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Germany Tax: Germany Plans Air Travel Tax to Help Plug Budget Gap  read more
UK Tax: Tax Questions & Answers  read more
Boston Tax: Medical device makers: New tax will cost jobs  read more
U.S. Tax: Cornyn says 'no' to Dems' energy tax  read more
Africa Tax: EAC now in need of more tax treaties  read more
Tax information exchange champions transparency  read more
British Columbia Tax: B.C. Liberals battered in losing PR battle over Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)  read more
UK Tax: Business chiefs say NO to rise in Capital Gains Tax (CGT)  read more
Canada Tax: Canada should join global bank tax club  read more
Kenya Tax: Make tax a business incentive  read more
Australia Tax: Resource Rent Tax controversy  read more
Indonesia Tax: New claims of tax irregularities at firms linked to Bakrie  read more
Kenya Tax: Zero tax on cooking gas cylinders to save forests, say players  read more
Canada Tax: Another user tax like HST won't help country  read more
Tax on global transactions  read more
New York Tax: Bankrupt IHOP owner opposes request for liquidation over taxes  read more
Tax advantages of Master limited partnerships (MLP)  read more
Australia Tax: Report on taxation of managed investment trusts  read more
US Tax: Why the tax code is like daytime television  read more
Colorado Tax: Garfield County property tax protests down after record year in 2009  read more
Manitoba Tax: Taxing year for cottage owners  read more
Zimbabwe Tax: Zimbabwe gov't unveils new draft bill for income tax  read more
Pakistan Tax: Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation definite after consensus  read more
US Tax: The latest on the carried interest tax hike  read more
JP Morgan Sells off Quarter of its Stake in Mining Giants  read more
Canada Tax: Parody rap video marks tax freedom day  read more
Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse  read more
Canada Tax: G20 hold off bank tax  read more
Tax news  read more
Pakistan Tax: General sales tax (GST) exemptions to be withdrawn in three months  read more
UK Tax: Osborne to go ahead with tax on UK banks  read more
Australia Tax: West Australia tax returns best in nation  read more
Australia New South Wales Tax: NSW budget to but payroll tax  read more
UK Tax: Pay-as-you-throw tax will be binned under plans to be unveiled by the UK Government this week  read more
Philippines Tax: Stop charging tax on remittances, government urged  read more
NSW Tax: Budget expected to cut payroll tax  read more
Tips to avoid paying more tax and grab a bigger tax refund - Australia Tax  read more
US Tax: Another Rapper In Tax Trouble: Chamillionaire Owes The IRS $184,000  read more
Australia Tax: Coalition Leads Rudd as Voters Reject Tax, Poll Shows  read more
UK Tax: 'Bin tax' proposal to be scrapped by UK government  read more
British Tax: Osborne set to press ahead with bank tax  read more
Australia Tax: Palmer backs down from super tax claims  read more
Pakistan Tax: Tax exemption on daily use items not enough: traders  read more
Missouri Tax: Missouri lawmakers balk at raising taxes but OK higher fees  read more
Kansas Tax: Lobbyist spending in Kansas surges to more than $1.1 million so far this year  read more
Ontario Tax: Debate heats up over 'greedy tax grab'  read more
U.S. Tax: Blackstone, Venture Firms Protest Tax Break for Family Farmers  read more
US Tax: Congress shouldn't alter tax on venture capitalists  read more
U.S. Growth May Falter on Weak Dollar, Higher Tax, Forbes Says  read more
Hungary Tax: Hungary Mulls Bank Tax, Pension Changes for Tax Cuts  read more
NSW Tax: Police, payroll tax to get attention in NSW Budget  read more
North Carolina Tax: County commissioners to take up 2010-11 budget, tax increase referendum  read more
Ontario Tax: Ontario agrees to increase its bed tax  read more
New York Tax: Hinchey touts small-business tax break  read more
Maine Tax: Campaigns pushing truth of tax reform law  read more
Rhode Island Tax: Sales tax, registry revenues improving despite flood  read more
Arkansas Tax: Resolution Supporting Tax Credit Group Gets Baker Veto  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Bethlehem, county reach deal over casino tax dollars  read more
Indiana Tax: Software issues incorrect tax bills for rental owners  read more
Get Tax Rebates with Green solar energy  read more
Kentucky Tax: New home tax credit extended, Kentucky residents get another year  read more
New York Tax: Former district attorney losing home to tax foreclosure  read more
U.K. Tax: U.K. reportedly to press ahead with bank tax  read more
India Tax: Vodafone Files Appeal In Bombay High Court Against India Tax Move  read more
Hungary Tax: Hungary eyes budget cuts, market says signals mixed  read more
UK Tax: Capital Gains Tax rise 'will foster gambling mentaility'  read more
Hungary Tax: Hungary govt mulls bank tax  read more
Pakistan Tax: Centre, Sindh still at odds over Value-Added Tax (VAT)  read more
Japan Tax: Japan should pledge future tax reform  read more
U.S. Tax: In 2010, heirs inherit estate tax uncertainty  read more
US Tax: Plastic Bags -- Tax or Ban Is the Only Question  read more
Missouri Tax: Tax issues could bring out voters  read more
Oregon Tax: New tax measures not affecting businesses  read more
Delaware Tax: Government offers small businesses health care tax benefits  read more
Tax Results Takes Huge Chance on Clients Owing Back Taxes to the IRS  read more
Australia Tax: PM fails to make tax case with ads, despite $38m war chest  read more
US Tax: New tax will cost jobs  read more
Global Tax: Rimini Street Delivers Global Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates  read more
Australia Tax: Miners could pay 58 per cent tax  read more
Maryland Tax: To help biz, Ehrlich should cut personal income tax  read more
US Tax: Greg Mankiw on the Soda Tax  read more
Canada Tax: Proposed changes to the Harmonized Sales Tax rules for financial institutions  read more
India Tax: G-20 accepted our opposition to bank tax: Pranab  read more
Ask Tax Expert: Paying back taxes, managing college savings  read more
US Tax: Congress and the S Corp. tax hike  read more
New tax breaks for Florida filmmakers  read more
U.K. Tax: Report warns against U.K. film tax cuts  read more
US Tax: Senator Jeff Sessions warns of energy stealth tax  read more
Minnesota Tax: Survey - Majority of chamber members support sales tax  read more
Ohio Tax: Ohio Assembly passes renewable energy tax reform bill  read more
West Virginia Tax: City Sales Tax Added to Monday Huntington City Council Finance Agenda  read more
North Dakota Tax: Property tax abatement program extended in Moorhead and Dilworth  read more
Oregon Tax: Will voters continue to back tax increases?  read more
Florida Tax: Haines City facing lower property tax income again  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: State budget season begins  read more
Denmark Tax: Offshore holding companies face tax probe  read more
Denmark Tax: SKAT found most Danish strippers had not made any tax payments  read more
Time for an international bank tax?  read more
Germany Tax: Germany moves to save $96 billion by 2014  read more
Australia Tax: Resource tax amounts to 40% nationalisation of the mines  read more
WA Tax: WA Likely to Have More Tax Refunds  read more
U.S. Tax: The Economic Effects of the Lower Tax Rate on Dividends  read more
Hungary Tax: Hungary Economy Minister's comments  read more
India Tax: Tax Questions  read more
Marginal Tax Rates and History Deniers  read more
Scotland Tax: Business leaders split over tax raising powers for Holyrood  read more
UAE Tax: UAE signs double taxation avoidance and tax evasion prevention on income and capital agreement with Venezuela  read more
Bahamas Tax: PM buys into sales tax  read more
Tax Hike on Carried Interest  read more
Xinjiang Tax: Xinjiang resource tax to help conserve resources  read more
Australian Tax: iPad classed as laptop for taxation purposes  read more
Pakistan Tax: Pakistan Budget Includes New Taxes  read more
Non-dom Tax: You Brits taxed me out of my mansion  read more
Pakistan Tax: Rejected tax reforms plan made part of Finance Bill  read more
Virginia Tax: "Student housing" and tax exemptions  read more
China Tax: State Administration of Taxation issues Notice on Land Appreciation Tax Settlements  read more
US Tax: Small corporations line up to protest closing 'Edwards loophole'  read more
West Bengal Tax: Realtors wait for new regime  read more
Thin capitalization for tax avoidance  read more
US Tax: House passes bill changing taxation of carried interests  read more
UK Tax: George Osborne faces second tax battle, over pension tax relief  read more
Windstar Chair Joins CCH Corporate Business Taxation Monthly read more
US Tax: June 17 taxing issue - How do we pay for public service?  read more
Virginia Tax: Let's Have Respectful Exchange  read more
Bahamas Tax: Beer tax change toasted  read more
Pakistan Tax: Centre abolishes Capital Value Tax (CVT) from July 1  read more
USA Tax: Nation's problems aren't caused by high taxes  read more
Australia Tax: Rudd Election Gamble Backfires as Resource Tax Aids Opposition  read more
Australia Tax: Stamp duty cuts and land tax concessions on the wish list for developers  read more
German Tax: German Govt Plans Tax On Nuclear Energy, Air Travel  read more
Scotland Tax: Fears over capital gains tax hike  read more
Banks' health more important than tax  read more
UK Tax: Economists defend UK film tax breaks  read more
Australia Tax: Australia offers to explain super profit tax to Indian firms  read more
Scotland Tax: Hunter calls for more tax control  read more
Hungary Tax: Efforts would be made to simplify Hungary tax system, cut taxes and reduce tax evasion  read more
Merger, not new resource super-profits tax, alarms Japan  read more
New Mexico Tax: New Mexico residents - Pay back taxes, avoid panic attacks and other ills  read more
Tax Lawyers  read more
Saskatchewan Tax: When Is Tax Freedom Day In Canada?  read more
UK Tax: Burden of Pain  read more
Australia Tax: Rudd defends government's stance on the resources super profits tax  read more
Australia Supertax: PDAC says flow-through tax better than supertax  read more
Global Bank Tax: A bank tax is not the way to go  read more
Bahrain Tax: More tax benefits will boost green investment  read more
Australia Tax: Australia Investment at Risk After Buyout Tax Delay  read more
Panama Offshore Asset Protection  read more
Maryland Tax: Baltimore City Council backs more than $20 million in tax increases  read more
California Tax: Parcel tax for the high schools? Only questions are when and how much  read more
China Tax: China to Hasten Electricity, Resources Tax Reforms  read more
Rome Tax: Rome Plans Hotel Tax as City's Credit Rating Under Siege at S&P  read more
Canada Tax: Canada Revenue Agency cracks down on Canadian Lacrosse Association  read more
Australia Tax: Mount Isa residents speak out against mining tax, as Gillard goes to Perth  read more
Georgia Tax: DeKalb County wants taxpayers to fund GM redevelopment  read more


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