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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Prolongs the Deadline for Disclosing Hidden Offshore Accounts
United States Tax: United States Tax Court Ruled Interchange Income is Properly Treated as Original Issue Discount (OID)
Namibia Tax: New Tax Rates for Individuals in Namibia
IRS Tax Credits: Education Tax Benefits Announced by the IRS
New Zealand Tax: Abolition of Foreign Dividend Payment (FDP) Regime in New Zealand
HMRC Tax: Change on HMRC Tax Code about Acquisition of Own Shares of a Company
Belarus tax: New Tax Incentives for Investments in Belarus
New Tax Treaty between Austria and Turkey
Spain Tax: Supreme Court of Spain Explains Personal Income Tax (PIT) Regulations about Stock Option Awards
Switzerland - Norway Tax Treaty Reduces Ownership Level for Exemption
New Direct Tax Code of India Offered to Public
Amendment of Russia - Germany Tax Treaty
North Carolina Tax: North Carolina Department of Revenue Announced New Sales and Use Tax Rates for 2009 and 2010
Macedonia - Estonia Tax Treaty
North Carolina Tax: Legislative Changes in North Carolina Tax
A new Tax Treaty between Serbia and Malta
Nebraska Tax: Nebraska Department of Revenue Public Release About Nebraska Tax Incentives and the E-Verify System
New Tax Treaty: Bulgaria - Austria
Change in Switzerland - Mexico Tax Treaty
Switzerland - Finland Tax Treaty Amended
Mauritius Tax: Will the Mauritius route be blocked after India's new draft Direct Taxes Code?
Canada Tax: Update on TIEA negotiations
France Tax: Reform of France business tax underway
Iceland Tax: Iceland Tax changes approved
India Tax: Tribunal rules on benefits under Mauritius treaty
Malawi Tax: Transfer pricing and turnover tax rules introduced
Nigeria Tax: Lagos introduces Hotel Occupancy tax and Restaurant Consumption Tax Law
Russia Tax: MOF clarifies PE issue under tax treaty with U.S.
Turkey Tax: Tax Authorities issue guidance on MAP
British Columbia provincial sales tax
Croatia Tax: R&D tax incentive
Lithuania VAT: Lithuania VAT rate increase
United Kingdom VAT: UK VAT exemption for transactions related to aircraft
Illinois Income / Franchise Tax: New laws make select changes to definition of captive REIT and address sourcing of broadcasting services for sales factor purposes
Kentucky Income / Franchise Tax: State high court upholds validity of retroactive ban on unitary filing refund claims
Oregon Income / Franchise Tax: Amended rules address intercompany expense addback requirement & unitary businesses
Massachusetts Sales / Use Tax: State high court says New Hampshire retailers don't have to collect Massachusetts Use Tax
Congress faces extensive to-do list as legislative session enters home stretch
Revenue procedure raises immediate considerations for automatic method changes
Baucus circulates health care reform proposal
Azerbaijan Tax: 2010 changes to Azerbaijan Tax Code
Brazil Tax: Rules for transfer of Brazilian employees abroad amended
Germany Tax: Court adopts stricter interpretation of compensation payments
India Tax: AAR rules on tax treatment of centralized expenses incurred by foreign company
India tax: ITAT rules on deduction of salaries paid by foreign company
Russia Tax: Unified Social Tax overhauled
Australian Tax: Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released its Annual Compliance Program
Czech Republic VAT: Czech VAT Act
Thai Tax: The Thai Revenue Department rules
United States Tax: Internal Revenue Service issued corrections
Finland Tax: Finland Tax authorities scrutinizing foreign dividend recipients
Taiwan Tax: MOF clarifies scope of Taiwan-source income
Australia Tax: Australian Tax Office (ATO) Compliance Program 2009-10
European Union Tax: New European social security legislation delayed until 1 May 2022
Luxembourg Tax: Local and international developments in Luxembourg personal taxation and Luxembourg social security
United Kingdom Tax: Senior accounting officer sign-off for employment tax and mobility taxes
India Tax: Finance Act 2009 receives final approval - Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) abolished and income taxation on equity awards reinstated
California Tax: California Court of Appeal publishes its decision invalidating the State's section 24402 dividends received deduction
Wisconsin Tax: Wisconsin adopts budget bill containing changes to combined reporting and other significant tax law revisions
Connecticut Tax Amnesty: New law establishes settlement initiative program than runs from October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021
Connecticut Income / Franchise Tax: New law imposes economic nexus, 10% corporate surcharge, IRC ยง199 decoupling
Texas Sales / Use Tax: Retailer's software transfer to out-of-state franchisees qualifies for sale exemption
Baucus moving forward with Finance Committee health care markup
IRS releases flurry of employee benefits guidance
Appeals court defines application of section 1031(f)(4) to related-party exchanges


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