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Hawaii Tax: Delinquent Taxpayers Names to be Posted on the Internet

As part of the state's continuing efforts to ensure all Hawai'i taxpayers pay their fair share and comply with state tax laws, the state Department of Taxation will begin posting a list of individuals and businesses with delinquent tax balances on its website.

Delinquent taxpayers (individuals and businesses) will be notified by mail that their name and outstanding tax balance will be posted on the Tax Department's website if they do not settle their tax liability. To avoid appearing on the website or to be removed from the website, taxpayers are required to either pay the tax liability in full or negotiate an installment plan agreement. Taxpayers who file for bankruptcy protection will not be listed on the website. The list will be refreshed periodically.

Last month, the Department of Taxation sent letters to 41 delinquent taxpayers notifying them of this new policy. In all of these cases, the tax department has been attempting to collect the outstanding balances and has provided the delinquent taxpayers with numerous prior notifications. As a result of receiving the letter, two of the taxpayers made a down payment and initiated a payment plan, one taxpayer filed for bankruptcy, and one taxpayer's CPA contacted the department to discuss options. The names of these taxpayers will not be publicly listed. Starting at 4:30 p.m. April 24, 2022 the list of delinquent taxpayers may be viewed at

For more information contact:

Sandi Yahiro
Deputy Director of Taxation

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