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TAX NEWS - 2010

Federal Stimulus Tax Credits Encourage Energy-Saving Replacement Windows

Edison, N.J. -- There has never been a better time to replace the drafty old windows you discovered this winter, with energy-saving upgrades, according to Joe Znyski, owner of Bayside Construction in Edison, NJ.

"You can pay yourself back twice," Znyski says. "Tax credits were raised substantially for 2010; plus you see enormous utility savings with insulating replacement windows."

The Federal economic stimulus act provides a 30% tax credit for energy-efficiency upgrades. This is an increase from 10% last year. Homeowners can recoup up to 00 dollars of the cost of materials.

"It means several if not all of your new windows pay for themselves," Znyski adds.

There is a strong argument for scheduling window replacement before April 1, 2010, when new standards for energy-efficient windows go into effect. Buying soon can avoid new prices beginning in April while still qualifying for the tax credits.

Windows can account for a 30-40% loss of heat and cooling in an average home; eliminating that energy waste greatly reduces heating and air conditioning costs.

Most energy-saving replacement windows are LowE/Argon double or triple glass. In addition, during window replacement any leaks between the window and the wall are corrected.

"On top of the one-time chunk tax repayment for the upgrade, replacement windows immediately begin paying back your investment every month in reduced utility bills", according to Znyski. "As a trusted construction contractor, we feel it's our responsibility to get the word out!"

To do its part to stimulate interest in replacement windows, Bayside Construction is offering a cost-saving special on white double-hung windows, of any size. The deal includes installation, for less than 0 per window.

The contractor also points out that the federal tax credits are available for installation of energy-saving roofs, appliances and plumbing as well.

"I can't imagine why the savvy homeowner wouldn't at least ask for a free estimate," Znyski remarked.
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