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TAX NEWS - 2010

Rhode Island Tax: Cranston to reissue car tax bills

CRANSTON, Rhode Island -- New car tax bills will be sent out, due to an error that affects anyone who owns a registered 1986 to 1992 car, the city announced Thursday.

"The system didn't adjust the depreciation value" of those cars, said Robin Muksian-Schutt, director of administration, which means that anyone who owns a car from model years 1986 to 1992 received a higher tax bill this week than they should have.

New tax bills should be mailed out in two weeks. A new payment due date will be set accordingly, Muksian-Schutt said.

"If a vehicle is not an 86-92, the bill already received is most likely accurate and will reflect the additional amount based on the State elimination of motor vehicle reimbursement," Muksian-Schutt said in a news release. But the city, she said, will mail revised tax bills to all car owners because it's faster to reprint all.

Muksian-Schutt noted that taxpayers may notice a higher increase than just what is owed for the $5,500 exemption that was eliminated this year, because the State Vehicles Commission this year increased the value of used cars.

After new bills are issued, car owners may appeal the assessment to the Assessor's Office.

Property tax bills, also mailed out this week, are accurate, and are due on July 15. No new property-tax bills will be mailed.
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