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TAX NEWS - January 2010

Man Charged With Making a Threat in Interstate Commerce and Interfering With the Administration of Internal Revenue Laws

On December 16, 2009, in Utah, Michael Wight was charged with making a threat in interstate commerce and interfering with the administration of Internal Revenue laws.

Wight controls a MySpace page that clearly bears his photograph, confirmed using public record databases, holding a firearm. The MySpace page also contained another photograph showing a number of firearms lying on a bed. Underneath the photograph of the firearms lying on the bed was written " ... I also dedicate this to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE ACS Collection Manager [name deleted... ]...who steals My money every Month for the last 2 1/2 years I got Your Vengance [sic] and Justice Coming to You all with My Guns...These Guns and others like them will Insure Your Death and the return of Freedom in America! ..." The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) confirmed that the person named in Wight's posted MySpace threat is a real person employed by the IRS.
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