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U.S. Tax: Senate plan for oil company tax has sparks flying
Australia Tax: Axe the tax as Rudd and Twiggy square off
UK Tax Expert: Should I sell up to avoid capital gains tax?
Oklahoma Tax: Oklahoma governor signs bill to suspend tax credits
Hungary Tax: Hungarian Banks May Limit Lending on Tax, Erdei Says
New Zealand Tax: New Zealand Income tax case puts spotlight on professionals
San Mateo County Tax: Run-off likely in tax collector - treasurer race
California Tax: Kensington voters pondering police tax
German Tax: Airlines attack 'cash-grab' German departure tax
Massachusetts Tax: Massachusetts should proceed cautiously on tax holiday
Palm Beach Tax: Palm Beach County Commission preserves bid for sales tax increase
US Tax: A Tax too far
California Tax: Voters block California Tax hikes for quake-safe buildings
Orange County Tax: Commissioners Turn Down CHCCS Tax Increase
Santa Barbara Tax: Bed tax measure ahead, oil project behind
Indiana Tax: St. Joseph County Option Dog Tax
Hungary Tax: IMF and EU May Reject Hungary Tax Cut Plan, Commerzbank Says
Maine Tax: Maine Voters Halt Income Tax Cut in Ballot Question
Investment Pros Still Hoping For Better Terms On Carry Tax
World Business Groups Urge G-20 Leaders To Oppose Bank Tax
UK Tax: Ex-Pompey chief Peter Storrie in court on tax charge
U.S. Tax: Without tax credit, US home demand keeps slumping
Italy Tax: Italy Economic Ministry says EUR104.5M Assets Repatriated Under Tax Amnesty
German Tax: Germany Buys CD Containing Data on 20,000 Swiss Bank Accounts
The TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already): Tax Cuts And Smaller Government, But More Red Ink
India Tax: Exceed direct tax target - Finance Minister
LA Tax: Parcel tax to benefit LA schools defeated at polls
The Big Tax Increase Facing Small Business
Why a high tax to GDP rate won't spur growth
Texas Tax: Texas Sales Tax receipts for May up, barely
Germany buys new Swiss bank data on tax dodgers
Gulf Coast Tax Breaks - Another Special Session
Russian Tax: Russian vodka price set to double due to tax hike
Dallas Tax: Council closely divided on senior tax exemption
US Tax: Big Oil Battling Wall Street In Congress
Australia Tax: Mining magnate says tax talks a charade
India Tax: Tax breaks to be phased out, tax base widened
Florida Tax: Ford joins appraisers in seeking tax relief
Utah Tax: Corroon wants tax break for companies
Ontario Tax: Ontario Tax Plan Creates Jobs In Kitchener-Waterloo
Philadelphia Tax: Understanding Philadelphia Tax Amnesty Program
India Tax: Reddy suggests congestion tax to cure car mania
Louisiana Tax: Oil processing tax dead for session
US Tax: NY Times Dismayed Death Tax Didn't Hit Tycoon's Fortune
US Tax: Tax Preparation Packages IM-Speak Inspire Darpa's Latest
New York Tax: Paterson backs off plan to raise New York cigarette tax
US Tax: The Tax Man Eyes The Fund Manager
New Jersey Tax: Entertainment industry wants film tax credit saved after Gov. Christie proposed elimination
IRS To Review Build America Bond Program Advisory Report
US Tax: Senate Jobs and Tax Debate Continues
Film Tax Credit: Film, TV industry pushing NJ to keep Tax Credit
Florida Tax: Florida Appraisers Ask to Cut Value of Gulf Property Hit by Oil
British Tax: Emergency budget must avoid tax rises: CBI
Liechtenstein Tax: Liechtenstein Makes Pitch to Tax Evaders as Swiss Guard Secrecy
California Tax: In Pleasant Hill, sales tax revenue down, anxiety up
Maryland Tax: Tax beverages, not Baltimore factory energy!
Oil tax idea sparks partisan Senate stalemate - US Tax
US Tax: Hatch blasts Reid for not acting sooner on tax extenders
North Carolina Tax: What makes a corporate tax scofflaw and how to penalize them at issue in NC
Nevada Tax: Republican Candidate Brian Sandoval Promises No Tax Increases
Iowa Tax: State tax incentives approved for Deere & Co. project in Waterloo
US Tax: How Much Job Creation Is Enough? (Hint: Add a Zero)
Maine Tax: Vote doesn't mirror Mainers' desire for tax reform
Australia Tax: Twiggy flags High Court tax challenge
UK Tax: UK CBI Urges Government To Protect Capital Spending
Louisiana Tax: Bill repealing oil, gas severance tax killed
Hawaii Tax: Hawaii technology tax credit suspension vetoed
HST Rebate: First Ontario HST rebates in the mail
California Tax: Berkeley pool tax defeated
Texas Tax: Do careful math if you're considering a Roth IRA conversion
California Tax: Support for budget relief in early voting
South Africa Tax: Taxpayers granted a grace period
Australia Tax: Australian Taxation Office defers private equity tax decision
Queensland Tax: Queensland entrepreneurs jailed for tax fraud as part of ATO crackdown
Ukraine Tax: 2010 Budget Law introduces a number of significant changes
Investments in low tax jurisdictions are good for business, the poll shows
Avoid Taxes without Evading Them With These 3 Tips
Virginia Tax: Virginia isn't poor; tax rate not set fairly
Australian mining tax developments
Tax news
Hungary Announces Flat Tax and Bank Tax
North Carolina tax tussle questions what's fair for companies
Maryland Tax: Proposed industrial energy tax rankles manufacturers
Rhode Island Tax: RI gov signs law reforming income tax structure
B.C. Tax: B.C. shoppers to get new tax break
Utah Tax: Utah gov hopeful proposes new business tax credits
Tax news
Michigan Tax: Focus on building a more effective, balanced tax structure for Michigan
US Tax: Dividend Funds Gird for Yearend Tax Hike
Hotel occupancy tax won't cover Irving's $126 million debt for convention center
Dallas Tax: Dallas City Council again delays plan to expand homestead tax exemption
Bernanke Warns of Unsustainable Debt
Georgia Tax: Eric Johnson releases 10 years of tax returns


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