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IRS Raising Fees for Organizations Applying for Tax-Exempt Status and Introducing Cyber Assistant
IRS Retirement Plans Navigator: New Website from IRS
Portugal Tax: Special Expatriate Tax Regime in Portugal Allows 20% Flat Tax Rate
IRS Video Series Help Exempt Organizations Understand New Form 990 Requirements
UK Vat Rate: UK Vat Rate Increases Beginning 1 January 2022
TIGTA Final Audit Report about IRS Whistleblower Program
Social Security Tax: No Social Security Tax on Share and Stock Awards in Portugal Beginning 2010
Czech Income Tax: Flat Income Tax Continues in the  in 2010
22nd Annual International Tax Conference
European Commission Suggests Loosening of European Union Prospectus Directive Requirements
Uruguay Tax: Deducting Foreign Expenses Gets Harder for Taxpayers in Uruguay
Luxembourg Tax: Donation Tax Deduction Regulation Changed in Luxembourg
UK Stamp Duty: European Court of Justice Decides U.K. Levies Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Illegally
Czech Tax: Czech Corporate Tax Rate Reducing in 2010
IRS Tax: IRS Reminds Taxpayers have New Car Sales Tax Deduction and Excise Tax Deduction Until the End of 2009
Czech Republic VAT: Czech VAT Rates May Change
Lithuania Tax: Withholding Tax on Interest Payments Revised in Lithuania
Wisconsin Tax: Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Now Applies to Digital Goods
U.S. Businesses that will Request Work Opportunity Tax Credit Certification now have October 17 as the Deadline
The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Report About IRS Manual Tax Returns
Business Net Receipts Tax: A New California Tax Proposal: Business Net Receipts Tax
Commercial Activity Tax: Supreme Court of Ohio Announces Commercial Activity Tax is Constitutional
Virginia tax: Virginia State Offers a Tax Amnesty to Individuals that Have not Paid Taxes
City Business & Occupation Tax on Limited Partnership Trademark Royalty Income Violates Due Process
Norway Tax: Change in Norway Tax Law about Taxation of Dividends and Taxation of Capital Gains
Peru Tax: Peru VAT at 19% Will Continue in 2010
Deficiencies Exist in the Control and Timely Resolution of Whistleblower Claims
SEC Publishes 2010-2015 Draft Strategic Plan for Public Comment  to news
The transfer pricing effects of implementing IFRS in the United States
India Tax: India's proposed Direct Tax Code 2009 includes sweeping transfer pricing changes
OECD issues draft of revised transfer pricing guidelines chapters
oDenmark Tax: Denmark issues guidelines on IP valuation
Vietnam Tax: Vietnam reveals use of secret comparables to make deemed Tax adjustments
Korean Tax: Korean National Tax Services releases second APA annual report
Vietnamese Tax: Transfer pricing adjustments in tax holiday years can result in Vietnamese corporate tax liability
Belgium Tax: Belgium introduces new reporting obligations for non-arm's length transactions and offbalance sheet arrangements
US Tax: Senate taxwriters approve comprehensive health care bill
New Video Series Helps Exempt Organizations Understand Redesigned Form 990 Requirements
Taxpayers Claiming Unsubstantiated Vehicle Donations Avoid Paying Taxes
Procedures to Address Noncompliance With the Reporting Requirements for Contributions of Motor Vehicles Continue to be Inadequate
IRS: Problem Corrected for Third Quarter Processing
Tax Benefits for Businesses Who Have Employees with Disabilities
Oct. 17 is Last Day for Businesses to Request Tax Credit Certification for Some New Hires
IRS Tax: IRS Notice 2009-69
Work Opportunity Credit
Check out the NEW Tax Toolkit!
The Taxpayer Advocate Service is Your Voice at the IRS!
Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP)
What Is Systemic Advocacy?
Tax Relief: Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas
Innocent Spouse Questions & Answers
Taxpayer Advocate Service Systemic Advocacy FAQ
National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers FY 2010 Objectives Report to Congress!
Taxpayer Advocate: Evolution of the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate
Taxpayers Have Until Oct. 15 to File Extended 2008 Tax Returns; Offshore Voluntary Disclosures Also Due
TIGTA Releases Audit of IRS's Use of Accuracy Related Penalties
TIGTA's Review of IRS Premium-Class Travel Reveals Some Was Unauthorized
Individual Filers - Last Day to e-file Form 1040 and ETD Returns
Additional Managerial Involvement is Needed to Promote Consistent Use of Accuracy-Related Penalties
Controls Over the Use of Premium Class Travel are Generally Effective, But Did Not Detect Some Employees Traveling Without Proper Authorization
Barry Walters Named Chief Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Officer
IRS Tax: IRS Notice 2009-85
The 2009 Filing Season Was Successful Despite Significant Challenges Presented By The Passage Of New Tax Legislation
Inflation Having Little Effect on Tax Rates and Benefits in 2010
IRS Announces Pension Plan Limitations for 2010
State income tax issues and consequences of the Obama administration's proposed international tax revisions
Multistate Tax Alerts: Potential state income tax impact of Obama administration's proposed international tax law changes
Louisiana Tax: Louisiana Tax amnesty program expires on October 31
Pennsylvania Tax: New law enacts Pennsylvania Tax amnesty program that begins on April 26, 2022 and ends on June 18, 2021


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