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UK Tax: Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.. Tax threat? Tax opportunities?  read more
Australia private equity tax ruling delayed again  read more
Clinton: Our Taxes Aren't High Enough  read more
Is Mission's proposed 'driveway tax' the best way?  read more
Australia Tax: Resource taxation plan finds supporters  read more
U.S. Tax: Massachusetts proved a tax cap N.J. can use to spend less and maintain high quality public services  read more
U.S. Tax: Zeroing in on budget season  read more
Washington Tax: Candy tax kicks in Tuesday  read more
U.S. Tax: Offshore reinsurance tax plan alive in Congress  read more
Korea Tax: The National Tax Service (NTS) steps up efforts to fight offshore tax evasion  read more
Taxing the outsiders is wrong  read more
U.S. Tax: Perriello Votes to Close Tax Loophole for Corporations That Ship Jobs Overseas  read more
Why Taxing Carried Interest As Ordinary Income Is Good Policy  read more
Australia Tax: Australia rules out changing 40% resource super profit tax rate  read more
Candy buyers will pay tax on Snickers beginning June 1  read more
Russia Tax: State Nearly Agreed on Oil Duty Increase  read more
Australia Tax: Feds Get the Wrong Man  read more
Governments are now in more desperate need for tax revenue  read more
Australia Tax: Another election sound bite returns to haunt Mr Rudd  read more
South Africa Tax: More investigation to be done into offshore captives and protected cell companies  read more
Making your assets pay - Opening a tax-free savings account is just the beginning  read more
Arizona Tax: Tax revenues reflect Valley's tough economy  read more
Michigan Tax: Services tax finds support in new poll  read more
Wayne's defence: we have a dud tax system  read more
Australia Tax: How Obama debate sparked our tax debate  read more
Offshore Private Equity Deputes to India Not to Create Taxable Presence Now  read more
Insider Leo Hindery on Appropriate Tax Rate for Carried Interest  read more
Kicking Venture Capital When It's Down  read more
Closing Tax Loopholes To Prevent Outsourcing Passed By House  read more
Convention Center Ideas Were Taxing  read more
Australia Resources Super-Profits Tax (RSPT): Miners' call doesn't ring true  read more
Australia Tax: Rio, BHP to Seek Compromise on Profit Tax, UBS Says  read more
Answering Key IRA Conversion Questions  read more
Oregon Tax: New food taxes start Tuesday  read more
Shipping sector hit by tax waves  read more
Fat Tax  read more
Madison County Treasurer's Office began mailing out the 2009 real estate tax bills  read more
Australia Tax: Ferguson addresses key petroleum issues at APPEA  read more
Switzerland Tax: Swiss retreat helps Transocean save millions  read more
Arkansas Tax: State Expects Slow Action On Web Tax  read more
Hawaii Tax Appeal involving the State's imposition of the use tax  read more
Ohio Tax: State lawmakers push competing tax break bills for green energy  read more
Australia Tax: Australia's Henry Says Profit Tax Will Boost Mining  read more
Texas Tax: Lawmakers take aim at items exempt from sales tax  read more
Alabama Tax: Alabama Department of Revenue tax appeal  read more
U.S. Tax: Taxation of Online Poker, Gambling Considered in Congress  read more
Estonia Tax: Is the Estonian tax system failing?  read more
South Africa Tax: Six new tax changes that affect you  read more
Hawaii Tax appeal case  read more
Boston Tax: Closed churches to pay property taxes  read more
IRS: Recent Legislation Offers Special Tax Incentives for Small Businesses to Provide Health Care, Hire New Workers  read more
Portugal: Increase in Tax Rates  read more
Australia Tax: Gold expert warns on resources rent tax  read more
New Zealand's 2010 Budget  read more
United States: House approves extenders legislation; Senate action on hold  read more
Minnesota Tax: Targeted cuts, more tax revenue, improving economy  read more
U.S. Tax: The Big Oil Discount  read more
Australia Tax: Researcher says 17% tax rate was out of context  read more
Cliffs Concerned Over Super Tax  read more
The new Australian resource rent tax  read more
Canada: Taxpayer succeeds at overturning GAAR case on withholding tax avoidance  read more
Fate of tax on venture capitalists' carried interest still uncertain  read more
UK Tax: To increase capital gains revenues cut tax rates, don't increase them  read more
Obama's Dividend Tax Proposal Means More Debt, More Instability  read more
New Jersey Tax: Reformers Aim At Unfair High Taxes & Corruption  read more
Australia Tax: Fortescue to focus on offshore projects  read more
Connecticut Tax: Tax policies at least need a review  read more
Already taxed to the gills? Let's find out  read more
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) deserves to be debated  read more
Indian entities abroad to be taxed  read more
'Sin Taxes' Kill California's Shot At Economic Rebound  read more
U.S. Tax: Congress Continues To Debate How To Tax Internet Gambling  read more
UK Tax: Capital gains tax destroys growth, enterprise and jobs  read more
4 Frivolous Tax Arguments That Won't Work  read more
Maine's Choice: Reform tax code, or let it be  read more
New York Tax: Detractors weigh in on school property tax cap  read more
Australia Tax: Economists back Government's mining tax  read more
Washington Tax: Candy to Be Taxed As of Tuesday; Soft Drinks to Follow on July1  read more
Australia Tax: Rudd defends use of old tax data  read more
Lake County Tax: County income tax option still faces geographic rift  read more
U.S. Tax: Some states introducing health-related taxes  read more
Make Life Less Taxing  read more
Washington Tax: Income tax initiative wrongheaded  read more
Australian Economy; Resource Super Profits Tax; Cutting the Company Tax Rate; Support for Small Business and Home Lending  read more
Scotland Tax: Tories vow to fight on low taxes  read more
Australia Tax: Rio Tinto says Canberra's tax plan would nationalise industry  read more
Alabama Tax: Fight over Jefferson County's occupational tax could revisit Alabama Supreme Court  read more
Not clear how Britain's new plane duty will be calculated  read more
The impact of temporary tax hikes to fill city budget gaps  read more
Good records minimise pain of audits  read more
U.S. Tax: House passes increased tax on carried interest, and VCs hate it  read more
India Tax: Property tax - citizens object to proposed KCB hike  read more
Missouri Tax: Mr. Nixon's 5-year economic plan  read more
Pennsylvania Tax: With tax revenue up, clerk job restored  read more
Florida Tax: Keys property values plummet  read more
Ohio Tax: Tax relief deadline near  read more
U.S. Tax: Eliminating Tax Subsidies for Oil Companies  read more
Pakistan Tax: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) advocating Value-Added Tax (VAT) to cover its failure in implementing TARP  read more
South Carolina Tax: Spartanburg County Council candidate's tax savings derided  read more
Pakistan Tax: Pak authorities issue notices to Sharifs for payment of tax  read more
Swiss banks to focus on 'taxed assets' from foreign clients  read more
Tax-haven poker websites hit jackpot  read more
DiLorenzo Tax  read more
Taxes are basically unfair but give strength to society  read more
Massachusetts Tax: Meals tax and furloughs  read more
Colorado Tax: Fitch Rates Denver, CO's $353MM GOs 'AAA'; Outlook Stable  read more
Berkley: Proposed Tax Won't Cause Foreigners' U.S. Market Exodus  read more
Florida Tax: Manatee's latest cuts to be the deepest  read more
Dems OK Spending $2 Now For Each $1 In Long-Term Taxes  read more
Deficit Spending Goes Out Of Fashion As House Leaders Slash New Stimulus  read more
California's severance tax  read more
Idaho Tax: Otter again touts lack of tax increase as good for business  read more
Income Tax notice to 50 as Germany gives black money list  read more
Pakistan Tax: Budget to bristle with Rs138bn new taxes  read more
HMRC Revenue & Customs Brief: Tour Operators' Margin Scheme and the treatment of 'hotel billback' transactions  read more
Canada Tax: New Canadian reporting requirements for tax avoidance transactions proposed  read more
South Africa To Review Offshore Insurance Issues  read more
Tax Treaty Summaries  read more
Robin Hood Taxes: Shaking up global finances  read more
Hedge Funds Don't Deserve a Special Tax Break  read more
Miles Driven Tax (Miles Traveled Tax)  read more
Texas casino gambling tax won't close deficit  read more
Swiss Tax: Swiss parliament slams cabinet over UBS tax affair  read more
Uruguay: No More Tax Haven?  read more
Vacant building tax headed to full city council vote  read more
World's Wealthy Tapped for Cash as Governments Tax High Incomes  read more
Boston Tax: Ordinary taxpayers they're not  read more
California Tax: Get in a car crash, get taxed  read more
Higher Tax on Buyout Firms Would Hit Hedge Fund Sales  read more
Corporate Tax Reform and Eliminating Wasteful Economic Subsidies  read more
European Union Tax: AG suggests U.K. law on VAT refunds to non-EU traders is effective  read more
Cyprus Tax: Cyprus adopts new shipping tax rules  read more
OECD releases the Draft Contents of the 2010 Update to the OECD Model Tax Convention  read more
IRS Special Edition Tax Tip: What You Need to Know About the 2010 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums  read more
China Tax: No Property Taxes for Now  read more
Australia Tax: Tax commodities, not projects: Commsec  read more
Extending the Sin Tax to the Tanning Bed  read more
Making the Case for Progressive Tax Policy  read more
Netherlands Tax: CA agreement changes procedure for dividend withholding tax exemption for U.S. pension funds  read more
Canada: Significant changes to harmonized sales tax (HST) rules for financial institutions  read more
Canada Tax: Quebec corporations with gross revenue in excess of CAD 1 million to file their tax returns through the internet  read more
United States Signs Protocol to Multilateral Treaty on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters  read more
Exit taxation developments in the EU  read more
Florida Tax: Gas & Sulfur Production Tax Rates for 2010-2011  read more
SEC Announces Agenda and Panelists for Market Structure Roundtable  read more
Expanding the Sales Tax Base  read more
UK Tax: We should not be penalising our savings culture  read more
Closing The Carried Interest Tax Loophole 75% Of The Way  read more
Public Support for Progressive Taxation & The Failure of the Anti-Tax Movement  read more
Russia: Changes made to immigration rules to attract foreign investment  read more
Feds back homeowners, credit unions in tax-refund suit  read more
UK Tax: Capital gains tax and the politics of envy  read more
Ohio Tax: Group of Lorain residents fighting tax credit reduction  read more
Clinton: Rich Not Paying Fair Share of Taxes  read more
Australia Tax: High price paid for resource tax's poor implementation  read more
Washington Tax: County Council closer to potential vote on reducing flood tax  read more
UK Tax: Capital gains tax rises would punish the productive  read more
Clinton Muses About Taxing the Rich  read more
High marginal tax rates tend to affect behavior and choices  read more
Michigan Tax: Business owners appeal tax bills to stay afloat  read more
Road funding controversial: proposal to raise the city sales tax by 1 percent  read more
Vietnam Tax: Guidance issued on mandate of New Large Enterprise Unit of General Department of Taxation  read more
Tax collections pick up a bit  read more
A boost to multilateral tax cooperation: 15 countries sign updated Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters  read more
Oil Spill Stock Scams - Don't Get Cleaned Out by False Cleanup Claims  read more
IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities To Submit Recommendations at June Meeting  read more
SEC Files Emergency Charges Against New York-Based Financial Advisor for Defrauding Clients  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Changes to UK tax treaty relief process outlined  read more
Tax: three Caribbean jurisdictions move up on OECD progress report  read more
Belarus Tax: Exemption of withholding tax interest income derived by nonresident companies  read more
Knox sheriff's tax settlement released by state auditor  read more
The Madness of Capitol Hill's Kings  read more
Debunking Myths that Taxes Undermine Economic Growth  read more
German business restructurings: New escape clause introduced into German tax law for cross-border transfers of business functions  read more
Multistate Tax Alerts: Minnesota Supreme Court holds that Commissioner of Revenue May not disregard captive REIT structure organized in compliance with statutes  read more
Greece: deadline for filing the 2010 tax return  read more
Outcomes of the first meeting of the Informal Task Force on Tax and Development  read more
Rell Vetoes Bill To Tax TARP Bonuses  read more
Is the Champaign County property tax check in the mail?  read more
On value added taxes and the European-style government  read more
Millionaire's tax veto should stand  read more
Raising and Reforming Sales and Excise Taxes  read more
Eliminating Corporate and Business Tax Loopholes  read more
IRS Notice 2010-39  read more
Italy Tax: Italy releases unilateral APA data  read more
United States Tax: New U.S. withholding and reporting requirements of FATCA  read more
NAIC Opposes Increase in Taxes on Carried Interest  read more
The Battle Over Taxing Soda  read more
Venture's Taxing Problem  read more
U.S. bill taxing fund managers edges forward  read more
A New Tax Hits Some Investors, Spares Others  read more
U.S. To Hit Traders, Money Managers With A Tax Shot To The Gut  read more
California's $19 billion deficit include several measures that would delay tax incentives  read more
Australia Tax: Tax on the profits of the mining industry  read more
Prepared Remarks of Douglas H. Shulman Commissioner of Internal Revenue Before The American Payroll Association & The American Accounts Payable Association 28th Annual Congress May 27, 2010  read more
Tax: Average tax burden on workers' earnings fell in most OECD countries last year  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Michigan: Department releases business tax (MBT) sales factor guidance on sourcing receipts from services  read more
Sweden Tax: Swedish Tax Agency proposes amendments to CFC legislation  read more
Income/Franchise tax Hawaii: New Law Updates State Conformity to IRC; Decouples from IRC §108(i) & IRC §382(n)  read more
United States Tax: US Congress enacts new reporting and withholding requirements for financial institutions  read more
SEC Charges Pequot Capital Management and CEO Arthur Samberg With Insider Trading  read more
Taiwan tax developments include new incentive legislation  read more
Jeff Heslop Named SEC Chief Operating Officer  read more
Review of IRS Implementation of the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998: Strides Have Been Made But Major Challenges Remain  read more
Argentine Tax: New legislative proposal to promote shared service centers  read more
SEC Charges Money Manager and Two Associates in New York City-Based Affinity Fraud  read more
Rep. Levin considers legalizing, taxing online gambling  read more
Obama Aide Sees Higher Taxes for Carried Interest  read more
Best move for cash-strapped states? Raise progressive taxes  read more
How to tax online casinos?  read more
Red State Tax Increases and the Failure of the Anti-Tax Movement  read more
Wave of High-Income Tax Increases  read more
State Revenue Increases Across the Nation Continue to Ease Pain of Downturn  read more
State Senate District 7  read more
Taxation of Internet Service Providers in Seattle  read more
The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 was Substantially Implemented but Challenges Remain  read more
New government will examine potential mechanisms for changing the corporation tax rate in Northern Ireland  read more
Ireland Tax: Irish transfer pricing grandfathering  read more
The Problem with "Tax The Rich": It Won't Work  read more
Loopholes hard to find in U.S. fund tax battle  read more
Fortunes fade on tax break  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Top ten predictions for the emergency budget  read more
Are Federal Tax Rates Disincentivizing?  read more
Tax on sweet drinks leaves a sour taste  read more
US Senate OKs $59 Billion War Spending; House Stalls On Taxes  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Switching taxation to spending has its merits  read more
Brian T. Croteau Named Deputy Chief Accountant for Professional Practice in SEC Office of the Chief Accountant  read more
SEC Approves Rule Changes to Enhance Municipal Securities Disclosure  read more
The Growing Tax Threats to Your Investment Portfolio  read more
Direct Taxes Code: A wild goose chase taxing offshore transactions?  read more
Hong Kong and Austria Sign Tax Pact  read more
IBM, Business Groups Oppose Job Bill Over Tax Raisers  read more
A new Australia - New Zealand double tax agreement signed  read more
Bobbing as the Taxman Weaves  read more
Tax revenues collected in Africa compare well with those of countries at similar stages of development  read more
The Taxation of Gaming Revenue in Germany  read more
D.C. Council considers commuter tax  read more
OECD Tax: Dominica, Grenada and Saint Lucia conforming to the OECD standards  read more
Thailand Tax: Thailand issues bilateral APA guidelines  read more
House Votes to Eliminate Hedge Fund Tax Break  read more
How to tax the foreign profit of U.S. companies  read more
Tax Extender Bill  read more
Should Billionaires Pay Lower Taxes Than Everyone Else?  read more
UK Tax: Cameron addresses a taxing conundrum  read more
House Increases Taxes On Venture Capital At A Time When More Investment In Innovation Is Needed  read more
Texas Tax: Individual taxing entities are responsible for setting tax rates  read more
First distribution of DeKalb County real estate taxes made  read more
UK Tax: Workers slog for over four hours a day to pay taxes  read more
You can't tax obesity away  read more
House extends jobless benefits, tax breaks  read more
House Backs Tax Increase for Venture Capital  read more
VAT Tax Would Cripple U.S. Recovery  read more
Gaming funds stave off tax increase in OJR budget  read more
Venture Capitalists Fight a Tax Increase  read more
Carry Tax Passes House; Now On To The Senate  read more
Thirst for cash brings push to tax sweet drinks  read more
California Democrats Feel that Wide Ranging Tax Hikes Would Be the Best Solution...  read more
Australia Tax: Swan opens door to resources super-profits tax threshold change  read more
United States Tax: Ways & Means Releases Extenders Bill  read more
SEC Proposes Consolidated Audit Trail System to Better Track Market Trades  read more
Vietnam issues new transfer pricing circular  read more
SEC Charges Disney Employee and Boyfriend in Brazen Insider Trading Scheme  read more
IRS Seeking Applications for Volunteer Tax Assistance Program Grants  read more
Connecticut Department of Revenue Quarterly List of Distributors for Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Purposes  read more
Connecticut Tax: Motor Vehicles Fuels Tax Rate on Diesel Fuel Reduced Effective July 1, 2010  read more
Three Economic Indicators  read more


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