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Tax credits, depreciation, rebates, purchase options make sun viable alternative
Sweden Tax: Administrative Court Decision on Sandvik's Management of Intellectual Property Rights
Dorothy in Taxland
Energy Star tax credit allows homeowners save on taxes and energy
UK Tax: New watchdog finds £1.5bn hole in UK CGT plans
Rhode Island personal income tax revamped
Taiwan Tax: The looming public debt crisis
Thailand Tax: Hotel cost tax break for tourists approved
India Tax Q&A
India Tax: Fashion designers too are artistes
Rules Released on Small-Biz Tax Credits for Health Care
High income protection
Australia Tax: The danger of managed investment schemes
Non-Compete Agreements: 15 Year or Accelerated Amortization?
Australian Taxation Office takes aim at landlords and vehicle expense claims
Filing tax returns? Avoid these tax filing error  traps!
The nuances of home loan tax benefits and HRA exemption
Aussie Tax: Stacks of tax considerations with property
Tax credits to save money
Home Business Tax Savings
Cash tax benefits when buying energy-efficient equipment
US Tax: Clintons and tax shelters
Tax Questions: Can medical expenses give rise to an assessed loss?
Kenya Tax: Kenya Income Tax Act
Kenya Tax: Kenya Value Added Tax Act
Ohio Tax: Governor wants to change gambling tax deductions
ABCs of Post-Storm Tax Recovery: Assess, Bounce Back, Continue
India Proposes Tax on Stock Sales, Overseas Funds
India Tax: Revised DTC draft: FII income to be taxed as capital gains
Income Tax Rebate Tips: Save on tax payments
India Tax: Government to go slow on personal tax reforms
US Senate Democrats Lack Votes For Tax Package As Vote Looms
ULIPs may lose flavour sans spice of tax advantage
India Tax: Draft code II favours equity MFs over Ulips
Thai Tax: Hotel tax breaks approved
Don't fall prey to these tax myths
Senate rejects killing oil drilling tax breaks
Voros: Expiring Bush tax cuts could trigger Recession II
Minimum alternate tax (MAT) would not be linked to book profits
Tasmania Tax: New Standard Deduction Tax Scheme To Benefit Tasmanians
Ax the mortgage tax break and you ax the middle class
Australia tax deductions: Time for a wealth check
When To Claim Tax Credits and Tax Deductions
Australia Tax: The blind appeal of Australia tax breaks
DTC 2.0: How will new capital gains tax impact investors?
Thai Tax: Thai Cabinet Expands Tax Incentives To Boost Tourism Industry
House passes tax portion of small business bill
U.S. Tax: U.S. House approves small business tax relief
India Tax: No tax on PF, tax on pension fund withdrawals
Hong Kong Tax: Hong Kong Raises Tax on Luxury Homes to Cool Market
New Jersey Tax: Adopting calendar-year budget
Alabama Tax: Auburn council grants tax relief to three expanding businesses
UK Tax: Budget sparks UK pensions dash
Rhode Island Tax: Council taps surplus, approves budget
New Jersey Tax: East Brunswick proceeds with Toll Bros. settlement
UK Tax: Osborne Should Cut UK Taxes, Slash Health Spending, Reform Says
India Tax: Govt revises draft code, gives relief to taxpayers
Pennsylvania Tax: Shale tax dispute delays Pennsylvania House budget vote
UK Taxes: How middle class families pay 49pc of income in UK Taxes
Colorado Tax: AVH takes stand against state tax relief measures
UK Tax: Advisers wary as investors pile into UK pensions before Budget
UK Tax: Savings - how to fix a broken system
Pennsylvania bill to tax natural gas drilling on hold
Florida Tax: Pinellas man gets five years in federal prison in tax fraud scheme
Massachusetts Tax: Solar project planned in Williamstown
US Tax: House passes tax cut for small-business investment
U.S. Tax: Affordable housing helps economy
Resources tax under assault in Australia
Super Profits Tax: Pressure for partial backdown, as Swan meets miners
Australia Tax: Federal government remains firm on 40% tax
US Tax: Man who filed bogus tax returns sent to federal prison
South Carolina Tax: Court bars S.C. man from income tax work
U.S. Tax: Survey Shows Wide Support for AltEnergy Tax Breaks
U.S. Tax: Family planning groups' use of U.S. tax money is targeted
Big miners dig deeper in tax row
Sanders, Welch take aim at oil company tax loopholes
Ottawa Tax: Natives to win HST concessions from Ottawa
Salons not happy about tan tax
Virginia Tax: Janie Bowen, Virginia tax commissioner, dies
Wisconsin Tax: Ex-MCW Dept. Chair Will Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion
Cigarette Tax Hike Would Only Feed Tax Evasion Epidemic
Indonesia Tax: Attorney General's Office (AGO) given a month to tackle Asian Agri tax case
China Tax Evasion: Govt targets foreign fat cats dodging taxes
California Tax Evasion: New charges in real estate scam
Minnesota Tax: Hastings business partners guilty of tax evasion
India To Set Up Eight More Overseas Tax Units
Germany Tax Evasion: Germany buys another tax evasion CD
San Diego Tax: Sentencing Today For Man Accused Of Tax Evasion
Nigeria Tax: FG, states to spend N7.9bn on identification of tax payers
Push To Collect Tax Is On
Romania Tax: Specific measures for the combat of tax evasion
Greek Tax: Greek Minister Sacked for Husband's Tax Dodging
Indiana Tax: Harrison County dog breeders plead guilty to tax evasion
NY Tax: Solvay man gets six years for federal tax and money laundering
Italian Tax: Repeated Calls For Italian Tax Burden Reduction
Philippines Tax: Tax collection efficiency
Greek Tax: Greek tourist minister sacked in tax dispute
Ohio Tax: Orange Village lawyer charged with tax evasion from 2000
When The Tax Man Cometh (In Person)
Bangladesh Tax: Massive Bangladesh VAT reforms on cards
India Tax Evasion: Govt to use computer tool to detect complex cases of Tax Evasion
BC Tax: Restaurant owner convicted of BC Tax evasion
Peace advocate to serve one year in prison for tax evasion
Former Tigard lawyer and husband guilty of making off with $1 million in tax evasion scheme
Pakistan Tax: Budget and the poor
Mississippi Tax: Saucier business owner charged with Mississippi Tax evasion
Indonesia Tax: Police Seize Rp60 Billion in Tax Scam Investigation
Punjab announces one per cent increase in General Sales Tax (GST)
Lawyer: Tax Evasion Suspect's Asset Found in Bank Mandiri


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