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TAX NEWS - April 2010

Canada Tax: Nova Scotia to raise HST by 2%  read more
House taxwriters eyeing S-Corp revenue raiser for extenders bill, Levin says  read more
Canada Tax: Ernst & Young's recipe for tax savings - Tax Tips for 2010  read more
Canada: Ernst & Young takes transfer pricing practice to new heights  read more
Sixth Circuit: FSC regs bar IRS from arm's length adjustment where taxpayer used partnership method for CTI calculation  read more
Percentage-of-completion method does not apply to long-term warranty of state highway, appeals court holds  read more
IRS addresses tax treatment of health care benefits for children under age 27  read more
IRS: Tax-Free Employer-Provided Health Coverage Now Available for Children under Age 27  read more
IRS: COBRA Subsidy Eligibility Period Extended to May 31  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-34  read more
IRS Notice 2010-35  read more
SEC Announces $113.5 Million Distribution in Royal Dutch Shell Fair Fund  read more
Fee Rate Advisory #1 for Fiscal Year 2011  read more
Russia Tax: Changes to Russia's transfer pricing rules on horizon  read more
Australia: Tax laws to be reviewed in context of Islamic finance  read more
Croatia Tax: VAT rules amended  read more
India Tax: AAR rulings address scope of fees for technical services and for included services  read more
New Zealand: Changes to tax treatment of nonresidents investing in PIEs under discussion  read more
European Union tax: EU Member States to promote "good governance" in the tax area  read more
Finland Tax: VAT rates to increase on 1 July 2010  read more
Spain Tax: VAT rate to increase from 16% to 18%  read more
St. Kitts & Nevis Tax: Consumption-based VAT to be introduced  read more
Australia - New Zealand Tax Treaty  read more
Bulgaria - Germany Tax Treaty  read more
OECD releases discussion draft on the application of Article 17 (Artistes and Sportsmen) of the OECD Model Tax Convention  read more
Bulgaria - Qatar Tax Treaty  read more
Canada - Namibia Tax Treaty  read more
California Tax Alert: Refund claim statute of limitations ends soon for certain tax payments made last year in connection with the 20% large corporate understatement penalty  read more
Germany - Albania Tax Treaty  read more
Germany - United Kingdom Tax Treaty  read more
Germany - Uruguay Tax Treaty  read more
Washington Tax Alert: New law contains economic nexus, single sales factor, and tax avoidance penalty provisions  read more
Italy - Azerbaijan Tax Treaty  read more
India - Luxembourg Tax Treaty  read more
India - Mexico Tax Treaty  read more
Tax Amnesty / Resolution Initiatives North Carolina: New sales tax 'Internet Transactions Resolution Program' for remote sellers  read more
India - Myanmar Tax Treaty  read more
Malta - Bahrain Tax Treaty  read more
New Zealand - Turkey Tax Treaty  read more
Sales/Use Tax Missouri: Scanning documents to computer discs is a nontaxable service, not sale of tangible personal property  read more
Norway - Malawi Tax Treaty  read more
Poland - Switzerland Tax Treaty  read more
Deloitte's Financial Reporting for Taxes 2010  read more
Turkey - Georgia Tax Treaty  read more
Turkey - Oman Tax Treaty  read more
Tax: Revised OECD - Council of Europe treaty will boost multilateral cooperation  read more
United Kingdom - Libya Tax Treaty  read more
California Tax: State Reports on Median Income for 2008  read more
IRS: Don't Throw Away Your Tax-Exempt Status 2010  read more
IRS: Revised Form 3115 Now Available  read more
IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Information  read more
More Management Information is Needed to Improve Oversight of Automated Collection System Outbound Calls  read more
The Colorado Department of Revenue offers an All-Day Business Tax Symposium in Denver  read more
IRS Notice 2010-38 - Information about dependent health coverage  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Don't Panic! Eight Things to Know If You Receive an IRS Notice  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Facts about Amended Tax Returns  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Five Tips for Great Record-Keeping  read more
California Tax: Disabled Veterans' Exemption Increases for 2011  read more
Florida Tax: Important Information about Changes to Unemployment Tax Rates  read more
Florida Tax: Conquer Tax-Time Stress with e-Services!  read more
Florida Tax: Department of Revenue's 2009 Annual Report  read more
SEC Charges Securities Professionals With Facilitating Illegal Penny Stock Sales and Failing to Act as Gatekeepers  read more
Criminal Investigation Division Resources Devoted to Supporting Recommended Prosecutions Can be Enhanced with a Stronger Strategic Focus  read more
IRS's Criminal Investigation Division Needs A Better Strategy For Managing Cases It Refers For Prosecution, TIGTA Finds  read more
Procedures Need to be Developed for Collection Issues Associated with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers  read more
TIGTA Publicly Releases Report on Identity Theft Involving Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers  read more
Senate budget writers endorse middle-class tax relief, extenders, 'loophole closers' in FY 2011 tax-and-spending blueprint  read more
Taxwriting chairs mull application of proposed financial institutions fee  read more
Ways & Means Chair maps out tax-cut priorities, revenue options  read more
IRS Reaches Out to Millions of Employers on Benefits of New Health Care Tax Credit  read more
IRS Announces New Advisory Council Members  read more
IRS Names Seven New Members to IRPAC  read more
IRS: Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grant Recipients Announced  read more
IRS: Uncertain Tax Positions - Draft Schedule UTP  read more
IRS: Comment Period on Guidance Regarding Preparer Tax ID Numbers Announced  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-30  read more
Mexican Supreme Court rules flat tax is constitutional  read more
Czech Republic Tax: Court confirms interest on loans to pay dividends is tax deductible  read more
India Tax: AAR ruling illustrates factual drivers in finding an Association of Persons  read more
Kosovo: Tax laws amended  read more
Russia Tax: Spring thaw for investment?  read more
Serbia Tax: Changes made to corporate and personal income tax rules  read more
Vietnam Tax: Guidance issued on tax treatment of asset revaluation surplus  read more
Guatemala Tax: Free Trade Agreement between Guatemala and Chile  read more
United Kingdom: U.K. Ford and Jaguar companies seeking to claim losses from Ford Motor Company Ltd  read more
Australia Tax Alert: ATO rules U.S. limited partnership not treated as company under Australia - U.S. treaty  read more
Denmark Tax Alert: Taxpayer prevails in beneficial ownership case  read more
Malta Tax Alert: International tax rules enhanced  read more
Taiwan Tax Alert: Legislative Yuan passes Industry Innovation Act and approves corporate tax rate reduction  read more
United States Tax Alert: Significant changes to statute of limitations under the HIRE Act  read more
California Tax: New law updates Internal Revenue Code Conformity, but continues to decouple from many provisions  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Texas: Foreign manufacturing affiliate may potentially disqualify affiliated group's use of reduced 0.5% retail/wholesale rate  read more
Japan / Hong Kong Tax: New double tax agreement announced  read more
France Tax: French Supreme Court rules on sourcing of stock option income  read more
United Kingdom: March 2010 U.K. budget - Employee share plan implications  read more
IRS REG-134235-08  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-32  read more
IRS: Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions  read more
IRS: Application of Section 501(q) to Organizations Assisting Homeowners at Risk of Foreclosure  read more
IRS: Special Payroll Tax Exemption Form Now Available  read more
TTB and ATF Reach Settlement with Tobacco Products Manufacturer  read more
IASB discussion paper on extractive activities  read more
SEC Charges Private Equity Firm and Money Manager for Defrauding Detroit-Area Public Pension Funds  read more
Florida Tax Information: Employers Cannot Deduct or Withhold Unemployment Tax from Employees  read more
SEC Charges Prominent Miami Beach Businessman in $900 Million Ponzi Scheme  read more
IRS: Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grant Recipients Announced  read more
SEC Files Emergency Action to Halt Fraudulent Scheme at Albany-Based Firm  read more
SEC Halts Internet-Based Scam by Staten Island Firm Luring Investors With Phony Stock Tips and Fictional Trading Experts  read more
IRS unveils draft schedule, instructions for uncertain tax positions reporting proposal  read more
California Tax: Amendments to Property Tax Rules  read more
Green jobs tax incentives forthcoming, top House taxwriter says  read more
Painful choices ahead as Congress contemplates paying for tax cuts  read more
House votes to ease substantiation requirements for employer-provided cell phones  read more
IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-16  read more
IRS: Haiti Relief Workers Qualify for Combat Zone Extension; Military Personnel and Designated Civilians Have at Least 180 Days to File and Pay  read more
IRS Notice 2010-30  read more
Statement From Chairman Schapiro on OIG Report 526: "Investigation of the SEC's Response to Concerns Regarding Robert Allen Stanford's Alleged Ponzi Scheme"  read more
California Tax: e-file reminders  read more
SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Fraud in Structuring and Marketing of CDO Tied to Subprime Mortgages  read more
Consensus reached on Hong Kong - Japan double tax agreement  read more
China Tax: VAT incentives for equipment purchased by R&D centers  read more
Netherlands: Tax reform committee publishes report  read more
United Kingdom: Tax authorities propose new treaty "passport" scheme  read more
Vietnam Tax: MOF issues guidance on foreign-source income derived by corporate entities  read more
Germany Tax: Municipal trade tax consequences  read more
Mauritius Tax: Withholding tax on royalties increase, Tax year change  read more
New Zealand Tax: Goods and Services Tax (GST) to increase  read more
United Kingdom Tax: The Finance Act 2010  read more
Mexico Tax Alert: Regulations issued to clarify tax consolidation recapture rules  read more
Tax Amnesty - Maine: New law authorizes 'Tax Receivables Reduction Initiative' with partial tax penalty and interest waiver  read more
Tax Amnesty - Pennsylvania: Department issues additional guidance on upcoming 2010 Tax Amnesty Program  read more
Income / Franchise Tax - Maine: New law adopts "Finnigan" type rule for sales factor / "throwout" rule purposes  read more
Deloitte's Financial Reporting for Taxes 2010  read more
Florida Department of Revenue Unemployment Tax Due Date  read more
Texas Tax: Additional Franchise Tax Webinars Scheduled  read more
Internal Accounting Errors Reduced the Federal Funding Available for Unemployment Benefits by $63 Million During Fiscal Years 2005 Through 2009  read more
Interim Results of the 2010 Tax Filing season  read more
IRS's Internal Accounting Errors Reduced Federal Funding Available For Unemployment Benefits By $63 Million, TIGTA Finds  read more
Interim Filing Season Report: Both the IRS and Taxpayers Are Having Difficulty Complying With New Tax Laws  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Here's What Happens After You File  read more
SEC Charges Private Equity Firm in Kickback Scheme Involving New York Pension Fund  read more
Federal Regulators Release Model Consumer Privacy Notice Online Form Builder  read more
IRS: Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) Not Impacted by Disaster Relief Provisions  read more
New for 2010: Tax Credit Helps Small Employers Provide Health Insurance Coverage  read more
IRS: Extensions of Time to File Your Tax Return  read more
IRS Tax Payment Options Include E-pay, Credit Card, Installment  read more
HIRE Act - two new tax benefits are available to employers who hire certain previously unemployed workers  read more
IRS: Avoid Common Mistakes When Filing Your Tax Return  read more
IRS: Can't Make the April 15 Tax Filing Deadline? Get an Extension with Free File  read more
SEC Proposes New Measures to Protect Investors in Options Markets  read more
SEC Proposes Large Trader Reporting System  read more
Small and Medium-Sized Entities (SMEs)  read more
Georgia Department of Revenue Reminds Taxpayers Filing Deadline is April 15  read more
California Tax News Alert - Conformity Act of 2010  read more
The Automated Substitute for Return Program Brings Some Taxpayers into Compliance; However, Program Enhancements are Needed  read more
California Enacts Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief  read more
Idaho Tax: Tax Commission provides curbside service, extends hours in north Idaho offices on tax day  read more
Idaho Tax: Tax Commission provides curbside service, extends hours in Boise on tax day  read more
Tax Commission extends hours in eastern Idaho offices on tax day  read more
Federal Grand Jury Indicts I.R.S. Revenue Agent for Filing False Tax Returns and Threatening Investigators  read more
IRS: Deadline for E-Filing Tax Year 2009 Form 4868  read more
Ninth Circuit affirms Tax Court in Xilinx  read more
U.K. introduces new thin capitalization guidance  read more
IRS issues 11th annual APA report - Second record year for APA requests  read more
Germany introduces changes to Foreign Tax Code  read more
Changes anticipated in Russian transfer pricing rules  read more
Hungary's transfer pricing reviews on the rise  read more
Withholding Compliance Program Results are Trending Favorably, but Program Enhancements are Needed  read more
Significant Tax Issues are Often not Addressed During Correspondance Audits of Sole Proprietors  read more
Improvements to IRS Withholding Compliance Program Could Generate More than $1 Billion in Additional Tax Revenue, TIGTA Finds  read more
TIGTA Issues Report on Compliance Audits of Sole Proprietors  read more
JFK's taxing paradox  read more
Warren Buffett: "If you're applauded, worry"  read more
Reinventing the multinational  read more
R&D and recessions  read more
Beware financial models  read more
Florida Department of Revenue Proposed Rules  read more
California Franchise Tax Board Lists Top 250 Tax Debtors  read more
Tax Court of Canada holds US LLC to be treaty resident  read more
IRS Continues to Increase Oversight of Tax Return Preparers to Improve Compliance, Taxpayer Service  read more
IRS: Increase in Penalty for Failure to File a Partnership or S Corporation Tax Return  read more
Benefits of Qualified Joint Ventures for Family Businesses  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-22  read more
IRS Notice 2010-34  read more
TD 9481: Final regulations relating to travel expenses of state legislators while away from home  read more
California Tax: Deadline Approaching for Use Tax Registrants  read more
California Tax: Michelle Steel Announces Emergency Relief Available for Taxpayers in Imperial County Due to Earthquake  read more
California Tax: Board of Equalization Specialists Verify Business Permits  read more
IRS Tax Tip 2010-70: Ten Last Minute Filing Tips  read more
Canada Tax: Significant changes to taxation of employee stock options in 2010 Canadian federal budget  read more
Indonesia: New tax incentives for renewable energy resource utilization  read more
Italy Tax: New VAT reporting requirements introduced  read more
Kazakhstan Tax: Thin cap formula may disallow deduction for interest paid to unrelated parties  read more
Thailand Tax: Government extends some tax incentives  read more
India: Approval process of foreign investment into India to liberalize  read more
Indonesia Tax: Directorate General of Tax issues circular letter  read more
Mexico: Business Flat Tax  read more
United Kingdom: Value-Added Tax (VAT) changes  read more
Taiwan Tax Alert: Calculation of creditable tax on dividends paid to nonresidents revised  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Changes to statute of limitations now in effect  read more
Multistate Tax: Michigan Single Business Tax (SBT) treatment of federally disregarded entities  read more
Income/Franchise Tax South Carolina: New law updates Internal Revenue Code conformity date; decouples from IRC ยง108(i)  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Utah: New law revises definition of "foreign operating company" & various related provisions  read more
Norway: Changes in the formal procedures when reporting the use of foreign employees  read more
United Kingdom: Year end planning that can save tax  read more
Sweden: Taxation of restricted share grants to employees  read more
Florida Department of Revenue Qtrly Sales Tax Due Date for Paper Filers  read more
Florida Department of Revenue Sales Tax Due Date for Paper Filers  read more
Alabama Department of Revenue Advises Last Minute Filers: Choose Your Tax Preparer Carefully  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Seven Things about Getting More Time to File your Tax Return  read more
Idaho Tax: Taxpayers can get extension to file or request payment plan for Idaho income taxes  read more
The Securities and Exchange Commission Proposes Rules to Increase Investor Protections in Asset-Backed Securities  read more
IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2010-05: Top 10 First-Time Homebuyer Credit Tax Tips  read more
Securities and Exchange Commission Charges Morgan Keegan and Two Employees With Fraud Related to Subprime Mortgages  read more
Idaho Tax: New ethanol tax law begins July 1  read more
Improvements are Needed When Identifying Revenue Officer Casework  read more
TIGTA Publicly Releases Review of Caseload Carried By Senior IRS Revenue Officers  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Three Ways to Pay Your Federal Income Tax  read more
Georgia Tax: Governor Announces Rise in Tax Revenue  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Making Federal Tax Payments  read more
California Tax: Franchise Tax Board Conforms to IRC Section 409A  read more
California Tax: Fraudulent W-2s  read more
California Tax: Winter Storm Victims Get State Tax Relief  read more
California Combined Reports Missing Information  read more
California Tax: Haiti Donations Are Immediately Tax-Deductible  read more
California Tax: Unclaimed Earned Income Tax Credit  read more
California Tax: Paying Taxes Electronically Saves Time  read more
IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Registration Available!  read more
California Tax: Statute of Limitations on Collection Actions  read more
California Small Business: Dissolving an Entity  read more
California: Clinic Owners Accused of Bilking Millions from Public Health Programs, Failing to Pay Taxes  read more
California tax: S Corporations - New Withholding Rule for the 2009 Form 100S  read more
Prepared Remarks of IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman at the National Press Club  read more
Robert J. Keyes Named Associate Regional Director and Chief of Regional Office Operations in SEC's New York Office  read more
Florida: Updated Index Price for Industrial Consumers  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Going Green May Reduce Your Taxes  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Six Important Facts about Tax-Exempt Organizations  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Seven Important Facts about Your Appeal Rights  read more
IRS: Three New Issues to Be Addressed by IRS Industry Issue Resolution Program  read more
IRS: Reminders for Last-Minute Tax Filers  read more
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Scenarios  read more
IRS Notice 2010-31  read more
IRS Notice 2010-32  read more
Special Occupational Taxes Rule Finalized  read more
Collection Alternatives were Available to Economically Distressed Taxpayers, But Some New Processes Need Improvement  read more
TIGTA Report: IRS Effectively Implemented Collection Alternatives to Financially Distressed Taxpayers  read more
IRS Provides Guidance on Identifying Numbers for Tax Return Preparers  read more
IRS: Revised Publication on Taxation of Unrelated Business Income Released  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions  read more
Panama enacts further tax reform  read more
Hong Kong expands tax treaty network  read more
Australia Tax: Changes proposed to Goods and Services Tax (GST) treatment of cross-border transport  read more
China Tax: Chinese State Administration of Taxation issues more guidance on interpretation of royalties under tax treaties  read more
Italy: New election for tax base step-up to reduce capital gains on sale of unlisted participations  read more
Namibia: Tax changes tabled in Parliament  read more
Thailand: Investment policies for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) announced  read more
United Kingdom: New HMRC thin cap guidance  read more
Namibia Tax: Environmental tax legislation is being finalized  read more
Spain Tax: Increase in the Value-Added Tax (VAT) rates  read more
Switzerland Tax: Swiss VAT rates will increase for 7 years  read more
United States Tax: 40% strict liability penalty applies to tax understatements  read more
France Tax Alert: Supreme Court rules conversion of distributor to commissionaire does not create PE in France  read more
IRS issues 11th annual APA report  read more
District of Columbia legislation mandates the D.C. Council to implement unitary combined reporting, broadens the related-party addback statute, and decouples from federal debt discharge deferral  read more
California expands sales tax exclusion to "clean tech" manufacturing equipment  read more
Oregon Tax: Revised rule addresses application of 2009 tax amnesty program's 25% post-amnesty penalty  read more
Income/Franchise Tax Utah: New law phases in single sales factor apportionment for certain industry taxpayers  read more
Sales/Use Tax New Mexico: New law clarifies use tax nexus; generally increases tax rate  read more
California Tax: New Assessor for Los Angeles County  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Seven Things to Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service  read more
The Securities and Exchange Commission Charges Daimler AG With Global Bribery  read more
Offshore Tax Account Holders Have Limited Time to Pay What They Owe Alabama  read more
Kathleen Griffin Named SEC's First Chief Compliance Officer  read more
Collection Employees Adhered to Fair Tax Collection Practices from January 2009 Through September 2009  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Things You Need to Know About Tax Refunds  read more


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