Deloitte's Financial Reporting for Taxes 2010

Professionals continue to face significant challenges in financial accounting and reporting for income taxes. Deloitte's 2010 training program can help you stay informed. Five-day sessions are set for June 21-25 in the New York City area (Greenwich), and December 6-10 in Phoenix. Course offerings are designed for clients and corporate guests of Deloitte. In 2009, almost 900 professionals from 400 companies attended our Financial Accounting & Reporting - Income Taxes training sessions with many more finance professionals joining tax professionals.

As we kick off our fifth year, Deloitte is offering updated versions of their Just the Basics and Now for the Advanced sessions, plus three options for our Friday sessions, ending at 3:00 pm, to include International Tax Basics, International Tax Advanced, and Provision Processes.

Deloitte Now for the Advanced session will have more problems/case studies and, new this year, breakout sessions on Day 2 where participants select specific topics that will be discussed in greater details in smaller interactive groups. Deloitte continues to offer a discussion-based format as opposed to "lecture", using more examples, case studies, and "stories from the field."

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