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UK Tax: Tax return warning for landlords
London tax flight
Guernsey Tax: VAT rise may be good for Guernsey
Tax Filing
Keep Wedding Bell Bliss and Plan Now for Newlywed Taxes
Go for e-filing: IT's easy, also error-free
New Jersey Tax: New Jersey 2011 budget process enters home stretch
UK Tax: Budget CGT hike fails to deter avoidance opportunities
UK Budget analysis: The bus shelter Budget
UK Govt sets out plans to clamp down on tax avoidance
UK Tax: AIFA warns of regulatory crack-down
Budget 2010: Employer Financed Retirement Benefits Schemes (EFRBS) clarification
Pennsylvania Tax: Prominent Erie attorney charged with tax evasion
Hong Kong, Ireland Sign Pact To Avoid Double Taxation, Tax Evasion
NYC Tax: NYC official among seven pleading guilty to tax evasion
Detroit Tax: Ex-controller for Holly company imprisoned for tax evasion
Nigeria Tax: Federal Inland Revenue Service Uncovers Alleged N1 Billion Tax Fraud By Aba Firm
Canada Tax Evasion: Local Homebuilder Guilty of Tax Evasion
Swiss Tax: Switzerland Improves Group Financing Conditions
Home buyer tax credit fraud includes 1,295 prison inmates
Tanning tax could help deter cancer-causing practice
Australian Taxation Office fudges ruling
Planned Giving, Donor Advised Funds and More
Tax Q&A: College loan payments won't net tax break
Australia Tax: Tax deductible donations - Give and receive before June 30
Opportunity open in tax saving FDs
Australia Tax: Tax deduction in your upcoming tax return
UK Tax: Government to review plan to limit tax relief on pensions
Osborne cuts tax relief for the UK games industry
UK CGT: CGT and entrepreneurs' relief
UK Tax: Budget - Just the beginning of plans to raise more tax?
New Jersey Tax: Governor Chris Christie outlined a sweeping property tax reform package
Scotland Tax: Dismay as tax relief plan is abandoned
US Tax: Hoyer Says US Taxes Will Likely Rise
United States Tax: Senate cuts to recession relief bill favor special interests
Tax Resolution Services, Co., Helps Taxpayer Resolve $35,000 in IRS Back Taxes
Swiss Tax: Swiss Parliament Clears the Way for Handover of U.S. tax dodgers
Financial Transaction Tax Could Be Hard Sell At G-20
Britain Tax: Britain becomes latest to slash budget, freeze salaries
France, Germany want bank tax on G20 agenda
UK Tax: Lloyds, RBS shares rise despite new bank levy
North Carolina Tax: Some N.C. taxpayers wait two months for income tax refunds
E-file: Go Easy on E-file Mandate, Committee Suggests
Tax Q&A: Unsettled questions surround tax breaks for conservation easements
McCain, Flake, Introduce Debt Reduction Voluntary Tax
E-Filing Guide: E-filing tax returns makes life easier
Rhode Island Tax: New R.I. tax law will simplify most residents' tax returns
Five Most Common IRS Back Tax Problems
Tax Returns
FinMin: Clampdown on tax evasion
UK to Dodge Greek Fate With Tough Budget: Osborne
Kenya Tax: Reforms needed at KRA to boost revenue collection
American Tax: Cuomo Trashes Paterson Budget Plan: Says 'No' to American Tax Hikes
NYC Tax: Restaurant owners angry over state audit methods
New York Tax: Village-Wide Push For Tax Relief - Garden City
New York Reaches Deal to Raise Cigarette Tax
Rep. Kirkpatrick Helps Pass Bills to Create Small Business Jobs, Reduce Tax Burden
UK Tax: Changes expected to UK capital gains, UK pensions and UK VAT
Legislative Republicans Get One More Chance to Side with Seniors or Millionaires
NYC Tax: Besides Budget, Still Lots to Do in New York Legislature
U.S. Senate Squabbles over Taxes, but Passes Doc Fix
U.S. Tax: Major tax hikes in 2011 and 2013 - Watch Your Assets
Federal tax credit spurred Northeast Ohio homebuying in May
U.S. Senate Moves To End Punitive Damages Tax Deduction
Rhode Island Tax: State Sen. Maselli indicted on bank fraud charges
France, Germany and U.K. Support Bank Tax
How Budget Tax Measures Will Affect The Banks
British Tax: How the British Capital Gains Tax changes will work
British coalition's first budget raises tax, cuts public spending
New Jersey Tax: Christie Tax Cap May Test Strength of New Jersey Budget Victory
Middle-Class Tax Boost Is Broached
NY Tax: $1.60 cig tax hike passes
Tax Move Hits China Steelmakers; Asian Shares End Mostly Down
Japan Tax: Government in Japan Support Drops Amid Japan Sales Tax Hike Debate
Wyoming Tax: Industry says Wyoming wind taxes tops in Rockies
Canada Tax: StatsCan report on new tax's effects is highly credible, economists say
Ireland Tax: No comment from Taoiseach Cowen on Ireland property tax
UK Tax: UK budget woes prompt VAT hike, pay freezes
German Tax: German Economics Minister says Tax Cuts Possible In Next 3 Years
San Francisco Tax: Alameda voters rejecting tax to save schools
US Tax: Top House Democrat says permanent middle-class tax cuts too costly
Global transaction tax: EU urges G20 to explore Global transaction tax
Boston Tax: Boston Sales tax rollback proponents say they'll make the Nov. ballot
San Francisco may impose booze tax
California Tax: West Contra Costa schools to gauge support for November parcel tax
Tax relief time for strained manufacturers
Superfund tax debated in Senate subcommittee hearing
New York Tax: Tax cap bad fit for lawmakers
Pennsylvania Tax: Teachers' jobs may take a hit as board approves tax hike
Smoking Tax
Illinois Tax: Controversial tax break for developer goes to Quinn
Children's health pays a price for state's failed tax system
DART opts to delay several projects due to sales tax shortfall
California Median House Price Rises 23% on Use of Tax Credits
Malloy Not "Big" on Business Tax Credit Incentives
U.S. Tax: Senate talks on tax package focus on Medicaid payments to states
Board undecided on jail tax
Connecticut Tax: New London could take tax hit on new EB site
Michigan Tax: Kilpatrick Indicted On 19 Counts Of Fraud, Tax Evasion
Spain Tax: Spain investigates 3,000 Swiss accounts on tax evasion suspicion
Las Vegas lawyer charged with tax evasion
Romania Tax: CSAT advocating single command for combating tax evasion
Pakistan Tax: FBR unearths Rs500m tax evasion under transfer pricing
Dayton and Kelliher will show their tax returns; Entenza and Emmer won't; Horner may
U.S. Tax Court: White v. Internal Revenue
Oklahoma Tax: Tulsa - Employers hiring jobless can earn tax benefits
NYC Tax: NYC School Administrator Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud
French Tax: Lagarde aims for €1bn from bank tax
French tax: French Banking Federation (FBF) Opposes Bank Tax
French Tax: French Audit Body Foresees Tax Hikes
US Tax: New home sales drop dramatically in May after federal tax credits expired
'Buy and cell' tax outrage
U.S. Tax Court: Grabowski v. Internal Revenue
Safeguards on anti-avoidance rules welcome, but not enough
IR35 tax avoidance legislation to be scrapped - UK Tax
UK Tax: Clamping down on UK tax avoidance might be the wrong approach, warn experts
North Carolina Tax: Fair Tax Penalties - Legislation would encourage tax avoidance by large corporations
United Kingdom Tax: Budget Axes Gaming Tax Relief
Connecticut Tax: Elderly tax relief applications surpass budget allocation
British Tax: Economic rehabilitation is a long and painful road with future tax rises a possibility
US house sales hit record low
Philadelphia Tax: Christie pitches property tax plan at Gloucester County meeting
New Jersey Tax: West Milford holds public hearing on municipal budget
Louisiana Tax: Board approves tax incentives
Real estate: How the new tax code impacts you
U.S. Tax Court: Palaniappan v. Internal Revenue
UK Told To Amend Income Tax Rules For Seafarers
UK Tax changes in 2010 budget
New Plan Would Help Congress Create 1.3 Million Jobs, Avert Imminent Commercial Real Estate Crisis
NY Tax: Gov. Paterson warns of tax hikes, possible return of clothing sales tax, to close budget gap
Japan Tax: Japan's politically touchy debate on sales tax hike
Fraud in the homebuyer tax credit? Shocking!
New Jersey Tax: Gov. Christie Continues Push For Property Tax Cap
VAT is an unfair tax which will clobber everyone in Britain
Britain Tax: Will Britain Bank Tax Bring in Cash or Drive Out Business?
A lesson in reasonable fiscal policy


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