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Philadelphia tax: Philadelphia tax amnesty program winds down, goal far from being met

Philadelphia tax amnesty program comes to a close later this month. The city has collected less than 25-percent of its goal.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mayor Michael Nutter said officials will go after tax scofflaws who don't take advantage of the program.

Philadelphia's goal is to collect $30-million to help balance the budget. So far only $7-million has come in.

With two and a half weeks left in the program, Mayor Nutter is warning delinquent tax payers that they could be prosecuted.


This is us against them. The us is the ninety some odd percent of people on a regular basis who pay their taxes all the time. The them is the ten percent, the deadbeats. The people who can pay and won't pay.

Philadelphia tax amnesty program forgives penalties and cuts interest in half. The deal ends on June 25.

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