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TAX NEWS - may 2010

Make Life Less Taxing

Now is the time to get your files organized for next year's taxes, so you get every deduction to which you're entitled.

You can save time, trouble, maybe even money next year if you heed a few hints about tackling your taxes right now.

- Contribute to retirement savings plans. This can lower your taxes now and for years to come.

- Buy a home. You can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes.

- Give to charity-and get a receipt. Clothes and furniture donations are deductible as well as cash contributions; the cost of traveling to volunteer may be also.

- Organize your finances. One thing that can help is a Dome Tax Deductions File with schedules on which you can record all your tax-deductible items and convenient file pockets where you can preserve all bills and receipts. If you have rental income, you can use the Dome Rental Property File to track income and expenses.
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