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Tax debt lawyers

Tax debt lawyers are experts who can help a taxpayer deal with the issue of penalties imposed by the IRS. Penalties are the bane of the taxpayer faced with mounting tax bills. The penalties are a form of punishment and that's exactly what they do - punish taxpayers for failure to pay their tax bill.

Punishing Assessments

It's bad enough to owe the taxes and have to pay interest too. But when the IRS begins assessing penalties, the tax bill seems to grow exponentially. It's somewhat ironic that penalties are intended to punish by costing taxpayers more money, but in the end it's the penalties which make the tax account amount unmanageable.

When you have been trying to reduce a tax bill, the penalty assessment can be downright demoralizing. It's a terrible feeling to make payments and still have to watch your account balance increase instead of decrease. Tax debt lawyers can provide invaluable assistance in this situation by getting the penalties reduces or even eliminated.

Penalties are a severe message from the IRS that non-compliers will have to pay more than those who pay their taxes on time. Tax penalties are also intended to be a warning to others to not avoid paying their taxes. But there are so many penalties imposed now the IRS has come to see them as revenue generators. Since this is an agency judged by its amount of revenue collections, it's easy to see how penalty assessments can get out of hand.

The sad fact is that penalties and interest can cause a tax bill to more than double in amount. When you can't pay the original tax amount in the first place, the additional assessments make the situation almost hopeless. The addition of penalties and interest on tax accounts is one of those issues that gets discussed regularly as a problem, but nothing ever changes. Best thing to do is taking help from a Tax debt lawyer.

Keeping the Faith

Penalties can be abated when you can show your inability to pay taxes was not the result of cheating or tax avoidance. In other words, when you can prove you acted in good faith and ended up owing taxes despite your good faith effort, the penalties can be removed by the IRS. But knowing they can be removed, and actually getting them removed, are two entirely different things.

Tax debt lawyers are expert negotiators that can work with the IRS to prove you did not intend to incur the tax debt. Unlike a tax attorney, you are not expected to be able to understand the complex tax laws. A tax debt lawyer can show the IRS that you acted to the best of your knowledge when you filed your taxes.

Penalties can double or triple a tax bill making the amount impossible to pay. Tax debt lawyers can negotiate with the IRS and have the penalties reduced or removed depending upon your circumstances.
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