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Alaska Tax: Summary of Changes, Proposed 15 AAC 55.280 as Discussed March 17 to July 28, 2021 Public Workshops
Alaska Tax: Workshop Announcement - Proposed 15 AAC 55.280, Reimbursements Under AS 43.55.170, July 28, 2021
Alaska Tax: Workshop Draft - Proposed 15 AAC 55.280, Reimbursements Under AS 43.55.170
Alaska Motor Fuel Tax: Reinstatement of Alaska State Motor Fuel Tax on September 1, 2021
Arizona Tax: Your Rights As a Business Taxpayer in the Audit Process
Taxes in Arizona: The Law and Your Taxes in Arizona
Restaurant & Bars - Arizona Tax
Personal Property Rentals - Arizona Tax
Arizona Excise Tax
California Tax: Enterprise Zone - Nonprofits May be Allowed Net Interest Deduction
California Tax Credit for New Home Purchase Update
California Tax Return: Tax Return Volunteers Wanted!
Delaware Tax: When You Have Not Paid Enough Tax
California Tax: Update Your Client's Address When They Move Out of State
Delaware Tax: Making Arrangements to Pay Your Tax Bill
California Tax Education Council (CTEC) Decides Against Fee Increase
California Tax: Audit / Protest / Appeals
California Tax: Failure to Withhold Makes You Liable
Florida Tax: Partial Payment of Taxes
California Tax: Rate Increase for Withhold at Source
California Tax: Foreclosure and Short Sales
Converting a California LLC to a Corporation
California Taxpayer Advocate: Where's Our Advocate?
Delaware Tax: Revocation of Business License / Bankruptcy
California Tax: Head of Household Audit  Questionnaires Coming in July
Delaware Tax: Trust Fund Recovery By 100% Penalty Assessment
California Tax: Former Cedars-Sinai Employee Sentenced on Grand Theft, State Income Tax Charges
Hawaii Tax: Tax Return Preparer Sentenced In Tax Case
California Tax: Big Business - Ponzi Scheme Losses and Amended Returns
Florida Property Tax: General List of Florida Property Tax Exemptions
California Gas Use Down 2.5%, Diesel Drops 8.4%
Hawaii Tax: Hawaii Department of Taxation Creates Special Enforcement Section With Emphasis On Cash Economy
California Tax: Board of Equalization Announces CARS Rebate Not Subject to Sales and Use Tax
Tax Payment: California Board of Equalization Accepting IOUs for Payment of Taxes
Florida Property Tax: Additional Tax Notice Required
Florida Tax: Exemption for Educational Institutions to Operate Retroactively
Florida Property Tax Oversight: Cost of Electronic Tax Deed Sales
California State Board of Equalization Extends Call Center Hours July 13-31
Colorado Tax Rates: July 1 Colorado Sales Tax Rate Changes
Florida Tax: Report Tax Violations
Florida Taxpayer's Bill of Rights


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