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Pennsylvania Tax: Fourth year of no tax increase for York City Schools

For the fourth year in a row, the York City School Board will vote on a budget containing no tax increase.

The board also will decide whether to move forward with its $8 million Jackson school renovation project.

The vote on the school district's $115 million budget and the school project are scheduled for the board's next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 16.

A vote in favor of the budget means the district would keep its tax rate at 29.54 mills. With this rate, residents with homes assessed at $50,000 would pay close to $1,500 in taxes, according to Jon Boyer, the district's director of business and finance.

This is the fourth year the district has not raised taxes, Boyer said during the board's committee meeting Monday.

About $13 million of the budget comes from grants that have helped the district meet its increasing financial responsibilities while not raising taxes, he said.

Homeowners also are expected to have their taxes decreased by almost $500, as part of the homestead and farmstead real estate tax reductions resulting from the Pennsylvania's gambling tax funds.

The district will receive a property tax reduction allocation of more than $2.9 million generated from the gambling tax funds.

"Every school district in the state will have an improved school budget this year," board member Tom Foust said. "We've been fortunate in not raising taxes. The slot machine money is very beneficial to the (residents) in York City."

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