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Transcript for 2009 Small Business Tax Calendar

Hello, I'm Portia Bingham and I'm talking with Phyllis Grimes about the IRS's 2009 tax calendar.

Phyllis, what's the best thing about the IRS's tax calendar?

Our 2009 tax calendar has many wonderful features.

But I'd have to say the best thing is all the business tax information it provides, and puts within easy reach of our customers.

And it's FREE.

That's terrific.

Who specifically is the calendar for, and what does it contain?

It's designed especially for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

It has reminders about federal tax deadlines, information on tax changes, tips for small business owners and a lot more.

There's even space to add state tax dates, appointments and other notes or reminders.

What's the format?

Does it sit on a desk or hang on the wall?

It's available both online and as a 12-month printed wall calendar.

For each month, the calendar shows the days of the month in typical format, but with important federal tax dates already filled in.

Each page has a different tax topic focused on the unique needs of small businesses.

For example, January's topic is "setting up," with information about choosing a tax professional, deciding on a business structure, and getting an Employer Identification Number.

February is about "finding the best fit" -- choosing an accounting method, and determining whether to operate on a calendar year or a fiscal year.

You said it was free -- but is it attractive?

As a small business person, would I want it on MY wall, visible to my customers?

You'll think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.

I think it's a true work of art.

Seriously, it's not only informative, it is a very attractive, well-done product, with illustrations, quotes -- and a surprising bit of humor.

A Spanish version is also available.

How do you order the 2009 calendar?

You can order directly from our Web site.

Go to and type "tax calendar" in the search box.

Then look for the search result that says "Publication 1518." That's the calendar's identifying number.

You can order a copy OR download the pdf file and print it yourself.

The Web page also contains options for downloading the tax due dates and actions, and importing them into an electronic calendar.

There's a link to a survey on that page, as well, to send us feedback.

We'd really like to know what business owners think of the calendar.

Thank you, Phyllis.

I've been talking with Phyllis Grimes of the IRS.

This is Portia Bingham.

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