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TAX NEWS - January 2009

Alaska Tax: How to Access Audio Recording for Lease Expenditure & Overhead Public Hearing
Arizona Tobacco Tax
Alaska Tax: Agenda for January 27, 2022 Transportation Workshop
Alaska Tax: Discussion Topic for 1/27/09 Transportation Workshop - Determining How to Apply Lower of Actual or Reasonable Costs
Delaware Tax: Offer In Compromise
Alaska Tax: Supplemental Announcement Transportation Workshop
Alaska Tax: Supplemental Topic Transportation Workshop Proposed Definition of "affiliated" AS 43.55.150(b)
Business Tax / Manufacturing Tax / Sales Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Tax
Tax news
Food Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Tax
Contractors Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Tax
IFTA Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Tax
Motor Fuel Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Tax
Alaska Tax: Supplemental And Corrected Notice - Lease Expenditures & Overhead Public Hearing Comment Period Extended from February 4 to February 23, 2022 and Corrected Call-in Number for Teleconference
Alaska Tax: Workshop Cancellation - January 20 & 27 Revised Electronic Submission Process and Format of Monthly Information Reporting Form
Alaska Tax: Transportation Costs Workshop - Tuesday, January 27, 2022
Tax Exempt Food - Arizona Tax
Electronic Funds Transfer - Arizona Tax
Credit for Employment of Recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
California Use Tax: Remember to ask your clients about Use Tax. They may owe on out-of-State purchases
Joint Income Tax Return: Information for Married Individuals or Civil Union Partners Who Are Both Employed and File a Joint Connecticut Income Tax Return
California Tax: CSEA Annual State Agencies Liaison Meeting in Sacramento
Hawaii Tax: Former Honolulu police Officer Sentemced for State Tax Crimes
California recordkeeping: Record keeping requirements
Delaware Tax: Retail Tire License And Scrap Tire Fee
California Tax: Third party designee
Connecticut Tax: 2009 Legislative Changes Affecting the Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax
California Business: Changes for California Businesses
Estate Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Taxes
Tax Exempt Organizations Tax FAQ - State of Georgia Taxes
Sales Tax Contractors - State of Georgia Tax
Contractor Requirements - State of Georgia Tax
Contractor Process - State of Georgia Tax
California Tax: Guidelines for claiming head of household
Delaware Tax: Delaware 1099Gs Contain New Account Numbers and Increased Security
California Tax: Limited-Term 2008 Nonresident Withholding Incentive Program
Property Exempt From Taxation - State of Georgia Taxation
Homestead Exemption - State of Georgia Tax
Georgia Tax Exemption: Freeport Exemption
California Tax: Inside FTB
Delaware Tax: Federal Economic Stimulus Payment
California Tax: Package X discontinued - second notification
California Tax: Criminal Corner
Sherman Oaks Attorney and five others charged with defrauding car insurers
Betty T. Yee Named Chairwoman of the State Board of Equalization
California Board of Equalization Encourages Taxpayers to Participate in Voluntary Disclosure Program
Property Tax Deferrals - State of Georgia Property Tax
Other Personal Property Tax Exemptions - State of Georgia Property Tax
California State Board of Equalization Extends Call Center Hours in January
Sales Tax Contractors - State of Georgia Sales Tax
Atlanta Tax: 1% City of Atlanta Municipal Option Sales Tax
Georgia Sales Tax: How to Comply with the Sales Tax Reductions on Eligible Food and Beverage
Top Ten Sales and Use Tax Filing Errors - State of Georgia Tax
Sales Tax Credit: Procedures for Approved Credit Memorandums - Georgia Tax


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