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TAX NEWS - 2010

Income Tax Lawyers

Income tax is payable by any individual who earns more than a specific sum of money as salary or profit. It is liable only to people earning above a certain minimum limit and people earning less than that are exempted from paying any kind of income tax.

Income tax lawyers specialize in computation of income tax and deal with various issues pertaining to standard tax deductions and rebates applicable to individual taxpayers. Every taxpayer has to file income tax returns at the end of a financial year and pay the income tax applicable to them. Income tax returns help taxpayers check whether they have paid the right amount of income tax and maintain a record of it.

An income tax lawyer helps and guides individuals by suggesting the proper method of tax planning so that they are not charged with the offense of tax evasion. In case of criminal proceedings that might occur against an individual or company, these attorneys take over the responsibility and fight on behalf of their clients. In some cases, taxpayers inadvertently pay excess tax than they are liable to pay as a result of faulty or wrong tax calculations done by them. Income tax lawyers can help such clients claim refund against the excess tax payment made by them.

Many people have no idea of how income tax laws could help them save money as well as benefit from various tax exemptions, rebates and other advantages that they are eligible for. An income tax lawyer helps them understand and take advantage of the various schemes and plans. For instance, senior citizens are eligible for some special benefits and can claim exemptions on income tax payment.

Certain self employed professionals such as freelancers, contractors, and consultants have to pay an additional self-employment tax in addition to their regular income tax. Income tax lawyers handle many such intricacies of income tax law. It is advisable for taxpayers to engage a competent and reputed income tax lawyer and benefit from their services.
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