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TAX NEWS - 2010

Bottle Tax Resurfacing

Last month, City Council members pushed the beverage container tax to the back of the City's budget, but thanks to AFSCME and the members of Local 44 the beverage container tax is back on the table. AFSCME launched a campaign in support of the Mayors proposed bottle tax about two months ago. The campaign entitled ".4 cents Makes Sense" has been in full force over the radio waves, flooding the local news stations and bombarding the internet.

AFSCME is confident that the .4 cent bottle tax could generate over $11 million dollars to assist in the city budget deficit and raise revenue to benefit the lost of 250 City Jobs.

The revenue packaged approved last Thursday; included $21.65 million in new revenue combined with a package of $23.4 million passed on Monday. This package will generate $41.5 million however the council still faces a deficit. Looking for new ways to generate more revenue the bottle tax resurfaces the desk of city council members. AFSCME union members are working hard to get the bottle tax included in the new budget. If approved the tax could save over 71 jobs in the departments of Public Works and Recreation and Parks.

AFSCME Executive Director Glen Middleton stated "It is a fight to the end; we are not just fighting for more taxes; we are fighting for the livelihoods of our working families."
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