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Most Common Tax Filing Errors - State of Georgia tax

The purpose of this list is to inform Georgia taxpayers of common mistakes that cause delays in processing their tax returns. This list was compiled based on errors encountered during the past tax filing seasons. Adherence to these items could reduce requests for corrected or additional information. We hope you find them useful.

- Using staples. Please do not staple your check and W2s to the tax return. This could cause delays and damage to documents.

- Using the incorrect mailing envelope or address.

- When mailing coupons, sending the entire page instead of cutting along dotted line as indicated.

- When using tax preparation software, overriding software warnings and mailing in invalid tax forms.

- Making hand-written changes to pre-printed dates on coupons.

- Not updating tax preparation software.

- Making hand-written changes to 2D barcode tax returns- the 2D Barcode contains all the information printed on your return. The information received from the 2D Barcode is processed, not the hand-written changes. Please use your software to make any changes to your 2D return and print the new 2D return that will reflect the changes .

- Not using the current tax form for the tax period indicated- you can obtain Georgia tax forms for the current and previous tax years at or order it by contacting the Tax Forms Section at .

- Not using a laser printer to print tax returns- poor print quality causes problems with the tax return processing accurately

- Using inappropriate colors when filling out your tax return. Type or use blue or black ink only.

- SENDING YOUR RETURN CERTIFIED MAIL. This will cause processing delays.

Note: Please use the latest version of all tax-preparation software. This can usually be received by going to the software company's website.

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