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Philadelphia Tax: What tax credit did for market  read more
U.S. Tax: Tobacco Tax loophole sucks up big bucks  read more
Indiana Tax: Tax breaks likely to remain despite job cuts  read more
Canada Tax: Should film tax credits be eliminated?  read more
US Tax: Burned by tax? No fears  read more
US Tax: Caps studied as schools take 66% of property tax  read more
California Tax: Stanislaus County hit by sales tax slump  read more
US Tax: Deadline nears for homebuyer tax credits  read more
Detroit Tax: Newt Gingrich's suggestion of a 10-year tax holiday for Detroit is worth consideration  read more
Illinois Tax: State can't go back to tax amnesty well  read more
Texas Tax: El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) tax increase to fund pay raises  read more
Philadelphia Tax: Smaller law firms benefit from new trend  read more
New Hampshire Tax: State budget impasse a backdrop for tax debate  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Gas severance tax may be pending  read more
Los Angeles Tax: L.A. schools put hopes in parcel tax  read more
Arizona Tax: Businesses bristle at tax hike proposal  read more
California Tax: Carlsbad - City forecasts another dip in property tax revenue  read more
California Tax: Woodland Chamber of Commerce position on sales tax measure is wrong  read more
Florida Tax: Voters may be given choice on school tax  read more
Swiss Tax: Crunch vote looms for Swiss - US deal in UBS tax row  read more
UK Tax: David Cameron backs down on Capital Gains Tax  read more
India Tax: Delhi to lose Rs 65 cr revenue in tax waiver for Commonwealth Games  read more
Indiana Tax: Tax abatement request on Richmond council agenda  read more
US Tax: Answers to three Roth IRA questions  read more
US Tax: Businesses can expect to tell IRS about suppliers  read more
Quebec Tax: Tax Freedom Day Falls June 7 in Quebec, One of the Latest Dates Among All Canadian Provinces  read more
Canadian goldminer decries horrible tax  read more
Canada Tax: Assets on both sides of the border  read more
India Tax: Finance minister says no to tax on banks  read more
Canada Tax: The tax man takes aim at Olympians  read more
Canada Tax: Revenue from oilsands keep provincial taxes low  read more
EU Outlines New Credit Rating Agency Plan  read more
Canada Tax: Keep Your Records to Support Your Income Tax and Benefit Return  read more
US Tax: Reviewing IRA Rules  read more
US Tax: IRS Rule Changes  read more
IRS: Don't throw out that notice. Get tax help  read more
US Tax: IRS Will Recognize Gay Couples In California For Tax Purposes  read more
US Tax: Undocumented Immigrants and Taxation  read more
US Tax: IRS contractor study raising big concerns  read more
U.S. Tax: The Affordable Care Act and small business  read more
Obama Protectionism Will Cut U.S. Jobs  read more
Tax revenue to be gained from internet gambling isn't worth social costs  read more
UK Tax: Don't get sucked into trying to predict tax changes  read more
Australia Tax: Mining tax hits ALP in marginals  read more
Tax Expert: Donation tax schemes take series of blows - Canada Tax  read more
US Tax: There's a need for an extraction tax  read more
UK Tax: Elderly UK woman gets £1.5M rebate check after tax authority blunders  read more
Australia Tax: Average tax refund to fall 13% - Survey  read more
Australia Tax: Construction will also suffer if the resource super profits tax is introduced  read more
US Tax: Perhaps New York Wants Solar Too Much  read more
Philippines Tax: Tax reforms and collective action  read more
Over 32 tax pacts inked globally every month  read more
Australia Tax: Hold on tight to your tax refunds  read more
Australia Tax: Tax Office rolls back new technology to stem mistakes  read more
Pakistan Tax: Tax measures to yield additional Rs133bn  read more
Pakistan Tax: Measures taken in Budget 2010-11 to check inflation, improve economy  read more
Australia Tax: Mundine fights back against native title tax  read more
Progressive Tax System - The Left and Progressively Higher Taxes  read more
Pakistan Tax: Capital Gains Tax announced on short-term stocks  read more
Pakistan Tax: Imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) deferred till October 1  read more
Germany Tax: Germany debates swingeing spending cuts  read more
Kenya Tax: Uhuru to walk tight tax rope in Budget  read more
Ghana Tax: The President's Dilemma  read more
Guam Tax: Rev & Tax, DepCor plan budget hearings  read more
Sri Lanka Tax: Tax Cuts A Bonanza For The Rich  read more
Pakistan Tax: More taxes, less relief  read more
India Tax: CAG suggests changes in individual tax payer provisions  read more
Pakistan Tax: Budget to make life harder for people - Tax and duties raised  read more
Pakistan Tax: Tax changes in Budget 2010-11  read more
Ceylon Tax: Ceylon Chamber welcomes simplification of tax structure  read more
Whiskey Tax  read more
India Tax: Income Tax department requests finance ministry to probe NRI funds in IPL  read more
Pakistan Tax: Budget sets optimistic tax target  read more
Australian Tax: Xstrata 'Optimistic' Australian Tax Will Be Revised  read more
Canada Tax: Tax Freedom Day no reason to crack the bubbly  read more
Gas tax: a toxic debate  read more
Tax credits key factor in Cape Wind energy cost  read more
Maine Tax: Tax reform in Maine is absolutely necessary  read more
Florida Tax: Tax abatement to be on ballot  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Fight over bylaws of tax collection committee nearing compromise  read more
South Carolina Tax: Filibuster threat on tax help eased  read more
California Tax: With $1.4 Billion in Cannabis Tax Revenue, California Could Help Millions  read more
New Jersey Tax: Bedminster to outline municipal budget that proposes cuts to minimize tax increase  read more
Global Bank Tax: G20 finance ministers end bid for a global bank tax  read more
Missouri Tax: Bill Shortens Deadline For Tax Returns  read more
Canada Tax: Federal NDP joins Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) fight  read more
U.S. Tax: Billion-dollar power company sues Montgomery over carbon tax  read more
Florida Tax: Possible Jacksonville Property Tax Increase  read more
US Tax: Can a Soda Tax Save Us From Ourselves?  read more
Bank Tax: Finance ministers scrap plans for global bank tax  read more
UK Tax: Manchester United demands tax back  read more
Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty program discloses $76.9 million in unpaid taxes  read more
'Tan tax' puts salons on burn notice  read more
Dallas Tax: With a $130 million budget gap looming, a tax increase is a very real possibility  read more
US Tax: Rahm Emanuel: Another Tax Avoiding Obama Appointee  read more
Australia Tax: Experts Not in Favor of Mine Tax  read more
Pakistan Tax: Pakistan Imposes Tax on Shares to Cut Budget Deficit  read more
Ohio Tax: Ohio GOP governor candidate signs anti-tax pledge  read more
North Carolina Tax: N.C. tax revenues down, but General Fund in the black  read more
Oklahoma Tax: Tax Center Open Again This Saturday  read more
Bank Tax: Canada wins key battle against bank tax  read more
Canada Tax: Canadians are celebrating tax freedom  read more
Canada Tax: Canada Revenue Agency and courts crack down on tax schemes  read more
Canada Tax: Canadian Business Demands More Tax Breaks for Green Investment  read more
G-20 Is Nearing Accord on New Capital Rules  read more
Vancouver Tax: Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will cut income, spending and jobs in BC  read more
Michigan Tax: Gov. candidates clueless about getting Michigan moving again  read more
No consensus on universal bank tax  read more
Global Bank Tax: G-20 delays bank tax plan; India warns on stimulus rollbacks  read more
Vancouver Tax: Games leaders herald Vancouver tax break  read more
G-20 Seeks To End Uncertainty With New Pledge On Bank Reforms  read more
Alberta Tax: Oil spills, bank taxes, and the "Fat Tail"  read more
U.S. Tax: Throwdown - Value Added Tax (VAT)  read more
Canada Revenue Agency: Are You HST Ready?  read more
Canada Tax: What are alternatives to HST?  read more
Canada Tax: Congratulations: It's Tax Freedom Day  read more
Maine Tax: A tax reform test in Maine  read more
Illinois Tax: Tax holiday offers break  read more
Rhode Island Tax: Rhode Island Lawmakers Pass Changes to Income Tax Structure  read more
Rhode Island Tax: Assembly passes overhaul to Rhode Island income tax  read more
India Queries Vodafone on Tax  read more
Australia's Future Fund joins attack on mine tax  read more
Australia Tax: Australia's Rudd Risking Election Over Tax, Courier Poll Shows  read more
Japan Tax: Minezaki Says Japan Not Interested in Something New on Bank Tax  read more
How to Deal With a Worker Classification Tax Audit  read more
US Tax: Shoreline tax district becomes an election issue in Mountain View  read more
Swiss Tax: Swiss Legislators Support U.S. Tax Deal  read more
US Tax: Children's health program loses millions due to tobacco tax loophole  read more
FTC floats Drudge tax  read more
North Carolina Tax: Bigger tax bills likely for some Mecklenburg homeowners  read more
Detroit Tax: Big Four at Mackinac mull Gingrich's tax-free zone idea  read more
Florida Tax: Sales tax holiday is resurrected  read more
Ohio Tax: Ohio House passes wind energy bill which will allow a tax break  read more
US Tax: Housing Demand Crashes as Effects of Tax Credit Wane  read more
Georgia Tax: Perdue signs Georgia Dome tax bill  read more
Iowa Tax: Will tax credit issue hurt Roxanne Conlin? Mason City Democrats ponder  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Pennsylvania missing $54M in tax revenue from natural gas production  read more
Lawyers Convicted in Tax Shelter Scheme  read more
California Tax: Rohnert Park leaders think tax measure will pass  read more
Indiana tax revenue slips in May after 2 months of gains  read more
Australia Tax: Tax is the price we pay for civilisation  read more
Tax freedom day comes Saturday - Canada Tax  read more
Ohio Tax: Homestead exemption applications due June 7  read more
EU Tax: Member States Break EU Tax Laws  read more
Be sure to make careful calculations before Roth IRA conversion  read more
UK Tax: Top priority is tackling the deficit  read more
Tax vote could be 'catastrophic', Lorain City Council members say in letter  read more
Ohio Tax: County sales tax revenue lagging  read more
Ireland Tax: Economist calls for flat tax rate  read more
CRS issues report on taxation of Social Security benefits  read more
Pakistan Tax: Federal budget 2010-2011: Harsh taxation, token relief expected  read more
China Tax: China settles base line to levy pre-requisitioned land value-added tax  read more
Ohio Tax: Supreme Court Sends Ohio Tax Challenge Back to State Court  read more
UK Tax: Travel brands call on government to reform taxes  read more
India Tax: Govt likely to retain existing Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT), Exempt-Exempt-Tax (EET) regimes in tax code  read more
Australia Tax: Employee share scheme valuation issues - the Board of Tax review and the government's response  read more
Iowa Tax: Iowa Supreme Court says cities don't have to return illegally collected cable fees  read more
Aussie Tax: Forget Henry, I'm just after his boss: Hockey  read more
Nevada Tax: Support, Questions, Rejections Follow Call To Broaden Nevada Tax Base Using Expanded Sales Levy  read more
Ohio Tax: Green strategies  read more
JPMorgan fund manger cuts Rio, BHP stake  read more
Texas Tax: Texas Court of Appeals decision: GTE Southwest Inc. v. Combs  read more
PRC Tax: Advance tax-collection rate of land value increment tax to be adjusted  read more
Pakistan Tax: Cellular phone operators demand rationalised tax policy  read more
Tibet Tax: Tibet tax revenue reaches 3.5 billion yuan in 2009  read more
Oregon Tax: The state revenue shortfall: The answers aren't easy, but they're simple  read more
U.S. Tax: Can we afford $100 billion jobs bill?  read more
Uganda Tax: Government to improve tax collection  read more
Q&A: How health reform will affect small businesses  read more
Russia Tax: Medvedev urges introduction of simpler taxation  read more
US Tax: Home Loan Banks Seek To Renew Tax-Exempt Authority  read more
New Jersey Tax: Trenton council, at brink, approves city budget  read more
Maine Tax: Reform restores balance to tax system  read more
IRS Chief Counsel to Discuss Uncertain Tax Positions Proposal at BNA Webinar  read more
G-20 Fails to Agree on Bank Tax, Calls for Joint Principles  read more
Ohio Tax: Republican candidate pledges no tax hikes  read more
California Tax: Tax loopholes let winery, ski resort, skate  read more


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