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TAX NEWS - June 2010

Canada tax: Plan Ahead To Spend Your Savings
Canada Tax: Tax break for Canadians could hammer Whatcom County governments
Canadian bank tax alternative 'attractive' but unlikely to be adopted
B.C. Tax: B.C. shoppers exempted from Washington state retail sales tax
Barbados Tax: Just don't call us a tax haven
British Columbia Tax: B.C. government downplays U.S. HST tax break
IRS Recordkeeping Guidelines for Fishermen
IRS: Revised Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number, requires identification of responsible party
Self-Employment Tax
IRS: Recent Legislation Offers Special Tax Incentives for Small Businesses to Provide Health Care, Hire New Workers
UK Emergency Budget: Shape of things to come
UK Tax: Possible changes to the rates of capital gains tax for non-business assets
UK VAT: Possible UK VAT increase
UK Tax: 2010 UK Corporate Governance Code published containing recommendations on performance measures for pay
UK Tax: Changes to treaty relief process for interest payments
Response to the uncertain tax positions filing requirements
IRS TD 9485
US Tax: Baucus softens carried interest provision in Senate extenders legislation
Canada Tax: June 15filing deadline approaches for self-employed individuals
Connecticut Income Tax Treatment of Gambling Winnings Other Than State Lottery Winnings
Connecticut Income Tax Treatment of State Lottery Winnings Received by Residents and Nonresidents of Connecticut
IRS Revenue Ruling 2010-16
IRS Revenue Ruling 2010-17
Florida Tax Amnesty: New law requires tax amnesty program to run from July 1 through September 30
Washington Sales/Use Tax: Department releases notices on new economic nexus law, market-based single sales factor, and related implications for banks
Russia Tax: Immigration - New beneficial treatment of highly qualified specialists
United Kingdom Tax: International Social Security - New EU social security legislation for internationally mobile employees
Michigan Tax: Holland considers full tax breaks for two businesses looking to expand
UK Tax: CBI warns against damaging tax rises
Global Bank tax to rear its head at G20 summit: Kouchner
Canada Tax: End of tax credits tightens screws on renovations
New poll shows (again) that public likes clean energy, doesn't like taxes
Philippines Tax: P104-M tax case poised vs Chingkoes
Global Bank Tax Buried for Now
Canada Tax: Moose Jaw businessman pleads guilty to tax evasion, fined $25,700
US Tax: President Obama vs. 'Pillage Thy Neighbor'
US Tax: Lampert's $829 Million Payout May Shield Him From Tax
US Tax: Could a tax on soda and ice cream save us from ourselves?
The bank tax and the G20 summit
Australia Tax: Tax time tug of war
Australia Tax: Mining tax revamp would pay Kevin Rudd big dividends
Pennsylvania Tax: Rendell makes final push in tax amnesty program
Hungary Tax: Hungarian PM unveils economic plan
Finland Tax: IMF says Finland should consider abolishing tax deductibility of home loan interest
Hungary bank tax plan harmful - Hungarian Banking Association
UAE Tax: UAE Signs Tax Treaty With Venezuela
Canada Tax: Tax System More Progressive, Study Shows
UK VAT: Why Osborne will announce a rise in VAT in two weeks' time
Philippines Tax: Ultimate fiscal challenge
US Tax: Tax treatment of employer-provided health coverage for adult children
Hungary PM proposes family taxation, flat personal income tax, bank tax, sharp cut to Hungary corporate tax
G-20 accepted our opposition to bank tax: Pranab
African Tax: African economies should boost tax collection, cut reliance on aid
US Tax Collapse Coming?
New York Tax: Collision shop owner admits sales tax fraud
America Tax: New tax could 'carry' over hard times in real estate
Africa Tax: Business leaders call for EAC tax reforms
Property taxation: the misunderstood process
Tennessee Tax: Permanent Income Tax Ban for Tennessee Fails
Australia Tax: State budgets flush with $3bn from Kevin Rudd
The Chartered Institute of taxation (CIOT) calls for changes to the way tax laws are made
Germany tax: Merkel's Austerity Program Is 'Faint-Hearted and Unbalanced'
NSW Tax: NSW budget back in the black
Reports Show Why It Is Hard To Create Satisfactory Tax Policy
West Virginia Tax: Huntington City advances proposed West Virginia sales tax
New York Tax: New York State Hits Grandpa For $2 Mil In Bogus Taxes
New Zealand Tax: Property developer fights tax avoidance case
Phoenix Tax: Taxation Notice - Total Tax Rate Unchanged, Property Tax Levy Will Decrease
Arizona Tax: Mohave County Property tax hike may be around corner
How to save journalism? The FTC thinks there's a tax for that
US Tax: Tax cutting our way out of debt - and other fairy tales
Rhode Island Tax: Fontaine submits Woonsocket budget
British Columbia Tax: BC Residents To Get Sales Tax Exemption In Washington
Aussie Tax: Miners fear not this Tax but copycat taxes worldwide
Canada Tax: Bankers cast doubt on tax alternative
UK Tax: UK government targets benefits, tax credits and pensions
Canada Tax: Short-sighted spending cuts to hurt Canada
Canada HST Tax: Canada HST rebate now -- pay later
Global bank tax dismissed
Australia Tax - RSPT: Assumptions of RSPT may not stack up in the real world
Australia Tax: Rudd offers 'carrot' to counter tax attack
France Tax: Lagarde: G20 Will See Need To Agree On Principles Behind Bank Tax
Portugal Tax: Portugal Approves Tax Increases, Other Deficit Cutting Measures
Senate Seeks To Close Hedge Funds Tax Loophole
IRS releases form employers can use to claim 6.2% FICA tax exemption for hiring new workers
IRS adopts state domestic-partner property law
IRS Tax: Man gets homebuyer's tax credit for home not purchased
IRS Free Help Available For Those With Little Income
IRS releases Interim Report on its Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Compliance Project
Homebuyer Tax Credit Helped Home Sales -- Really!
U.S. tax relief for Canadians emigrating to the United States
US Tax: U.S. v. LUPI Court Order
Ober|Kaler Announces Alliance with Tranto, Stiff & Associates LLC  to news
Tax Talk: Is depreciation recapture necessary?
Expat Tax: Investigate Before You Expatriate
Australia Tax: Cabinet cracks emerge on mining tax
NJ Tax: TV industry joins fight to keep N.J. tax credit
Massachusetts Tax: Baker calls for cuts in corporate income tax
B.C. Tax: HST frees shoppers from U.S. sales tax
California Tax: Nobody Likes a Tax Hiker
U.K. Tax: U.K. Stocks Advance as Miners Boosted by Report on Tax Changes
China Tax: China Property tax offers path to Chinese reforms
D.C. Tax: D.C. Tax Office worker, businessman charged in bribery scam
TIGTA Report on Federal Tax Liens Finds IRS Lien Determinations Were Untimely or Inappropriate for Some $1.4 Billion in Taxes Due
Lien Determinations were Untimely or Not Made Appropriately for Over $1.4 Billion In Delinquent Taxes


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