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TAX NEWS - 2010

International Tax Lawyers

Income tax is tax paid by individuals on the amount of salary or profit earned and is applicable if the salary of the individual is above a minimum specified limit prescribed by the income tax department. The income calculated for this purpose is normally the money earned within the limits and borders of the United States. However, income tax does not cover the income generated outside the borders of the country. A different kind of tax law is applicable for this kind of income.

The international tax law is applicable for citizens of USA who earn income outside the country. Mostly people working in multinational organizations and those living and having property, assets and businesses abroad qualify in this bracket. International tax lawyers specialize in the field of international tax law and guide their clients regarding the various legal exemptions and credits that they are applicable for. Many citizens risk committing tax frauds inadvertently by being unaware of these intricacies of the tax law. International tax lawyers can help in such situations and secure their clients from all kinds of financial insecurities related to international tax.

International tax lawyers not only help individuals but also many foreign-based American business firms on issues regarding joint ventures, mergers, leases, expansions and contracts of their companies. International tax lawyers help in the careful structuring of various businesses from a tax saving point of view and often negotiate on tax agreements between the US and other countries. International tax lawyers also deal with a lot of other issues such as foreign estate laws, custom duty, income tax laws and transfer pricing on tax.

Non-resident US citizens are eligible for certain tax exemptions under the rather complicated tax laws in this country. They can avoid paying double tax in the form of income tax and property tax to the authorities in the country of residence as well as to the IRS. International attorneys represent their clients, who have been wrongly charged with tax fraud in the country courts as well as abroad.

It's essential for people living and earning abroad to engage the services of a qualified international tax lawyer, as this will save them from many legal hassles.
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