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califonia tax: california State Board of Equalization Updates List of California's Top 250 Sales Tax Debtors

The State Board of Equalization (BOE) today updated its list of California's largest unpaid sales and use tax delinquencies at The BOE replaced 24 names on its list of debtors. Those added to the list have delinquencies totaling $27 million in sales tax owed.

Since January 1, 2007, the BOE is mandated by state law to post a list of the largest 250 tax delinquencies of more than $100,000 in tax after notifying the debtors that their tax liabilities will be disclosed to the public. The taxpayers to be listed are notified 30 days before their information is posted.

Since the inception of this program, 19 taxpayers, whose account balances represent a total of $17 million in sales and use tax, have come forward to take care of their debts: 13 through payment agreements and six by making payments in full. The list, updated quarterly, currently includes debtors with $288.5 million in tax liabilities. Tax liabilities under appeal, litigation, or bankruptcy proceedings are not included.

Below is a list of the 24 newly added businesses with the largest sales and use tax delinquencies. View the BOE's list of the largest California sales and use tax delinquencies here:

Registered Business Name                            Doing Business (DBA)                                City / State                           Amount Owed
SPECIALTY AUTO SALES, INC.                                                                                     SHERMAN OAKS CA               $2,855,115.92
SAGA ENTERPRISES INC.                             UNITED AUTO CENTER                               ORANGE CA                          $2,384,354.20
MANOUCHEHR SAGART                               UNITED AUTO CENTER                               LA MESA CA                          $2,384,354.20
THE AUTO STORE OF MERCED INC.              OWN A CAR                                              MODESTO CA                        $1,818,845.05
JESUS M LEYVA                                          CHIVAS CAR SALES                                   NORTH HILLS CA                    $1,681,006.20
RAFAEL FIGUEREDO JR.                                                                                              PACOIMA CA                          $1,579,909.94
WEST COAST AUTO GROUP, INC                  WEST COAST MOTORS                             RICHMOND CA                       $1,514,018.05
APTIX CORPORATION                                                                                                 SUNNYVALE CA                      $1,482,340.91
CARL RICHARD GREWE                                                                                               CAPISTRANO BEACH CA          $1,207,309.71
AMS NEVE INC                                                                                                           NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA          $1,179,416.18
PAUL JOSEPH HIBLER                                                                                                  LOS ANGELES CA                      $949,551.29
ALI SHAHRYARINEJAD                                                                                                 WOODLAND HILLS CA                $856,674.20
JMG RESTAURANT II LLC.                                                                                            ALBERTSON NY                         $772,973.73
MICHAEL E PEPPEL                                                                                                      CENTERVILLE OH                      $771,945.04
B C OIL VENTURES LLC                                                                                               CORONA CA                              $760,666.85
FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT INC.              JACK IN THE BOX                                       ROSEVILLE CA                           $700,597.21
INTERSTATE CAR SPAS                              BUTTERFIELD RANCH CHEVRON                  LAKE FOREST CA                       $640,915.84
ABDALLAH E BEZAN                                     SAHARA MOTORS                                     RIVERSIDE CA                           $581,020.10
NICKOLAS VUKASOVICH                              ARCHITECTURAL CASEWORKS                   SAN RAMON CA                         $547,523.02
QIAGEN OPERON, INC.                                                                                                ALAMEDA CA                            $541,886.13
UNION SIX CORPORATION                          FUDDRUCKERS RESTAURANT                      UNION CITY CA                         $519,336.32
MICHAEL KORMAN                                                                                                      MODESTO CA                           $510,847.51
GOLDEN BIRD INC.                                                                                                      LOS ANGELES CA                      $506,079.79
GO SKATE SURF & SPORTS, INC.                 GO SKATE                                                 SAN JOSE CA                           $467,101.97

TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                 $27,213,789.36

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