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IRS Notice 2010-42  read more
IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-22  read more
IRS: Depreciation and Section 179 Expense  read more
The Screening and Monitoring of E-File Providers has Improved, but More Work is needed to Ensure the Integrity of the E-File Program  read more
TIGTA: Improved Screening and Monitoring of E-File Providers by the IRS is Needed  read more
New extenders bill details emerge as Levin releases statutory language  read more
Service issues final regs on diversification of defined contribution plans  read more
Regs forthcoming on domestic partnerships used to block subpart F income, IRS says  read more
SEC Announces $178 Million Distribution from Millennium Fair Fund  read more
Kenneth A. Johnson Named SEC Chief Financial Officer  read more
California State Board of Equalization - Announcement of Regulatory Change  read more
Frequently Asked Questions on TTB Industry Circular 2010-5  read more
IRS Notice 2010-45  read more
Greece enacts extensive changes to tax law  read more
Australia Tax: Budget 2010-2011 and government response to Henry Review  read more
India Tax: AAR rules FII income from derivatives trading is business income  read more
India Tax: Practical consequences of statutory crackdown on permanent account number requirement  read more
Indonesia Tax: DGT revises rules for obtaining tax treaty benefits  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: Marcellus Shale Tax Vote Postponed  read more
Congress Looks to Raise Taxes Again  read more
FairTax is the best way to fund our federal government  read more
Council rejects higher taxes for wealthy residents  read more
Democrats try scaled down tax bill  read more
The Tax Caps Cometh  read more
Soda tax  read more
A people's tax cut: Abolish the corporate tax - only real people pay taxes  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Capital gains tax increase on the horizon  read more
Georgia Tax: New order of Ministry of Finance  read more
South Africa Tax: Treasury consults on tax issues relating to offshore captives  read more
Thailand Tax: Computation of taxable profits for corporate income tax purposes  read more
Canada Tax: Crown clarifies grounds for appeal in GE Capital Canada's guarantee fees case  read more
Sweden Tax: Sweden introduces bilateral and multilateral APAs  read more
U.S. Tax Alert: Legislative update regarding extenders package  read more
Multistate Tax Alert: Virginia  read more
Income/Franchise Tax - West Virginia: New finalized rules implement combined reporting law enacted during 2007 & 2008  read more
Sales/Use Tax - Missouri: New law overturns earlier State Supreme Court case  read more
Croatia: Changes in the personal income tax  read more
Japan Tax: New child allowance bill passed  read more
Luxembourg Tax: Local and international developments in personal taxation and social security  read more
United Kingdom: The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition - What next for U.K. immigration?  read more
Levin announces one-year extenders package offset by foreign tax credit restrictions, carried interest tax hike  read more
IRS Notice 2010-46  read more
IRS Revenue Ruling 2010-14  read more
IRS: Interest Rates Remain the Same For the Third Quarter of 2010  read more
TIGTA: Employment Tax Compliance Could be Improved With Better Coordination and Information Sharing  read more
TIGTA Recommends Improvements to IRS's Employment Tax Compliance Program  read more
IRS TD 9483  read more
IRS TD 9484  read more
The Capital Gains Tax Rate Should Be Zero  read more
Alabama Department of Revenue: New Law Brings Changes in Alabama Estimated Tax Reporting and Payment Requirements  read more
TIGTA Report: Accountability Over Volunteer Program Computers has Significantly Improved, but Providing Computers to Volunteers Presents many Challenges  read more
Orrin Hatch on higher taxes and the VAT  read more
Coca-Cola CEO Warns Taxing Overseas Profits Would Hurt US Economy  read more
Favor an Anti-Obesity Tax? Fat Chance  read more
Out with school property taxes, in with income taxes  read more
Forest Heights Town Council OKs tax hike  read more
Arkansas method of taxing gas royalties challenged in White County suit  read more
Business tax cuts seen as key to Canada's competitiveness  read more
Tax Man puts local couple in taxing situation  read more
Taxing our patience: The city tax game  read more
Banks to Pay for Future Crises Under EU Taxation Plan  read more
Illinois Tax: Preserving Our Most Progressive Tax  read more
Turning Stone liquor deal means tax windfall  read more
Taxing report  read more
TIGTA Audit Report: Fiscal Year 2010 Review of Compliance with Legal Guidelines when Conducting Seizures of Taxpayers' Property  read more
TIGTA Audit Report: Additional Actions are Needed to Measure and Evaluate the Impact of the Pay-for-Performance System on Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Highly Skilled Leaders  read more
IRS Revenue Ruling 2010-15  read more
IRS: Statement of IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman on the Filing Deadline for Small Charities  read more
IRS Offers Details on New Small Business Health Care Tax Credit  read more
IRS Notice 2010-44  read more
IRS: Form to Claim Payroll Tax Exemption for Hiring New Workers Now Available  read more
IRS Names New Members to the Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities  read more
IRS: Public Comments Invited on 2010-2011 Priority Guidance List  read more
SEC to Publish for Public Comment Stock-by-Stock Circuit Breaker Rule Proposals  read more
Idaho Tax: Is the state holding your money?  read more
FAQs About the Payroll Tax Exemption and Qualified Employers  read more
IRS: FAQs About Qualified Employees  read more
IRS: FAQs About Claiming the Payroll Exemption  read more
IRS: Business Credit for Retention of Certain Newly Hired Individuals in 2010  read more
Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues to Meet on May 24  read more
Mayor Parker Proposes Balanced Budget; No Major Tax Cuts or Tax Rate Increases  read more
TIGTA Report: IRS Needs to Improve Security On Website Used by Paid Tax Preparers  read more
TIGTA: Additional Security is Needed for Access to the Registered User Portal  read more
Carried interest provision gains momentum as Democratic leaders approach deal on extenders offsets  read more
Interim final regs address health coverage for adult children up to age 26  read more
Kerry, Lieberman release draft climate legislation with tax incentives; path through Senate is unclear  read more
IRS Issues Spring 2010 Statistics of Income Bulletin  read more
IRS Notice 2010-41  read more
QuickAlerts for Tax Professionals: Business - 720, 2290, and 8849, Business Rules and Schemas Updates for Tax Year 2008 through 2010  read more
Convergence of accounting standards - can the different perspectives ever be reconciled?  read more
Financial reporting developments  read more
California Tax: FTB Offers Tax Relief to Baja California Quake Victims  read more
Austria Tax: Detachment and transfer of intangible assets via an Austrian Societas Europaea  read more
Canada Tax: Proposals on reporting of tax avoidance transactions released for public consultation  read more
Croatia Tax: Update on "special tax" and personal income tax rules  read more
Germany: Tax court rules dividends exempt from trade tax if treaty provides exemption  read more
Greece: More tax measures passed in response to financial crisis  read more
India Tax: AAR rules on beneficial ownership concept for taxing capital gains under tax treaty  read more
Luxembourg: Tax measures in 2011 Budget announced  read more
Sweden Tax: New rules on cross-border group contributions introduced  read more
OECD Tax: Estonia, Israel and Slovenia to become OECD member states  read more
Thailand Tax: Government announces relief measures to assist businesses  read more
Thailand: Tax authorities issue taxpayer manual  read more
Vietnam introduces new transfer pricing guidelines  read more
North Carolina Tax Amnesty: Sales and Use Tax "Internet Transactions Resolution Program"  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Massachusetts: Calculating basis of non-corporate shareholders in shares of corporate trusts  read more
IRS: Open House on Saturday May 15 to Help Small Businesses, Individuals Solve Tax Problems  read more
Mississippi Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until June 30 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
IRS: Kentucky Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until June 30 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
Tennessee Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until June 29 to File Tax Returns  read more
IRS: Alabama Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until June 23 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
Mississippi Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until June 22 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
IRS: North Dakotans Affected by Severe Weather May Qualify for Relief from Penalties on Late Tax Returns  read more
New Jersey Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until May 11 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
IRS: Massachusetts Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until May 11 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
IRS: Rhode Island Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until May 11 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
IRS: West Virginia Severe Storm and Flooding Victims Have Until May 11 to File Their Tax Returns  read more
Tax Law Changes Related to National Disaster Relief  read more
Tax Law Changes Related to Midwestern Disaster Areas  read more
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit: Frequently Asked Questions  read more
IRS Seeks Applications for Information Reporting Advisory Council  read more
Gerald Hodgkins Named Associate Director in SEC Division of Enforcement  read more
SEC Investor Advisory Committee Announces Meeting Agenda, List of Participants  read more
IRS Nationwide Tax Forums 2010  read more
Florida Tax: Floating Rate of Interest for Most Taxes and Fees Will Remain 7 Percent For the Period July 1, 2010, Through December 31, 2010  read more
The IRS Does Not Always Authenticate Taxpayers Who Call Toll-Free Telephone Number, TIGTA Finds  read more
IRS Telephone Authentication Practices Need Improvements to Better Prevent Unauthorized Disclosures  read more
SEC Charges Two Florida Residents for Unlawful Short Selling  read more
New reporting requirements for tax avoidance transactions  read more
IRS Notice 2010-43  read more
SEC, CFTC Announce Creation Of Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee On Emerging Regulatory Issues  read more
Florida Dept of Revenue Proposed Rules  read more
Health Care Reform Brings Important Tax Changes for Large Employers, Health Care Providers and Insurers  read more
California Franchise Tax Board News Release: Home Buyer Tax Credit  read more
SEC Statement on Meeting With Exchanges  read more
Maine Could Tax More Services under Its Sales Tax  read more
Florida Dept. of Revenue Sales Tax Due Date for Paper Filers  read more
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues tax ruling on cash repatriation strategy  read more
California Tax: Online Buyers and Sellers, You May Owe State Taxes  read more
California Tax: Betty T. Yee Announces 2010 Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Hearings  read more
Statement of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission  read more
House extenders offset list grows as Democratic leaders target Memorial Day agreement  read more
Geithner clarifies bank tax structure at Finance Committee hearing  read more
Many Tax-Exempt Organizations Must File Form 990 by May 17 Deadline to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status with IRS  read more
IRS Releases Interim Report on Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Compliance Project  read more
IRS: Cyber-Assistant Release to be Delayed  read more
IRS: Prepared Remarks of Commissioner of Internal Revenue Douglas H. Shulman at the Council on Foundations 2010 Annual Conference, Denver, Colo.  read more
IRS: Bond Attorney Suspended for 24 Months  read more
IRS Seeks Applications for Advisory Council  read more
IRS Releases Interim Report on Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Compliance Project  read more
A Service-Wide Strategy is Needed to Address Growing Noncompliance With Individual Retirement Account Contribution and Distribution Requirements  read more
TIGTA Finds the Amount of Noncompliance Is Increasing in Individual Retirement Accounts  read more
Tax Amnesty Pennsylvania: Governor reminds taxpayers that amnesty began April 26th and ends June 18th  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Arizona: New law updates Internal Revenue Code conformity date; decouples from ยง108(i) & five-year NOL carrybacks  read more
HIRE Act incorporates provisions intended to curb offshore tax evasion  read more
Health care reconciliation package codifies economic substance doctrine  read more
Tax Controversy Updates: Deadline for comments on uncertain tax position reporting is extended  read more
Tax Controversy Updates: IRS releases draft uncertain tax position form and instructions  read more
For interest netting purposes, a parent corporation and its subsidiaries were not the 'same taxpayer' in pre-acquisition years  read more
No valuation misstatement penalties for transaction disregarded as lacking economic substance  read more
Foreign shareholders of Indian companies may be liable to tax on deemed dividends  read more
European Union: ECJ rules on Hungarian vocational training levy  read more
France Tax: Supreme Court rules on sourcing of stock option income  read more
Germany Tax: Local tax court rules on debt restructuring  read more
Hungary Tax: Deductions on certain transfers to foreign persons tightened  read more
Indonesia Tax: More revisions to VAT law now in effect  read more
European Union Tax: Double taxation problems in the EU  read more
Germany Tax: Reporting and documentation requirements in mergers and divisions  read more
Namibia Tax: 2010 Income Tax, VAT and Transfer Duty Amendment Acts gazetted  read more
Australia Tax Alert: Resources sector faces new tax regime - Resource Super Profits Tax  read more
Cyprus Tax Alert: New tonnage tax system introduced  read more
Japan Tax: New legislation announced to permit incorporation of foreign registered lawyers operating in Japan  read more
Statement from SEC and CFTC  read more
Employee benefits: Significant changes proposed by the International Accounting Standards Board  read more
Underwater Shares  read more
Increased risk as more Canadians enter the global marketplace  read more
SEC Staff to Hold Seminar to Help Mutual Funds Comply With XBRL Reporting Rules  read more
Georgia Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division Rule Update  read more
SEC Charges Spongetech and Senior Executives in Pump-and-Dump Scheme  read more
California Tax: New Home Tax Credits Available  read more
California Tax: Withholding Agents Who Fail to Withhold  read more
California Tax: Consider an Installment Agreement for Your Clients with Tax Bills  read more
IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Registration Available!  read more
California Small Business Fair  read more
California Tax: Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Annual Report to the Legislature  read more
Richard A. Levine Named SEC Associate General Counsel for Legal Policy  read more
SEC Completes 20th Annual International Institute for Securities Market Development  read more


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