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TAX NEWS - June 2010

Romania Tax: CSAT advocating single command for combating tax evasion

The creation of a single center for the combat against tax evasion and for modifying the legislation in this filed is one of the main proposals to fight against this crime, reads Romania's National Defence Strategy, which the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) has submitted to Parliament for final approval.

The CSAT document highlights the importance of improving the recovery of damage incurred by illicit actions and also of improving the collection of Government revenues while diminishing the underground economy.

In order to achieve these objectives, CSAT has put forth some measures, including the establishment of a nationwide single centre to combat tax evasion and an integrated information system that will provide interconnection to the databases of the main institutions in charge with preventing and combating tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and contraband.

The strategy also suggests an improvement in the exchange of intelligence between the law enforcement bodies, particularly the Romanian Police, the National Office for the Prevention and Combat of Money Laundering, the National Tax Administration Agency and the Financial Guard, as well as supporting the activities conducted by the Europol in the analytical files related to the fight against intra-Community fraud and fraud in trade with products subjected to excise duties.

At a legislative level, the strategy suggest improving the regulations in the field of surety and bringing the national legislation in line with the European one in the area of assets retrieval so that the recovery of damage incurred by tax evasion may improve.
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