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TAX NEWS - 2010

Australia e-Tax: Come do your taxes at Warnbro Community Library

e-tax 2010 is now available on all public computers at Warnbro Community Library. Come on in and give it a try. Please ask staff to book you on an extended session so you'll have plenty of time to complete your tax return. If you find you are running out of time, you can ask the staff to extend your time. Please do this before your time runs out, for if the computer logs you out, you will lose any unsaved changes.

Library staff do not offer support for e-tax. for information about e-tax, please see the Australian Taxation Office.

If you wish to print off your tax return or any related pages, printing is available at 10ยข a page.

How To Use e-tax

If you wish to use eTax at the local library, you will need:

- Your Tax File Number (TFN). You cannot create your eTax file without your Tax File Number. For technical reasons it is not possible for a return to be lodged online without a TFN.

- All necessary documentation and records for the 2009-10 income year (1 July 2021 to 30 June 2021), including:
     - Tax File Number
     - records of income and expenses
     - a notice of assessment if you wish to lodge online.
     - additional information as required (e-tax will ask you for this when necessary)

- A bit of time. If you think you will take longer than an hour, please notify staff at the time of booking and they will grant you additional time.

Warnbro Community Library strongly recommends you provide a thumb drive or other compatible storage device on which to save your tax file. Please do not keep your tax file on the local computer as this is a public area and the security of your tax file cannot be guaranteed.

When you first create your initial tax file, it will be saved to "My Documents". For your protection, please delete your tax file when you leave the computer.

If you wish to save this file, please save to a thumb drive or email it to yourself.

To Save Your Tax File to a Thumb Drive

Once you have created your tax file (and before you enter any personal information), please save it to your thumb drive by going File -> Save As. Browse to your thumb drive and then click "Save".

Any tax files left in "My Documents" will be regularly purged.

To Email your Tax File to Yourself

If you do not have a thumb drive or other storage medium, you can email your tax file to yourself. (Don't have an email account you can access via the web? Get a free web email account. We recommend Google-based Gmail.)

- Log in to your web-based email.
- Create a new message.
- In the To: line, type in your own email address.
- Click on the Attachments button (it looks like a paper clip).
- Browse to "My Documents" and select your Tax File (if you saved your tax file as "Frank", your tax file will look like "". Select this and click "Attach". Your Tax File will attach to the email message.
- Click "Send" and your tax file will be sent to yourself.


It is your responsibility to lodge a tax return that is complete and correct.

Warnbro Community Library is not responsible for any information you may choose to put in your tax return, neither are they liable for the security of your tax return file used or stored on the public library computers or for the information you transmit over the library's internet connection. If you choose to use e-tax on a library public computer, you assume full responsibility for any and all information you create.

Warnbro Community Library cannot guarantee complete and full access to the library computers nor the internet at all times. Use at your own risk.
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