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This is Jean Wetzler. I'm talking with Monica Baker about Audit Techniques Guides.

Monica, business taxpayers probably wonder what the IRS looks for when auditing a tax return in their industry. Can you give us some insight?
Certainly. The IRS has developed Audit Techniques Guides - we call them ATGs - to help our employees audit specific industries.

ATGs provide guidance for IRS employees. And they're also useful to small business owners and the tax professionals who prepare their returns.

What purpose does this guidance serve?

Our employees examine a variety of ever-changing industries. Audit Techniques Guides explain industry-specific examination techniques.

The guides bring examiners up to speed on common, as well as unique, industry issues, business practices, and terminology.

Why are ATGs important?

ATGs are a great resource for auditors, taxpayers and tax professionals. The ATG helps the IRS examiner prepare for the audit, providing insight into issues and accounting methods unique to the industry. And it can do the same thing for the business taxpayer and the tax professional.

Is there anything new with ATGs?

Yes. We've been working on updating existing ATGs, retiring those we don't need, and creating new ones as new industries develop. We've updated several ATGs, including guides for Child Care Providers, Retail, and Construction and we're working on many others.

With the new Construction ATG, we consolidated several construction-related guides into an all-inclusive one, which should assist both our employees and the public when researching this industry.

And finally, what should small business owners know about ATGs?

Anyone can find them on Just enter ATG in the search box.

ATGs are a great source of information for a small business owner who wants to do the right thing when it comes to business taxes. Even if you have a tax professional handing your taxes, you need to know your tax responsibilities.

Thanks, Monica. I've been talking with Monica Baker of the IRS.  This is Jean Wetzler.

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