Investment partnership industry says tax hikes in Senate jobs bill are unfair
Ohio Tax: Hudson, Stow, Falls consider tax zone
NY Governor Revisits Cigarette Tax Increase, Taxation of Native American Tobacco Sales
Severance tax issue a big hurdle for drill laws
Expert faults ring fencing tax policy on mining firms
No increase suggested for Sierra Vista city property tax
Tax Commissioner warns of breaching privacy and secrecy laws
Landmark Ruling by South Carolina Supreme Court to Impact Taxpayers Nationwide; Ruling Reverses Corporate Tax Reporting Policy - Addresses Need for Fair Tax Relief
Japan Tax: DPJ revises manifesto, aims for consumption tax hike after summer election
United States Tax: Senate would scrap tax penalty
Canada Tax: Canada HST makes Campbell the odd man out when Western premiers discuss prosperity
Tax theory all at sea in PM's push for a fair share
US Tax: Senate Proposal Pits IRS Against Small Businesses
Ask Tax Expert: How to handle a Tax collector
Australia's new tax impacts investment decisions - Barrick
U.S. Sen. Grassley: Tax limbo affects family businesses
Alternative Minimum Tax: Senator Grassley targets the Alternative Minimum Tax in new stimulus
Ohio Tax: Marion County June sales tax revenue shows strength
REITs fear adverse tax developments
Super profit tax needs superpolitics
A Tax Hike Has Carlyle Up in Arms
In Ottawa County - Vendors reminded of pending sales tax hike
A Call for New Taxes
Ulips investment products, to be taxed: Finmin
Health care reform raises the stakes for tax-exempt hospitals
Democrats Do Not Understand Their Own International Tax Legislation
Frenzy over tax review
Utah Tax: Davis District tax increase accused of being 'immoral'
Taking Initiative  to news
Detroit 3 lobbies to slow car rental tax
Tax-aware investing for the 21st Century
Alberta Tax: Municipal leaders seek tax changes
Tasmania Tax: Treasurer releases tax review terms of reference
Pennsylvania Tax: Tobacco farms feel pinch of taxation
Las Vegas Tax: Las Vegas ideal for franchise companies
UBS Client Gets Conditional Discharge in New York Tax Case
Swiss canton aims to lure FTSE companies to low tax environment
Switzerland Put On Tax Haven Blacklist By Brazil
Swiss Tax: Data for 500 UBS Clients Said to Already Be in U.S.
Offshore Tax: Liechtenstein leads way in re-inventing itself amid global crackdown on financial tax evasion
Average tax burden on workers' earnings fell in most OECD countries last year
Thousands of UK tax exiles may have to pay UK tax following a court ruling
EU Tax: Tax revenue in the European Union fell to 40.5% of GDP in 2008
OECD says recession is taking a toll on tax revenues in the developed world; Tax burden in 2008 falls to 35.2% of GDP
Irish Tax: Revenue publishes list of Irish Tax defaulters
Ireland Tax: Commission on Taxation Report Ireland 2009
Irish carbon tax proposed - Eco taxes in double benefit
Swiss tax secrecy and the cost of servicing wealthy foreigners
KPMG study says personal tax rates on rise; Rates up in Ireland, Iceland, UK in 2010; Switzerland attractive tax location
Swiss government says it will prevent UBS from disclosing details on US tax evaders; Tax evasion not a crime in Switzerland
Taxation trends in EU: Corporate tax rate down from over 37% in the mid-1990s to around 26%; Europe's high-tax / welfare model has failed to shield people from economic crisis
Wickenby warning on the air for tax dodgers who use overseas tax havens
Xstrata hits back on distortion claims in profits tax debate
Less tax to pay
Australia Tax: Rudd doesn't need a bank tax
Turkey Tax: Turkey Boosts Cooperation in Info Exchange with Switzerland on Money Pursuit
Switzerland to turn over the names of thousands of alleged U.S. tax evaders to IRS
Americans May Have 'Mere Hours' to Disclose UBS Accounts to IRS
Shell companies in tax havens
Offshore Tax: After UBS Deal, Does Offshore Banking Have A Future?
UK Tax: Checks by regulators do not prevent tax avoidance and tax fraud, says HMRC
Cushman seeking another term  to news
Second DTC draft addresses wealth tax, anti-avoidance rule
Tax gains from bad apples: reduce your tax bill
Ukraine Tax: Azarov hopes Ukraine, Luxembourg will sign deal on avoidance of double taxation in September
General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR) provisions for tax avoidance by foreign firms
FIIs to benefit, may hurt local investors
Booked profits, not asset base, to decide minimum alternate tax (MAT)
India scraps plan to make DTC override tax avoidance treaties
Florida Tax: Pinellas man gets 5 years in prison in tax scheme
DTC diluted; tax rate cut chances fade
MPs to debate tax avoidance
UK Tax: Crisis management through fair taxes
Time Limited Offer for Tax Owed on Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT) Accommodation
Tax mitigation will not trigger GAAR
Hungary Tax: Banks challenge Hungary Bank Tax plans in appeal to PM, emotions run high
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Income Tax exemptions
New Zealand Tax: NZ Tax avoidance case has professionals reeling
Aggressive tax advisers on notice
Tax experts warn grey labor big problem in Hungary
A less taxing code

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