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Why Do People Pay Taxes?  read more
Global Bank Tax: G20 communique to kill global bank tax idea  read more
Bank Tax: Harper eyes 'common principle' on banks - tax optional  read more
U.S. Tax: Gay Couples Get Equal Tax Treatment  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Gas tax hike eyed to bail out Pennsylvania budget shortfall  read more
Washington Tax: Home sales balloon in May thanks to federal tax credits  read more
United States Tax: May Home-Buying Activity Looks Worse Than Expected  read more
Britain Tax: Vince Cable must stand firm on capital gains tax  read more
Georgia Tax: Tax relief appears certain for Gwinnett property owners  read more
US Tax: Drop in Home Sales in Wake of Tax Credit Tops Forecasts  read more
E-Tax: Rex Sinquefield sinks another $2.5 million into E-tax repeal effort  read more
Ford loses $445M tax case against IRS  read more
BP oil spill may fuel drive for carbon tax  read more
US Tax: Tax credit extended for military personnel  read more
US Tax: Moody's Lifts Ratings On Intuit On Strong Performance  read more
US Tax: 455 hp BMW hybrid qualifies for tax break  read more
Japan Tax: DPJ faces serious intraparty differences over consumption tax hike  read more
Bank Tax: French, Canadian PMs Try To Smooth Bank Tax Divide  read more
California Tax: IRS office open Saturday to help with tax troubles  read more
India Tax Dept Queries Vodafone On Hutchison Essar Buy  read more
Bank Tax: Does a bank tax make sense?  read more
Fannie Mae's Duncan Says Homebuyer Tax Credit Shifted Demand  read more
US Tax: Gadget tax needed 'to save US newspapers'  read more
Australia Tax: Local mining stock values plunge 12pc  read more
Organ tax credit: Would it motivate you to be an organ donor? - Canada Tax  read more
US Tax: Adobe spent $50,000 lobbying on tax credits in 1Q  read more
Death Tax: Congress Purposely Dragging its Feet on Death Tax  read more
Bill Gates Sr says wealth is "not having to worry"  read more
Offshore Tax: International Offshore Financial Centers Taxation Regimes  read more
Canada Tax: Harper, French leaders agree to disagree on bank tax  read more
Zimbabwe Tax: Govt seeks to tax Zimbabwe businesses abroad  read more
Australia Tax: Future Fund chairman David Murray talks  read more
SEC Statement on Status of Stock-by-Stock Circuit Breaker Rule Proposals  read more
Maine Tax: Make a stand and vote 'yes' on No. 1  read more
Australia Tax: A stronger economy and a fairer share for Queensland Brisbane  read more
Panama Tax: Panama closes tax deal with France  read more
A venture capitalist explains why carried interest should be taxed more  read more
Hillary Clinton: The Rich Should Pay More In Taxes  read more
Korea Tax: Standard Chartered goes toe to toe with National Tax Office (NTS)  read more
Australia Tax: Going retro with cash grab  read more
Guernsey Tax: Guernsey To Conduct Own Corporate Tax Review  read more
Georgia Tax: 2,000 expected for TEA Party (TEA - Taxed Enough Already)  read more
US Tax: Changes on the horizon - taxation of carried interests  read more
Bahamas Tax: Ingraham announces tax changes  read more
G-20 finance officials begin global economy talks  read more
Indonesia Tax: Gayus admits receiving money from companies over tax cases  read more
Audit firm pitches for low tax  read more
India Tax: Black money to top agenda of income tax department chiefs' conference  read more
Australia Tax: Constructive arguments need to be dug up in resource tax debate  read more
EU Tax: EU debt crisis boosts chance of energy tax overhaul  read more
Canada Tax: PM takes anti-bank-tax pitch to France  read more
Tax Breaks for Private Equity Partnerships  read more
Canada Tax: Flaherty urges G20 not to be distracted by bank tax row  read more
Italy Tax: Italy Finance Police Uncover 30 Million-Euro Tax Evasion Ring  read more
BHP, Xstrata, Rio Tinto tax issues to hit pensions  read more
Top Tax Refunds For Recent Grads  read more
Unites States Tax: The final word on the beer tax increase. Maybe.  read more
Ohio Tax: Tax breaks created for green projects in Ohio  read more
Global Bank Tax: India reveals its hand on a global bank tax  read more
Massachusetts Tax: Massachusetts tax revenues up in May; down $70m for year  read more
US Tax: Tax Bill, Financial Overhaul Talks Await Congress Next Week  read more
Britain going ahead with bank tax, PM David Cameron tells Stephen Harper  read more
EU Barroso Backs Financial Tax To Support Budgets  read more
Australian super tax increases investment risk  read more
Gulf oil spill: a good reason to raise the federal gas tax  read more
Wisconsin Tax: Inmate convicted in Wisconsin tax fraud case  read more
Australia Tax: Future Fund Chief Says Resources Tax Must Change or Be Dropped  read more
Capital Gains Tax : Robbing savers is bad economics and politics  read more
Schaeuble Says U.K., 'Many Others' Back Financial Tax  read more
Indonesia Tax: Indonesian tycoon-politician denies tax bribes  read more
New Jersey Tax: New Jersey Democrats May Try to Override Tax Veto  read more
India Tax: Ministers to consider tax on sugar imports  read more
Scottish Tax: Business leaders in bitter row over Scottish tax powers  read more
United States: Rendell warns of job cuts  read more
Australia Tax: Mining companies are attacking Australia's proposed windfall profits tax  read more
California Tax: Cabrillo School District voters to decide on school parcel tax  read more
Britain: Cumbria gunman feared prison over ¬£60k tax dodge  read more
Far apart on global bank tax  read more
China Tax: Reserve more cash for tax  read more
No Tax Holiday for Roy Halladay  read more
Connecticut Tax: Connecticut Rating Cut by Fitch Ahead of Debt Sale  read more
U.S. Tax: States see first surplus in years  read more
U.S. Tax: Capital Gains Taxes and the Recovery  read more
Mine tax creates Northern Energy mine uncertainty - Australia Tax  read more
Canada Tax: Campbell vows to spend summer selling unpopular tax  read more
Organ donation tax credit proposed - Canada Tax  read more
Boston Tax: Ten communities south of Boston have adopted local meals tax  read more
Missouri Tax: About 300,000 Missourians waiting for tax refunds  read more
Uganda Tax: Minister calls for hike in tobacco tax  read more
Chicago Tax: Burke questions whether developer who wants Wal-Mart paid taxes  read more
Utah Tax: Utah's oldest tobacco shop is closing June 30 before tax hike  read more
Seattle: Pending Home Sales Index Surges In April  read more
California Tax: Hovnanian CEO: Jury still out on tax credit impact  read more
Britain Tax: Rise in capital gains tax will hit house prices  read more
Millionaires Tax: N.J. Democrats are skeptical about Sweeney's plan to override Christie's millionaires tax veto  read more
French Finance Minister: France, UK Want Future Bank Tax In Budgets  read more
United States: State finances hitting bottom  read more
Indiana Tax: Indiana county may tax church for housing politician  read more
Georgia Tax: Tax vote to appear on 2012 ballot  read more
Detroit Tax: Granholm criticizes idea for a tax-free Detroit  read more
Australia Tax: Miners seek Greens deal over super profits tax  read more
Xstrata Halts Investment Over Australia Mining Tax  read more
Swiss parliament backs Swiss - US tax deal  read more
Los Angeles Tax: 400,000 LA County homeowners get tax reductions  read more
Australia Tax: JPMorgan cuts BHP, Rio stake because of proposed resource super-profits tax  read more
The Investment Tax Is About Pay. Period  read more
IRS tax help and open house - Saturday, June 5, 2010  read more
IMF to Present Revised Bank Tax Proposal at Korea G-20 Meeting  read more
Detroit Tax: Newt Gingrich, Jennifer Granholm spar over tax-free Detroit proposal  read more
U.S. Tax: Sparks vows tax on bingo  read more
United States Tax: More Financial Pressure Awaits States as Budget Woes Continue  read more
United States Tax: Senator pleaded for bailout that may have saved tax dollars  read more
Australia Tax: Resource super-profits tax risks capital flight: ANZ  read more
California Tax: California Assembly Votes for Billion Dollar Consumer 'Tax' on Grocery Bags  read more
Tobacco tax hike could curb smoking  read more
United States: 7th District Republican primary candidates speak  read more
Ireland Tax: Taxback.com to represent Ireland at European Business Awards  read more
Florida Tax: State Tax Professional Offers Advice Concerning Florida's Latest Tax Amnesty Program  read more
Canada Tax: Don't forget your registered education savings plan (RESP) in your will  read more
Canada Tax:  The economics and politics of the HST  read more
Canada's Economic Success Story Recognized in China  read more
TMF VAT & IPT Services Tackles Global Premium Tax Threat  read more
Canada Tax: Your tax dollars at work: a gazebo in the middle of nowhere  read more
US Tax: Tim Geithner's new slogan 'growth friendly'  read more
Australia Tax: R&D tax credits boosting Australia's attractiveness  read more
Canada Tax: Australian profits tax could be good for Teck - CEO  read more
Canada Tax: Canadian company buys Brazos Tax Group  read more
Australia's planned super profits tax and Canada's C-300 Bill could see increased capital flows to Africa  read more
Australia Tax: Prime Minister confident after miner delays projects  read more
Bank Tax: G-20 gives up on universal bank levy  read more
Australia Tax: 'Robin Hood' move on mining lambasted  read more
Canada Tax: Oil isn't subsidized  read more
Canada Tax: Canada Needs Deficit Reduction 'Anchor,' Goodale Says  read more
Canada Tax: False invoicing: Ch√Ęteauguay demolition company convicted of tax evasion  read more
Canada Tax: High-Yield Bonds May Become Option  read more
South Korea Tax: South Korea to Seek G-20 Support for Bank Levy  read more
Swiss Tax: Under Pressure, Swiss Whittle Away at Bank Secrecy  read more
British Tax: Capital Gains Tax (CGT) hike could push private equity offshore  read more
PRC Tax: Recent developments of PRC tax rules for nonresident enterprises  read more
Australia Tax: Back to the drawing board on tax model  read more
Offshore Tax: Australia Warns Offshore Accounts Holders  read more
U.S. Tax: Nathel v. Internal Revenue - Tax Court Decision  read more
New York Tax: Local taxing jurisdictions may get late payments  read more
Europe Tax: Europe Sets Taxing Questions  read more
Britain Tax: Capital punishment - detailed Capital Gains Tax (CGT) changes  read more
U.S. Tax: Answers to your tangled tax questions  read more
Illinois Tax: A property tax break designed to confuse  read more
WHO: It's up to Noynoy to quit smoking but he should raise tobacco taxes  read more
Connecticut Tax: Connecticut High-Cost State for Business, but Low Cost for Business Taxes  read more
Russia Tax: Medvedev signs law on changes to Russian Federation Tax Code  read more
U.S. Tax: Bikers get fired up about fair tax reform  read more
Switzerland Tax: Switzerland's 'Discontent' Lawmakers Plan to Tackle Bank Rules  read more
Falkland Island Tax: Legislative Assembly 28 May 2022 The Hon Mr Dick Sawle  read more
India Tax: Excise staff flayed for 'unnecessary delay' in processing applications  read more
Canada Tax: HST will tax everyone on just about everything  read more
Virginia Tax: Property tax on new cars in question  read more
US Tax: Hudson Valley Federal Credit union loses Round 1 of tax case  read more
Michigan Tax: Tea Party strength in Michigan recalls Tisch era  read more
US Tax: New Taxes, More Control Over Union Contracts - Cities Take Budget Mess to Voters  read more
US Expatriate Tax: US tax deadline sparks expatriate ideas  read more
Exempt exempt tax will hit tax payers hard  read more
USA Tax: Idea that taxes under Obama are high is 'nuts'  read more
Canada Tax: Marc Emery's tax dollars at work  read more
Missouri Tax revenue numbers show improvement  read more
Latin America Tax: Taxing the Poor  read more
Tax Tips: So don't hold your breath on that tax refund  read more
New York Tax: Stop misguided taxation  read more
India Tax: 761-page Income Tax order tries to pin Vodafone  read more
United States Tax: Renewable Energy Tax Credits  read more
Sri Lanka Tax: Tax cuts to help improve govt revenue  read more
Kenya Tax: Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) free to tax human rights commissioners  read more
Renewable Energy Tax Credits Q & A - State Taxation of Section 1603 Grants  read more
Aussie Tax: Xstrata CEO Says Australia Tax May Lead to Canceled Investments  read more
United States Tax: Perriello Report  read more
India Tax: Retirement corpus - To tax or not  read more
Kyrgyzstan Tax: Manas Operations Hit By Fuel Tax Row  read more
Britain Tax: Easing the tax rise burden by making shrewd investments  read more
India Tax: Government to expedite efforts to get black money info  read more
India Tax: Vodafone - Hutchison deal taxable in India  read more
Australia Tax: Australia to tout controversial mining tax at G20  read more
UK Tax: Tax avoidance? Sorry, you are far too poor to qualify  read more
U.S. Tax: From Reagan to Christie, tax cuts and tax burdens - Doesn't the capacity to pay matter?  read more
Louisiana Tax: Tax Collection in Louisiana Fell Sharply in First Quarter  read more
Canada Tax: Why Harper is taking his bank tax fight to Europe's doorstep  read more
UK Tax: Clegg hints at capital gains tax climbdown as he insists all options are still being discussed  read more
U.S. Tax: Obama asks cut in oil tax breaks  read more
U.S. Tax: Realtors Want Congress to Tweak Tax Credit Timeline  read more
Australia Tax: Restart tax plan - Kevin Rudd's man Rod Eddington  read more
U.S. Tax: Obama Wants to Roll Back Tax Breaks for Oil Companies  read more
Vodafone tax case: India Income Tax Department files caveat in HC  read more
Australia Tax: Forecaster brands resource tax modelling faulty  read more
Texas Tax: Business tax receipts down 10 percent -- so far  read more
U.S. Tax: Kansas City tax collections fall short, audit says  read more
Canada Tax: Vermont tax incentive program has 2 firms promising a total of 41 new jobs  read more
G-20 shelves bank tax to focus on growth, reform  read more
Australia Tax: JPMorgan's Henderson Sold Rio, BHP on Australian Tax Concerns  read more
U.S. Tax: Venture capitalists try to head off a tax increase  read more
Texas Tax: Business tax revenue below projections  read more
Australia Tax: Swan takes mining tax fight to China  read more
U.S. Tax: AICPA Submits Comments on IRS Uncertain Tax Position Proposal  read more
UK Tax: Economist Arthur Laffer slams proposals to raise capital gains tax  read more
U.S. Tax: House passes biodiesel tax credit, bill moves on to Senate  read more
Florida Tax: Governor signs Florida boat tax cap into law  read more
Texas Tax: Reworked business tax adding less to state coffers  read more
G20 remains divided on global bank tax  read more
Canada Tax: New Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Regime in Ontario - Details and Planning Tips  read more
UK Tax: Coming soon: a 'Robin Hood' bank tax?  read more
U.S. Tax: State Taxpayers Ask: 'Where's My Tax Refund?'  read more
Australia Tax: Australia Will Go Ahead With Resource Tax, Swan Says  read more
Scotland Tax: Business groups in spat over tax-raising powers  read more
UK Tax: Cable defends Capital Gains Tax (CGT) bid  read more
U.S. Tax: House Approves Bill Extending Biodiesel Tax Credit  read more
Canada Tax: Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on parking tax looms  read more
Ontario Tax: Natives talk tough on Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)  read more
Canada Tax: Congestion Tax For Ontario  read more
Australia Tax: Nobody's perfect  read more
Canada Tax: Canada pushes novel cure for world's banking woes, rejects bank tax  read more
UK Tax: Capital Gains Tax rise will cost economy 61,000 jobs  read more
Australia Tax: Truth, lies and minerals tax: the RSPT debate deciphered  read more
Arizona Tax: New sales tax is in effect  read more
U.S. Tax: Group sees Rhode Island tax plan as a boost  read more
Georgia Tax: Perdue signs transportation sales tax bill  read more
Washington Tax: Did King County undertax your home?  read more
Illinois Tax: Illinois taxes lower on classroom purchases  read more
Georgia Tax: Gubernatorial candidate vows to cut taxes for manufacturers  read more
U.S. Tax: Tax Loophole Allows Tobacco to Avoid Paying $250M  read more
San Jose: Former investment company official gets two years for tax evasion, fraud  read more
Australia Tax: Xstrata Halts Investment on Tax Uncertainty  read more
U.S. Tax: Kansas City's tax collection runs slowly  read more
Oklahoma Tax: Tulsa Mayor Critical of Tax Collection Ban  read more
New Hampshire business tax changes approved by lawmakers  read more
Idaho Tax: Arena backers seek vote on Idaho Falls hotel tax  read more
Arkansas Tax: Finance office: Arkansas revenues rose in May  read more
Florida Tax: School sales tax holiday set  read more
U.S. Tax: Nashville Borrows $575 Million as Floods Raise Downgrade Risk  read more
U.S. Tax: Expiring tax credits boost new home sales; mortgage rates, falling prices help  read more
Florida Tax: Miami Dade County property tax values drop record 13%  read more
Australia Tax: Government must delay new R&D tax credit scheme for 12 months  read more
EU's Barroso Calls for More Levies on Banking  read more
UK Tax: UK Treasury's Alexander Denies Avoiding Capital Gains Tax (CGT)  read more
Australia Tax: Punitive tax puts Australian investment at risk  read more
Ohio Tax: Ohio wins lawsuit, gets to review its tax laws  read more
New York Tax: DiNapoli investigating Tax Deptartment's auditing practices  read more
West Virginia Tax: Tax change made sale of City Center West possible  read more
Britain Tax: The issue of capital gains need not be so taxing  read more
Florida Tax: Duval property tax estimate falls further  read more
U.S. Tax: Change in Carried Interest Tax Passes House  read more
Ireland Tax: Fine Gael to oppose further tax increases  read more
South Africa Tax: Company car days may be numbered by proposed tax laws  read more
Arizona Tax: Tucson Taxation Hearing - Notice of Tax Increase  read more
Ghana Tax: Ghana lost $36 million of gold revenue  read more
Australia Tax: Rio Tinto paid 'fair share' of Australia taxes - CFO  read more
Arizona Tax: Tax hike in Bisbee would aid roadwork  read more
Australia Tax: Is State Sovereignty Relevant to Resource Rent Taxation?  read more
Nigeria Tax: Effective Tax Culture Guarantees Sustainable Development  read more
U.S. Tax: CU Loses First Round in Mortgage Case  read more
U.S. Tax: EBay vs. the IRS in New Online Tax Scuffle, with Craigslist in the Front Row  read more
U.S. Tax: Zuckerman Spaeder LLP Partner Paula M. Junghans Receives 2010 Tax Excellence Award Taxation Section of the Maryland State Bar Association  read more
Japan Tax: Japan to exempt foreigners from corporate bond tax  read more
Colombia Tax: Colombian Candidates Debate Tax  read more
California Tax: Unitary taxation still around  read more
Kansas Tax: Kansas to use tax, fee increases for transportation  read more
New Jersey Tax: Reduced tax levy slices amount of tax increase  read more
Indiana Tax: Caps cut services along with taxes  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: County to push for oil, gas tax  read more
European Union Tax: EU plans green taxes to cut debt  read more
China Tax: Resources Tax Rate For Xinjiang Fixed At 5%  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Buying a car doesn't have to be taxing  read more
Indonesia Tax: 40 companies allegedly involved in Gayus' taxation mafia  read more
UK Tax: Top tips to save capital gains tax  read more
Botswana Tax: The Taxation of Inter Vivos Trusts in Botswana  read more
China Tax: Chinese Property Tax Reform Approved  read more
U.S. Tax: Government should tax only consumption  read more
European Union Tax: E.U. to Debate Shift in Energy, Carbon Tax  read more
UK Tax: Tax hike may stifle B2L recovery  read more
Guam Tax: Rev & Tax Won't Renew Licenses For Massage Parlors in Non-Compliance  read more
Australia Tax: Big business joins miners' tax stockade  read more
U.S. Tax: U.S. v. PUGH - United States District Court decision  read more
China Tax: China Slowing?  read more
Australia Tax: Smaller miners reject Kev's idea of help  read more
Swiss Cantons Ratchet Up Tax Breaks as Europe Fights Deficits  read more
Tax haven crackdown coming to close  read more
Vodafone faces new phase in tax battle  read more
Offshore Corporate Tax Havens: Why Are They Still Allowed?  read more
Australia's super profit tax on miners - Can it work at all?  read more
Qatar Tax: Draft executive rules on corporate tax issued  read more
South Africa Tax: Tax and your body corporate  read more
U.S. Tax: Sin taxes on beer, candy, bottled water go into effect June 1  read more
U.S. Tax: Taxing convenience  read more
U.S. Tax: Fair Share, Robert Reich v. Kudlow, Moore and America  read more
U.S. Tax: The Skinny on Fat Taxes Affecting Small-Business Owners  read more
7 Tips for Hiring a Tax Pro  read more
Help Your Small Biz Save Big at Tax Time  read more
Florida Tax: Crist signs tax break for Florida drywall victims  read more
Australia Tax: Forrest says Henry against mining tax tweaks  read more
Maryland Tax: O'Malley pitches tax credit to spur investments in technology, bioscience  read more
U.S. Tax: House Votes to Eliminate Tax Break  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Capital Gains Tax - people in care homes have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT)  read more
U.S. Tax: Half a Dozen States Delay Tax Refunds  read more
Argentina Tax: Argentina's Tax Collection Surges Amid Growth, Inflation  read more
U.S. Tax: Altria to Pay $971 Million to Resolve a Tax Dispute  read more
Australia tax: Swan says Mine Tax Not Sovereign Risk  read more
Japan Tax: Japan's Kan Sees FY2009 Tax Revenue Topping Forecast  read more
Sri Lanka Tax: Sri Lanka slashes import tax to boost revenue  read more
Australia Tax: Rio contradicts government's tax claims  read more
Korea Tax: Need for bank tax hinted  read more
U.S. Tax: Tobacco tax loophole in child health law costs $250M  read more
Connecticut Tax: Connecticut to Sell $600 Million Bonds After Tax Rate Increase  read more
Washington Tax: Assessor asks: Were tax bills too low?  read more
China Tax: China launches new resources tax in Xinjiang  read more
Georgia Tax: Tax breaks for seniors - Can counties afford them?  read more
G20 efforts to agree a bank tax  read more
China Tax: China Launches Xinjiang Resource Tax  read more
U.S. Tax: Tax Credits Fuel 6 Pct. Rise in April Home Sales  read more
U.S. Tax: Tax help available Saturday for small firms, individuals  read more
Florida Tax: Lee County's taxable property value drops 15 percent  read more
U.S. Tax: Spill outrage could fuel Washington state anti-pollution tax  read more
U.S. Tax: Big players don't fret tax  read more
Australia Tax: Tax to drag on mining industry for '100 years'  read more
California Tax: Watsonville couple are among state's largest sales tax delinquents  read more
Canada Tax: Altus Group Announces Acquisition of US-Based Property Tax Company  read more
Michigan Tax: For balancing budget, voters want tax cuts -- not tax hikes  read more
Australia Tax: Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest says mining tax a surprise attack on the industry  read more
U.S. Tax: Lobbyists link exec-pay tax to cancer  read more
Malaysia Tax: AirAsia To Enjoy Permanent Tax Savings  read more
Canada Tax: Vander Zalm an opportunist  read more
Georgia Tax: Perdue signs bill to create council to rewrite tax code  read more
Australia Tax: PM Kevin Rudd takes control of mining talks  read more
Germany Tax: German Economics Minister Rules Out Tax Hikes Report  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Tax Revenue Falls Short  read more
Australia Tax: AngloGold to Cut Australian Exploration on Profit Tax  read more
Australia Tax: Palmer denies political bias in resources tax debate  read more
India Tax: We've jurisdiction to tax Vodafone; Income Tax Department; telco disputes  read more
Utah Tax: PCMR to City Hall: tax hike is ill-advised  read more
Idaho Tax: Kootenai County property values decline again  read more
IRS presents IRS Live - New Requirements for Tax Return Preparers - Learn the Who, What, When and How  read more
European Union Tax: EU considers green taxes to help tackle debt crisis  read more
Vodafone says no tax is payable in $11.1bn Hutchison deal  read more
MSPs Face a Fight over Service Sales Tax  read more
IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-24  read more
IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-23  read more
California Tax: Changes in Pass-through Entity Return Penalties  read more
California Tax: How do I Report a Short Sale?  read more
EU debt crisis boosts chance of energy tax overhaul  read more
California Tax: Tax Relief to Baja California Quake Victims  read more
Regulatory Road to Ruin  read more
California Tax: Statutes of Limitations on Assessments  read more
California Tax - Small Business: Estimated Tax Payment Percentages Changed for 2010  read more
Nevada Tax: Impose taxes on all sales  read more
California Tax Advocate: What You Should Know About FTB Wage Garnishments  read more
California Tax: Montebello Business Owners Arrested for State Income Tax Evasion  read more
Texas Tax: Four San Benito candidates owed back taxes  read more
California Tax: Estimated Fee for LLCs Due  read more
Philippines Tax: VAT on tollways  read more
UK Tax: This is a tax too far - for most of us  read more
UK Tax: MPs and capital gains tax  read more
U.S. Tax: Supreme Court opinion  read more
Washington Tax: Lynnwood's new taxing tool  read more
U.S. Tax: Beginning July 1, tanning salon customers will have to pay "sin tax"  read more
Marijuana tax could make $400K for DC over 5 years  read more
Canada Tax: What the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will cost you  read more
Work vs. Wealth  read more
U.S.Tax: Foreign Insurer Tax Discriminatory, Consultant Argues  read more
U.S. Tax: Rockefeller Financial's Gelfand Authors White Paper Addressing Investment Impact of Changing Capital Gains Tax Rates  read more
U.S. Tax: Democrats Must Focus on Jobs  read more
U.S. Tax: Forbes on the Carried Interest Tax  read more
Maine Tax: 'Yes' will refocus on tax cuts  read more
Tax & flee  read more
Indiana Tax: Beast on two legs  read more
Uganda Tax: Taxing idle land may turn out to be unsustainable  read more
Closing Tax Loopholes For Billionaires: A Billionaire Responds  read more
U.S. Tax: Mouse in a Barrel  read more
U.S. Tax: Tax Extenders Bill Passes House, Heads for Senate  read more


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