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California tax: 540NR Booklet Mass Mailing Discontinued

We decided to discontinue the mass mailing of our Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax Booklet California 540NR directly to taxpayers. Our decision to discontinue this service is due to the decreased use of this booklet, our efforts to cut government spending, as well as our commitment to the environment. This effort will affect approximately 340,000 nonresident taxpayers with a cost savings to the State of $259,000. On January 1, 2010, we will mail a letter to explain this change and encourage these taxpayers to e-file instead of mailing a paper tax return.

Advantages of e-filing your tax returns are:

- Secure online transmission.
- Quick confirmation of our receipt of your tax return.
- Current software with up-to-date tax law.
- Personal paper copy for your files.
- Fast refund with direct deposit.

For more e-file information, go to and search for efile options. You can also find other online services such as the status of your e-file tax return, MyFTB Account, and Check Your Refund Status.
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