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Indiana Tax: La Porte property tax bills to be sent by Tuesday

LA PORTE — La Porte County Treasurer Nancy Hawkins said she expects her office will have provisional property tax bills for 2009 pay 2010 in the mail by Tuesday.

The first installment will be due on or before July 9, and the second installment will be due by Nov. 10.

The bill will mirror last year's bill for most taxpayers. The only exception will be those taxpayers who have filed a Homestead Deduction since 2006.

Those deductions have been added to the calculation for this provisional bill, so about 2,400 taxpayers will see a reduction on their billing, Hawkins said.

Also, beginning in 2010, state law requires the tax bill mailing to include a form that allows taxpayers to verify their residency and eligibility for the homestead deduction. Each individual, and his/her spouse, if any, claiming the homestead deduction is required to provide both the last five digits of his/her Social Security number and the last five digits of his/her driver's license number. This information will create a secure homestead database that will be used by county auditors to track homesteads statewide and prevent fraud. It also will help reduce taxes by verifying that each taxpayer holds only one homestead deduction, thereby ensuring everyone shares equally in the property tax burden.

This Homestead Verification Form will be printed on pink paper and be included in the tax bill if the owner has previously filed a homestead deduction. It is not necessary for a taxpayer to refile the homestead deduction, but the verification form must be completed at least once by Jan. 1, 2013. If the property is owned jointly, all named owners must provide their information and sign the form. This form is not required to be returned in person. Simply mail it back to the auditor's address provided on the back of the form.

Questions regarding the Homestead Verification Form may be directed to the Auditor's Office at (219) 326-6808, extensions 2480 or 2479.

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