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TAX NEWS - March 2010

IRS Tax Tip: Top Ten Tips for Last Minute Filers  read more
Florida Tax: Unemployment Tax Changes to Tax Rate Calculation and Taxable Wage Base  read more
Connecticut Tax: Q & A - Income Tax Credit for Property Taxes Paid to a Connecticut Political Subdivision  read more
Initial Published Guidance for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Bonds was Complete, Accurate, and Consistent  read more
TIGTA Finds IRS Effectively Communicated Guidance Regarding Recovery Act-Related Bonds  read more
California Tax: More than 2 million can file taxes through ReadyReturn  read more
Canada Tax: Quebec Tax Changes - Budget 2010  read more
Health care reconciliation package becomes law; economic substance, 'black liquor' provisions take effect immediately  read more
Canada Tax: Newfoundland and Labrador Tax Changes - Budget 2010  read more
California Tax: Estimated Tax Payment Reminder  read more
Florida Tax: Solid Mineral Tax Rates for Year 2010  read more
IRS REG-134235-08: Proposed regulations under section 6109 of the Internal Revenue Code  read more
SEC Charges Ohio-Based Investment Adviser for Defrauding Clients in Several States  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-20  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Tips for Taxpayers Contributing to an Individual Retirement Plan  read more
IRS Notice 2010-28: Guidance on stripping transactions for qualified tax credit bonds  read more
IRS Notice 2010-29  read more
SEC Announces $185 Million Distribution to Investors Injured by Prudential Securities Market Timing Fraud  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions  read more
U.S. Tax: Health care reconciliation package heads to White House; Obama's signature expected soon
Ninth Circuit affirms Tax Court in Xilinx  read more
Austria Tax: Draft Austrian tax reform bill issued  read more
Belgium Tax: Deadline approaching for R&D investment deduction / tax credit certificate request  read more
France tax: Tax on bank bonuses passed  read more
Hungary Tax: Changes to tax penalty rules in effect  read more
Luxembourg tax: Tax information exchange agreement law approved  read more
New Zealand Tax: New rules for paying dividends to nonresidents now in force  read more
Ukraine: New depreciation laws introduced  read more
United Kingdom Tax: 2010 budget announced  read more
United Kingdom Tax: First-Tier Tax Tribunal rules Delaware LLC resembles partnership  read more
Vietnam Tax: Tax audits focus on foreign-invested enterprises  read more
New Zealand Tax: Changes to New Zealand's international tax rules  read more
OECD Tax: Fight against cross-border tax evasion  read more
Vietnam Tax: Deadline for submitting 2009 personal income tax return extended  read more
Australia - Chile Tax Treaty  read more
Australia - New Zealand Tax treaty  read more
Canada - United States Tax Treaty  read more
United Kingdom - Bahrain Tax Treaty  read more
Tax Treaty Summary  read more
India Tax: AAR issues ruling on capital gains exemption in treaty with Mauritius  read more
Tax Amnesty - New Mexico: New law authorizes amnesty program with potential for 100% penalty & interest waiver  read more
Sales/Use Tax Massachusetts : Guidance on 2009 Town Fair Tire case; no use tax collection for out-of state vendors under certain circumstances  read more
Belgium Tax: No changes to tax and social security treatment of private use of company cell phones  read more
India Tax: Highlights of the finance bill 2010  read more
Lithuania Tax: New treatment of income in kind and employer's allowable deductions for Corporate Income Tax purposes  read more
United Kingdom: Tax changes on 2010 budget  read more
United States Tax: Treasury releases updated housing cost amounts for 2010  read more
Canada Tax: Canadian federal budget 2010 - Significant changes announced regarding the taxation of employee stock options  read more
India Tax: New circular addresses treatment of fringe benefit tax paid during the 2009-2010 tax year  read more
Ireland Tax: Changes in corporate reporting of equity awards  read more
Canada Tax: Ontario budget 2010  read more
Office of the Chief Accountant Selects Eight Professional Accounting Fellows  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Six Important Facts about Tax-Exempt Organizations  read more
Howard A. Scheck Named Chief Accountant in SEC Enforcement Division  read more
SEC Staff Evaluating the Use of Derivatives by Funds  read more
IRS Provides Guidance on Identifying Numbers for Tax Return Preparers  read more
Canada Tax: Saskatchewan tax rates - budget 2010  read more
SEC Charges Securities Professionals in Insider Trading Scheme Using Coded E-Mail Messages  read more
U.S. Tax: House approves tax treaty benefit limitations, other significant offsets for small-business jobs package  read more
Increased Outreach Efforts Could Enhance Taxpayer Awareness of the Benefits of the Qualified Joint Venture Filing Option  read more
Florida Tax: Department of Revenue expands corporate income tax filing options  read more
Canada Tax: Manitoba Tax Rates - 2010 budget tax changes  read more
SEC Charges New Mexico Real Estate Magnate in $80 Million Ponzi Scheme  read more
IRS: More Than 180 Local IRS Offices Open This Saturday to Help Taxpayers  read more
IRS TAX TIP: Ten Things the IRS Wants You to Know About Identity Theft  read more
U.S. Tax: Comprehensive health care reform legislation becomes law  read more
IRS Issues 2010 Filing Season Statistics  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Five Facts about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion  read more
Idaho Tax: Claiming the Idaho Grocery Tax Credit for 2009  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Things You May Not Know about Farm Income and Deductions  read more
TIGTA Recommends Improvements to Balance Due Notice Program  read more
Processing and Monitoring of Balance Due Notice Cases Needs Improvement  read more
IRS Seeks Volunteers for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel  read more
IRS: Two New Tax Benefits Aid Employers Who Hire and Retain Unemployed Workers  read more
IRS Announcement 2010-19  read more
IRS Notice 2010-25  read more
IRS Notice 2010-18  read more
IRS Announces Qualified Disaster Treatment for Chile  read more
IRS Provides Relief for Certain Charitable Trusts  read more
IRS' 2010 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Ten Ways the IRS Can Help You in Person  read more
Luxembourg Tax: Value-Added Tax (VAT) authorities provide guidance on Luxembourg's implementation of EU VAT Package  read more
Australia Tax: Changes proposed for Goods and Services Tax (GST) groups and joint ventures  read more
Belarus: Tax exemption available to individuals  read more
European Union Tax: Formal state aid investigation opened on Germany's loss carryforwards for ailing companies  read more
Hungary Tax: Court rules on corporate tax treatment of expenses on loans to fund dividends  read more
Netherlands Tax: Update on proposed corporate income tax and 2010 budget measures  read more
United Kingdom Tax: Court of Appeal rules on double tax relief litigation claims  read more
India Tax: Recent changes to the Indian income tax law  read more
Russia Tax: Changes to the Russian transfer pricing rules  read more
United States Tax: International revenue raiser in Reconciliation Bill  read more
Tax Shelters: Colorado - New rules on reportable & listed transaction disclosure provisions  read more
Tax Amnesty Massachusetts: Limited tax amnesty for select business tax liabilities will run from April 1, 2022 through June 1, 2010  read more
U.S. Tax: House health care reconciliation package includes new Medicare tax on unearned income  read more
U.S. Tax: Employer tax incentives, offshore account restrictions become law  read more
UK tax tribunal holds a Delaware LLC to be fiscally transparent  read more
SEC Warns Firms on Muni Pay-to-Play Rules  read more
SEC Charges South Carolina based Lawyer in Scheme Promising Investors Returns as High as 4,900 Percent  read more
IRS Tax Tip: Eight Important Facts about the Health Coverage Tax Credit  read more
Idaho Tax: Some state income tax refunds diverted to pay legal obligations  read more



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