Convention Halls, Civic Centers, and Meeting Spaces at Public Lodging Establishments
TaxSales and Use Tax on Boats or Vessels Capped at $18,000 - Florida Tax
TaxNew Fee Imposed Under New Red Light Camera Safety Program, Effective July 1 2010 - Florida Tax
TaxEntertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program - Florida Tax
TaxCommunications Services Tax: Sales of Communications Services to Transient Public Lodging Establishments - Florida Tax
TaxSEC Charges Italian Company and Dutch Subsidiary in Scheme Bribing Nigerian Officials With Carloads of Cash
TaxRecovery Act Provisions for the Health Coverage Tax Credit were Implemented, but Development Processes Could be Improved
TaxIRS Tax Tips: IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2010-01 - Summertime Child Care Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit
TaxIRS Tax: IRS Successfully Implemented Changes In Health Coverage Tax Credit Program
TaxCalifornia Tax: 10 Tips to Complete California LLC Income Worksheet
TaxNew IRS Tax Preparer Requirements - California Tax
TaxStatutes of Limitations on Claims for Refund or Credit - California Tax
TaxRDPs Must Now Use Community Property Rules to File Federal Return - California Tax
TaxCalifornia Tax: State's First-Time Buyer Credit Almost Gone
TaxIRS Tax: Register for the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
TaxNew Reporting Requirements for Small Tax-Exempt Organizations Begins 2011 - California Tax
TaxTaxpayer Advocate - California Tax
TaxBroker Commits Real Estate Fraud by Purchasing Homes Using Stolen Identities and Intentionally Defaulting on Loans


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