Australia Miners Suspend Tax Ads
U.S. May Follow Britain's Lead and Pass Bank Tax
Idaho Tax: Idaho tax collectors try to take pay cut but can't
Foreign bank tax won't hurt Canada
Swiss tax: Swiss Cabinet Plans Uniform Value Added Tax Rate Of 6.2%
Rio Tinto: new tax must not apply to existing mines
Canada Tax: Canada HST - A tax grab by revenue-hungry governments
German Airlines, Airports Fear Passenger Fall Due To New Air Tax
Minnesota Tax: 2 Minnesota candidates to voluntarily release tax data
Senate Democrats push jobs tax compromise
NY Cigarette Tax Hike Ignites New Controversy
Failed Federal Budget Means Middle Class Tax Hike Likely
Taiwan Tax: ECFA lower corporate income tax, help lure foreign investment
FEI Announces Completion of Bilateral Advanced Pricing Agreement Between the U.S. and the Netherlands Tax Authorities
Banker Who Blew Whistle on Secrecy Over Tax Cheats Seeks Pardon
Texas Tax: Lewisville school board to ask for tax increase
Yanzhou Coal Jumps as Australia to Negotiate Mine Tax
Illinois governor signs extension of tax credit for research and development costs
Avalara, Inc. Honored as Microsoft 2010 Partner of the Year
Ehrlich would boost credit for film, TV productions
Japan Bonds: Japan 10-Year Yield Hits 7-Year Low
San Diego Tax: South Bay school district may seek $96 parcel tax
Pennsylvania Tax: Oley Valley School Board approves 2010-11 budget with no tax increase
US Tax: Reid blasts Republicans as tax extenders bill sinks in the Senate
Florida Tax: Columbia County tax collector to provide driver license services
Tennessee Tax: Property Tax Hike May Be Left Up To Memphis Voters
UK Tax: Chancellor launches UK Tax hikes and spending cuts
US Tax: Rep. Steny Hoyer says middle-class tax breaks may not be affordable long term
Legislature approves cigarette tax increase
Georgia Tax: MPs Launch Discussion of Draft of New Tax Code
UK Entrepreneurs Demand Lower Capital Gains Tax To Drive Economic Recovery
Millionaire's tax veto stands
Hong Kong - UK Tax Pact Signed
UK Tax: UK Tax cut for the low paid was both morally right and sound economics
UK Tax: Rise in alcohol and tobacco duties
US Tax: Easy way vs. correct way on budget
NJ Tax: Upper Freehold budget to increase average tax bill by $93
UK Tax: Tax reforming Budget
Non-dom tax law to be reviewed
Finland Tax: Working group wants lower corporate and income taxation, higher taxes on consumption and capital gains
Colombia Tax: Financial tax revenues and gasoline tax revenues may come higher than expectations
Exempt Exempt Taxation (EET) system of taxation on savings schemes & Exempt-Exempt-Exempt (EEE)
India Tax: India Direct Taxes Code (DTC) and Taxation
Ohio Tax: Covelli tax status unsettled since '06 in Mahoning County
Death Tax and Estate Taxes
Australia Tax: Taxing time for Tax in crackdown
UK Corporation tax reduced
Tax Policy Making - Oxford University Tax Conference
States told to cut tax on auto fuels in India
Mining tax model right, tax rate wrong
UK Tax: Emergency budget gives clarity to long-term land-fill tax increases
Buyout firms braced for tax hike
UK Tax: Budget promises contractors IR35 review, but high-earning contractors face UK tax hikes
African Economic Outlook (AEO) Mulls Africa's Resilience to Global Crisis
Guernsey Tax: Savings tax and company tax leave a hole
British Offshore Tax Haven Update
Tax Q&A: Is there a way to get my state tax refund back sooner than later?
State Tax Notes Announces Marginal Impact
Nats push for regional tax zones
Snooki says Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning
Per-pack tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products
Nebraska leaders consider increasing taxes and fees
Local Attorney makes lowering taxes her No. 1 issue

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