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UK Tax Changes
India Tax Treaty Overrides To Be More Limited
Transaction Tax Idea An Important Signal
Alcohol Taxes
Green taxation
Tax Q&A
Finland Tax: Coalition parties told they will not enact tax increases
FCC: Taxation and regulation of the Internet and other media services
Britain Tax: Churches and poverty charity call on Government to make tax fairer
Finland Tax: Working group proposes Finland Tax cuts for income tax and corporation tax
British Tax: Banks implore Osborne to rethink balance sheet tax
Australia Tax: Global war against an increasing shift towards profit-based tax
UK Tax: Call for root tax and branch tax reform in Budget
India Tax: Deora urges states to cut VAT on fuel ahead of price hike
EU Tax: Commission to revive EU Carbon Tax debate
Canadian Income Trusts: The Highest-Yielding Investments in the World
Australia GST: Parliament Passes Australian GST Reforms
ACA Writes to U.S. Treasury Department to Point out Severe Discrimination Imposed by New FATCA Tax Legislation
UK Tax: George Osborne's regional tax breaks would impress Deng Xiaoping
India Tax: Direct tax code - Some questions that you want answered
Direct Taxes Code (DTC): revised discussion paper is more an apologia for the earlier proposals
Double taxation - again
Regulation to help keep domestic banks off bailout tax
Income tax on poker and gambling winnings
Most tax effective way to save for retirement
Ontario Tax: Greater Sudbury City explains taxes
U.S. Tax Court: Bruecher Foundation Services v.  U.S.
Finnish Tax: Finnish finmin group proposes lower corporate tax
South Africa Tax: Tax benefits of headquarter company (HQC) regime in South Africa
Georgia Tax: Indepenent press may be taxed out of existence
New York Tax: Marcotte only pick for New Rochelle
Kevin Rudd's proposed super tax
Switzerland: The challenges facing the original tax haven
Oz Tax: The Oz Tax refund black hole
US Tax Court: Parker v. Internal Revenue
U.S. Tax Court: U.S. v. Stoffels
Pakistan Tax: FBR starts drive against companies not filing tax returns
Gay Tax: Gay couples pay more for less
Accenture Awarded Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Contract
Petz Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) Announces 2D Barcode Scanning for the CrossLink Suite of Professional Tax Software Solutions
Indonesia Tax: New Tax Evasion Scam Suspect from Tax Office to be Questioned
Nepal Tax: Nokia distributors face Nepal Tax evasion charges
Vote thecigarette tax : Rejecting tobacco levy is hazardous to N.Y.'s health
Home sales dip 2.2 pct despite tax credits
IRS may tax Gulf Coast damage claims following Deepwater Horizon oil spill
US Tax: Healthcare Reform
UK government cancels gaming tax break plans
UK Tax: Higher earners breathe sigh of relief
UK Tax: UK Tax relief for games industry scrapped, landline tax binned
Ireland Tax: Tax relief on health hits €400m
Property tax relief? County yes, city no -- City plans to spend 4.3% more
New Jersey Tax: Trenton crowd's constitutionally incapable of New Jersey property tax reform
UK Tax - Emergency Budget checklist: Air taxes, stamp duty, Whitehall cuts and tax avoidance
Govt may resurrect "draconian" GAAR tax law
New Zealand Tax: New Zealand Tax avoidance test
NZ Tax: Opinion divided on Krukziener trust tax case
Father of tax reforms
Germany, France, U.K. Announce Bank Levy
Minister's wife worked for accused tax evading heiress
UK Bank Levy: Banks hit by fresh £2bn Bank Levy
France, Germany Seek Global Pact on Financial Market Tax
UK Tax: Games sector betrayed by tax reversal
Industry Tax UK: Industry welcomes 24% tax target
BP Payments Likely Deductible - Tax Expert
Bookkeeping and Taxes
Australia Tax: Feel-good end of tax year deductions
Gulf Coast residents unsure if claims are taxed
Australia Tax: Australia Tax deduction for a super contribution
United States Tax: Is The Homeownership System Broken?
Paying tax at the top tax rate
Using Life Insurance To Make Charitable Donations
Many taxpayers claiming homebuyer credit
U.S. Tax Court: Moore v. Internal Revenue
e-filing of income tax returns
New Zealand Tax: Thousands Of New Zealanders Could Get New Zealand Tax Refunds
US Tax Court: Sher v. Internal Revenue
Canada Tax: You may have to pay capital gains tax when giving shares as a gift
New tax avoidance disclosure rules surprise tax advisers
UK Tax: UK budget to see £40 billion in public spending cuts and £10bn in new UK taxes
NZ Tax: IRD Issues Revenue Alert After Court Ruling
Tax reforms on track - DTC Bill calibrated!
Energy efficiency tax credit
Eligible homebuyers will get federal tax credit
German Tax: Germany Fin Min says German Federal Tax Revenue Down 0.3% Y/Y In May
Tax Q&A: Monetary gifting is a wise strategy, with tax benefits
Tax credit debuts for life science firms
PG&E to Invest In Solar Firm
Rich got richer, paid more taxes under Bush
US Tax: First-Time Homebuyers Disappeared After Tax Credit Ended
Middle Class Americans - Not the Rich or the Poor - Pay Majority of Federal Taxes, Says CBO Data
France Mulls Fibre Optic Tax
British Tax: British Property Federation warns of tax relief disaster
Tax Relief firms And Tax Debt Relief firms
UK Tax: Cameron faces £200k bill under UK tax relief changes
UK Industry Tax: Will Osborne's budget please industry?
Los Angeles Tax: Los Angeles Tax relief - Here's how Los Angeles can lose its anti-business reputation
UK Tax: SIPP investors act to beat the Budget axe
New Jersey battles over tax on millionaires
UK Tax: Today's Lord Ashcroft coverage 'fair'
UK Tax: UK VAT hike in Budget 'would cost families £400-a-year' as Osborne also prepares £4bn benefits bonfire
Buy to let investors under the taxman spotlight
U.S. Tax: Reps To Probe $16m Tax Evasion, House Sale In U.S.
Business Tax Relief: Businesses to Spur Job Creation
Tax Credits
Tax extenders bill hung up in Senate
Rhode Island tax rates, tax deductions, tax exemptions revised; tax credits limited
Reduction in Securities Transaction Tax (STT) will only benefit punters, not ordinary investors
Direct Taxes Code 2.0 - DTC 2
India Tax: What direct taxes code (DTC) offers home owners / buyers
Proposals for Rate Revision and Tax Abolition on Securities Transaction
Pakistan Tax: Higher salaried class to pay more tax
New DTC: How the revised tax code impacts you
Tax haven that turned into a $7m hell for 100
Direct Tax Code proposal has welcome respite for individuals
Rhode Island Tax: New income tax law
Australia Tax: Rudd government and Taxes
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
Nigeria Tax: Tax agency denies double VAT payment on Reps' cars
Tax fight has been an odyssey
Bush Tax Cuts, and Getting to the bottom of tax issues
Pennsylvania Tax: Property tax relief
UK Tax: UK Tax credits and benefits
UK Tax: £13bn a year goes to top rate taxpayers in the form of relief on pension contributions
Save tax by selling this year
New Jersey Tax: Dems still posturing over tax
Ireland Tax: Vast system of Ireland tax breaks cost the State €7bn a year


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