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TAX NEWS - May 2009

Alaska Tax: Notice Regarding Suspension of the Revised Economic Monthly Information Report posted May 4 and Second Revision posted May 14, 2022
Alaska Tax: Revision to Monthly Information Report Form
Alaska Tax: Announcement Regarding Revised Economic Montly Information Report
Arizona Tax: Tax Collections Process
Innocent Spouse - Arizona Tax
Arizona Personal Property Tax
Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal Systems - Residential Property
Utilities & Telecommunications - Arizona
California Film credit: Does Your Client Qualify for the New Film Credit?
California Public Records Act Increases Transparency
California Tax: FTB Offers Tax Guidance for Ponzi Scheme Victims
Hawaii Tax: Transient Accommodations Tax Increases July 1, 2021 and Again on July 1, 2021
Hawaii Tax: Hawaii Department of Taxation Announces Tax fresh Start Program
Idaho Tax: If assessed home values drop, will property taxes do the same?
Hawaii Tax: State Tax department to Hold Tax Practitioners' Forum
Hawaii Tax: Hawaii Department Of Taxation Warns of Telephone Scam Regarding State of Hawai'i Tax Refunds
Hawaii Tax - Correction: Rodney Villanueva Tax Complaint
Delaware Tax: Former Newark Resident Sentenced For Filing False State Tax Returns
Delaware Tax: Dover Man Pleads Guilty to Tax Charge and Financial Exploitation of an Infirm Adult
California Tax: A Quick Reference for Small Business Owners
California Tax: Mandatory e-pay
California Tax: Federal/State Conformity
How is Property Assessed in the State of Georgia?
How Timber is Assessed - State of Georgia
Where Do County Tax Dollars Go? - State of Georgia Tax
Property Tax Rate in Georgia
Taxation of Mobile Homes - Georgia Tax
California Tax: FTB Offers Alternative to American Indian Tribes Submitting Per Capita Income Withholding
California Small Business Tax: New Due Date for Paying Estimated Fee for Limited Liability Companies
California Tax: FTB Tax Statistics Now Available on the Web
California Tax: FTB Purges Records
What is Conservation Use Assessment? - State of Georgia Tax
Frequently Asked Questions About Real Property Tax in Georgia
How to Appeal a Property Tax Assessment in Georgia
Georgia Property Tax: When are Georgia Property Tax Returns Due?
Duties of County Tax Officials - State of Georgia Tax
California Tax: Inland Empire Tax Preparer Sentenced for Filing False State Income Tax Returns
California Tax: Large Corporate Understatement Penalty Payments and Amended Returns for the 2003-2007 Taxable Years
California Tax: State Board of Equalization Updates List of California's Top Sales Tax Debtorsx
California's Gasoline and Diesel Consumption Continues Decline
California Tax: Values Set for Utility Properties for 2009
California Sales Tax: Board of Equalization Announces Reduction in Sales Tax Payments to Local Governments
State of Georgia Tax - Forest Land Conservation Use Tax
Property Tax Refunds - State of Georgia Tax
Georgia Franchise Tax
Taxation of Public Utilities - State of Georgia Taxation
Taxation of Financial Institutions - State of Georgia Taxation
California Tax: Bill Leonard Sponsors Free Tax Seminar for Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations on May 19th in Elk Grove
California State Board of Equalization Launches New Website
Business Permits: California State Board of Equalization Specialists Verify Business Permits
California Tax Relief: Emergency Tax Relief Available to Taxpayers Affected by Jesusita Wildfire in Santa Barbara County
Michelle Steel Sponsors Small Business Fair on May 12th in Huntington Beach


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