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TAX NEWS - 2010

HMRC Tax: HM Revenue & Customs Helpline Complications Have Just Got Worse With Experian Security Checks

The system has always been filled with complications. Callers and form fillers have to provide masses of information to dear old Inland Revenue - income status, declarations and, what always feels as though we continuously report a change of circumstances - all of which have a direct affect on the income and life of families.

Life is an evolving, changing thing and it seems that many people must be spending lots of their time on the phone to the working families & child tax credits helpline. They want to report changes in their circumstances because they play by the rules of HM Revenue & Customs. Is it not surprising, therefore, that callers get that 'urksome' feeling when they have to communicate with this helpline from hell?

Joe Public knows that as soon as they report a 'change of circumstances', for example, tax credits are frozen until the HM Revenue & Customs have 'completed' their investigations. The system, not only makes you feel like a criminal, but can leave families on the bread-line whilst some 'unknown' tax Inspector is rifling through your personal affairs which can take months!

The situation is compounded further by the frustrations from the HM Revenue and Customs Helpline from hell. Why? After you ring 0845 300 3900, if there are too many callers, the automated voice tells you:

'We are sorry that all our operators are busy at the moment. You can access information on the Internet on If you would like to call back later - we are open from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week - we will be happy to assist you then.' At this point you are cut off.

If you do manage to get beyond the above message, you have to go through the various options - you know the sequence - we have all been there at some point! When you have eventurally completed this task, guess what? You get the above message and get cut off.

This helpline from hell really is a 'put off' to people who are just trying to abide by the rules and report what they should. Most people are honest and law abiding citizens who just want to do what is right.
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