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Senate leader Reid seeks homebuyer tax extension
Snooki gets political over Obama tax plan
Canada won't go it alone on alternative to bank tax
David Miliband backs extra Scottish tax powers
No major Kenya tax hike
Tanzania Tax: Civil servants hail Tanzania Tax cut, wage raise
Xstrata Says Mine Tax 'Tinkering' Won't Curb Damage to Industry
Congress Could Extend Home-Buyer Tax Credit Closing Deadline
BHP, Rio Jump on Report Australia May Change Tax Plan
McCain to Snooki: I won't tax your tanning bed
Washington Tax: Will weird tax loophole hurt state's budget even more?
America Tax: Arthur Laffer warns about America Tax hikes. He's half right.
AMP NZ Office Trust Announces Tax Adjustment Due To Budget Changes
Tax Bill Would Benefit Small Businesses - and Burden Some, Too
Minnesota tax collections beat forecast for May
California tax collections increase in May
Nebraska Tax: Nebraska government tax revenue rebounds in May
UniCredit Ghizzoni: Hungarian Bank Tax Will Be Partly Passed On
CalPERS to resume seeking an additional $700 million in tax money
Passage of Unemployment Extension in Tax Extenders Bill HR 4213 Uncertain in Senate
Democrats Push Health-Insurance Subsidies For Jobless To Be Added To Tax Bill
Effective Sales and Use Tax Management
GOP Amendment To Senate Tax Bill Puts Focus On Spending
Texas Tycoon Dies During Estate Tax Moratorium
Alaska Tax: Alaska needs a no-pipeline fiscal plan
Kensington residents approve higher police tax
Taiwan Tax Revenue in May Up 39.7% On Improving Business Activity
'Twilight' tourists boost tax revenue in Forks
O'Malley, Ehrlich have fuzzy views of each other's taxes, spending
Bill would extend home buyers' deadline for tax credit
Beverage tax hard for city to swallow
Blackstone, Fortress Shareholders Face Tax in Buyout Firm Bill
Peabody Slows Work on Australian Coal Expansions on Mine Tax
LAUSD Parcel Tax Failure Is No Reason to Change Two-Third Vote Requirement
State to bill BP for lost education tax
Airlines Reject Germany's Proposed Environmental Tax
Top cops back expansion of child tax credits
North Carolina Tax: North Carolina House passes bill to boost renewable energy
Australian PM, BHP knock down quick mine tax deal
Shin-Etsu Chemical: To Receive Y11.9 Bln In Tax Refund
Alameda Stirred Up on Tax Plan
Charles Baker calls for $175M business tax cuts
King County property tax idea hits snag
Metallica Says May Scrap Nickel Mine on Planned Tax
NC House panel clears wide tax incentives bill
Japan Tax: New Japan govt's corporate tax cut plans
Twin Cities housing numbers drop after tax credit ends
Federal Government Loses Billions in Estate Tax after Just One Death
Sars's opportunity to "come clean" on assets hidden offshore
Canada Tax: Harper's bank tax victory has left some scars
Canada new home prices rise 0.3 percent
Canada's social democrats ally with right-wingers in BC anti-tax campaign
How Rudd will change the Resources Super Profits Tax (RSPT): Gottliebsen
British Tax: CBI Cautions Against British Tax Rises, Sees Small Business As 'Vital' For Growth
Tax debate blamed for uncertainty over OZ copper
Canada Tax: Government should have asked: What would Don Draper do?
Canadian Tax: Canadian Tax Exemption Upsets Local Consumers
Resource Tax Talks to Take Months
White tax mystery solved! Not
Builders Rush to Complete Houses by U.S. Tax Credit Deadline
As tax duel looms, here's the real story
Sales tax revenue healthy in many US states report
Baltimore City Council committee backs $15 million in new taxes
Super confusion on Australia's mining super tax
MCC board OKs hike in tax levy
Pakistan Tax: 5% increase in corporate tax rate recommended
Kenya Tax: Staggering Sh1 Trillion Plan with No Tax Increases
Hungary tax cuts
US Tax: Will We Experience an Economic Collapse in 2011?
Tanzania Tax: Stimulus Budget and Tax Reliefs
Miners in Canberra as tax stand-off continues
TF1 complains about commercial TV tax
Canada Tax: Fontana to unveil tax plans June 29
Jefferson County seeks protection on taxation of wind farms
NZ Tax: 'Don't panic' over latest tax decision says IRD
New Zealand Tax: IRD plans to deal with taxpayers over internet
NZ Tax: NZ Tax plan worries Aussie consumers
NZ Tax: NZ Income Tax case puts spotlight on professionals
Hungary Tax: Three key tax changes could take effect on July 1
Added car tax will help to save school sports program
SEC joins crowd investigating $300mn gold mining taxation Ponzi scheme
The Economic Effects of a Soda Tax
Value-Added Tax for America?
Tax Wedge and Productivity in OECD Countries


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