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US VAT on the table?
Iowa Tax: Des Moines law enforcement back child tax credit to cut crime
In Senate and on trail, Democrats target overseas job losses
U.S. debt soars to $13,050,826,460,886.97
Italy Tax: Rome considers a new nightly hotel tax
Italy Tax: Mario Cipollini acquitted of Italy Tax evasion charges
Italian Tax: New Italian 10% additional tax on bonus and tax on stock options in finance sector
India Tax: Eight More Tax Units Abroad To Fight Tax Evasion
Two charged with cigarette tax evasion
UK Tax: UK Tax evasion clampdown could ensnare innocent SMEs, warns entrepreneur
Philippines Tax: Chingkoes also facing charges for Tax evasion
German Tax: Germany buys tax data on evasion via Switzerland
Indonesia Tax: Tax evasion case against agribusiness firm PT Asian Agri
Indian Tax: Legislation dogs govt in Tax evasion issue
New Zealand Tax: Takeaway Owner Gets Home Detention For New Zealand Tax Evasion
Canada Tax: Canada Tax Evasion Conviction Results in Fine of $40,000
Indonesian Tax: Two Prosecutors Named Suspect in Indonesian Tax Evasion Case
Illinois Tax: Couple convicted of defrauding Best Buy, tax evasion
Canada Tax: Tax evasion trial set
US Tax: Lading US Tax Relief Firm Advises Americans to Beware of Costly US Tax Evasion Schemes
Canadian Tax: Moose Jaw businessman pleads guilty to Canadian Tax evasion, fined $25,700
Italy Tax: Italy Tax Evasion
West Virginia Tax: Attorney pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges
Tennessee Tax: Former deli owner surrenders on tax charges, tax evasion
Italian Tax: Italian Tax Amnesty Declarations Top EUR100bn
India Tax: Sanofi Aventis asked to pay Rs 650 crore as capital gains tax to the India
US swagger and a Swiss surrender on banking secrecy
Pakistan Tax: Pakistan economic experts in a fix over Pakistan VAT imposition
Germany Tax: Schaeuble Is Against Raising Germany Top Tax Rate, Bild Says
Eco Tax: Germany Plans New Eco Tax On Passengers
Departure tax: Qantas sees red over German 'environmental' departure tax
German prosecutor denies Swiss tax probe at risk
Environmental Tax: German Environmental Travel Tax Defies Logic, Say Airlines
Germany Tax: New license fee structure for German pubwebs
Germany Tax: Air Berlin Says Departure Tax to Cost 200 Million Euros a Year
Property tax relief stalled in Albany
Canada Tax: Some paths to education cost relief without raising the taxman's ire
Denver Tax: controversial tax relief issues
UK Tax: Cuts to UK pension tax relief may cost industry £2.5bn, says Standard Life
Kenya Tax: Experts Want Pension Fund Made Eligible for Tax Relief
Tax Attorneys Achieve More State Tax Relief for Sales Tax Debt
Tennessee Tax: Budget proposal includes over $130 million in tax increases
Norton turns down Wheaton tax plan
Small business tax relief plans getting squeezed as session winds down
UK Tax: Losing film tax credits could cost the UK £1.4bn a year
Ohio Tax: Twister victims could get twister tax relief
NZ Tax: NZ Tax avoidance cases back on table: IRD
Extreme tax avoidance: When taxes rise next year, will the rich avoid them?
Wednesday at the NC General Assembly
Jeffrey Sachs on the Post-Keynesian Era
American Towers sued by Mauritius based fund
UK Tax: UK VAT Rise 'Will Be Effective Way To Raise Cash'
Zwijnenburg case: ECJ protects tax payer against to far fetching interpretation of anti-abuse provisions
UK Tax: UK To Stagger UK Corporation Tax Cut
UK Tax: A chance to rethink tax policy
German Tax: German Tax may yield 1.5 bln eur
Switzerland Tax: Crunch parliamentary vote on UBS-US case on Tuesday
Greek Tax: Greek ministry cracks down on Greek Tax evasion by staff
Tax Evasion, Corruption, and the European Bailout
European Tax: Germany's Merkel Wants Global Or European Financial Transaction Tax
Rich Tax: German Millionaires Volunteer to Pay Rich Tax
Hong Kong Issues Tax Information Exchange Guidance
Are there any discounts for NRIs in the Indian tax system?
How to Avoid Estate Taxes: It's Easy This Year
Council Finance Committee Moves Huntington Sales Tax to June 14 Council Agenda
UK Tax: Contractors' Questions: Do my decisions on travel affect tax relief?
Tax Relief UK: TIGA & Activision continue to press for Games Tax Relief
Homebuyer Tax Credit: June 30th Homebuyer Tax Credit deadline may be extended
Alabama Tax: Alabama Tax revenue slowdown is apparent
Ontario Tax: Ontario HST relief cheques in the mail
Obama urges tax breaks, lending incentives
United States Tax Court ruling on Withers v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Maryland Tax: Will health care reform law help or hurt Maryland's small businesses?
America Tax: 5 things you can do now to get ready for huge tax hikes in 2011
Lumberton council set to adopt budget, tax rate unchanged
UK Tax: Keep higher rate tax relief on pensions, says ABI
Dallas Tax: Dallas ISD trustees question budget proposal for next year
UK Tax: UK film industry defends tax breaks
UK Tax: big shareholdings continue to benefit from a lucrative tax break
Dutch Tax: Home owners anticipate end of tax relief
New Jersey Tax: Elmer OKs 2-cent tax increase
New York Times Gets it Wrong on Death Tax
Obama has not cut taxes
Rapidly Growing Companies: TaxMasters, Inc
S Corporation Tax: Baucus: Extenders S corp. tax needs work
Palm Beach County's proposed fire-rescue sales tax increase dead for this year
Italy to donate portion of prize money to acknowledge global financial crisis
San Marino Tax: Signal from Italy to remove San Marino from the black list of tax havens expected
John McCain Backs Snooki's Attack On Obama, Tanning Bed Tax
Italy Tax: Flavio Briatore's yacht seized over unpaid tax claims
Officials ask for child tax credit aid
Pennsylvania Tax: Pa. Tax Amnesty Ends June 18
Oklahoma Tax: Tulsa City councilors deny sales tax idea
Australia Tax: BHP, Xstrata Seek Overhaul of Australia Tax Plan, Consultations
Australia Tax: Kevin Rudd told he has two weeks to fix mining tax
Is Baltimore's industrial energy tax dead?
Hungary tax: Erste CEO can't detail effects of Hungary tax yet


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