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HMRC: New Customer Co-ordinator role for HMRC Large Business customers

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Large and Complex Division, will introduce the new role of Customer Co-ordinator from June 2010.

Customer Relationship Managers continue to be key in helping HMRC deliver their departmental objectives with their largest business customers, getting the right amount of tax agreed as early as possible. HMRC are now extending that relationship management approach to the remainder of the large business segment. The majority of Large and Complex customers who do not have a Customer Relationship Manager will now be assigned a Customer Co-ordinator.

Customers with a Customer Co-ordinator will have a named point of contact who will have oversight of their issues, direct them towards appropriate specialists and published information, and follow up issues within HMRC to ensure they are concluded within an agreed timeframe. The role of the Customer Co-ordinator is to ensure that the service HMRC provides is both professional and joined up. They will also maintain a single, up to date overview of the customer, their issues and their risks.

Customer Co-ordinators will be sending an introductory letter to their customers by 30 June 2010.

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