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TAX NEWS - 2010

Income Tax Filing

Things You Should Know about Income Tax Filing
Income tax filing should never be avoided, even if you expect a refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most people steer away from filing returns due to the complicated and lengthy process. Some people are not even aware of the criteria that put them in the taxable bracket.

Income Tax Filing: Who is it for?

In the US, income tax filing is essential for taxpayers broadly falling under the following four categories:

Individuals who earn income from wages and investments Small businesses and the self-employed Large and mid-size businesses Tax exempt charities and certain government entities

Even if the law does not require you to, you should file your income tax returns to get your money back in the following situations:

Income tax was deducted from your pay You are eligible for EIC (Earned Income Credit) You meet the criteria for additional child tax credit.

Things You Should Know about Income Tax Filing

Here are some things about income tax filing that you should bear in mind:

Ensure that you fill the right income tax forms according to your circumstances. The easiest to fill income tax form is the 1040EZ, while the most complex one is the 1040. In specific situations, you may need other income tax forms. The forms usually mention restrictions, enabling you to identify which form to use for your particular circumstance. You can fill out the tax forms either on paper and mail them or file them electronically. The IRS has a website where you can file your taxes after obtaining a PIN number by giving your personal information. Know the possible income tax deductions in order to lower your tax liability. Tax deductions are of two types:

Standard deduction: This is when the IRS allows you to deduct a flat amount from your taxable income. It is filed on form 1040EZ.

Itemized deduction: If you have a large number of deductions, you can itemize them and fill out form 1040.

Income tax laws change from time to time. So always keep yourself updated on those changes. To ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunity to save money and time, consult a professional. With a little help and guidance, income tax filing can become very simple.

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