Tax News 2011 May

taxLower property values hurt government budgets; $21 million was cut from tax bills in 2011
taxProperty tax overhaul passes through Iowa House amid local, Iowa concerns
taxWhat the Missouri Legislature passed
taxMichigan opens a 45-day window to clear up tax problems
taxSloppy IRD must shape up
taxLloyd Center elects accountant to board of directors
taxSHC nullifies corporate audit by ICAP members
tax3% tax-withholding requirement is postponed
taxBusinessmen reject govt plans to impose wealth tax
taxMeuser brings the message of more revenues, not taxes
taxNo reason to have withholding for pension
tax700,000 tax evaders face action
taxState senator seeks changes to Meadowlands tax pool
taxMissouri lawmakers come up empty on development plan
taxLawmaker says village officials should relax about possible tax shift
taxDivorce misstep after 50 can be catastrophic
taxMichigan Curbs Pension Tax Breaks For Retirees
taxBig Oil Tax Breaks Debate Turns Into Senate Show With Props
taxPortland tax abatements for SoloPower expected to exceed $16.5 million
taxCongressional Research Service confirms closing tax loopholes won’t affect gasoline prices
taxSenate Holds Hearing on Big Oil Tax Breaks
taxEnding Tax Breaks For Big Oil Will Have No Impact On Gas Prices
taxPensioners promise lawsuit over Republican tax plan
taxOil and tax policy: The mix could be better
taxIRS could hit political groups
taxEx-Senator Gets 21-Month Prison Term in Tax Evasion Case
taxTax debate causes rifts among Democrats
taxMCBDD: Renewal of levy is crucial
taxA GOP tax hike?
taxCalifornia's Tax Revolt - In Favor of Higher Rates
tax'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch closes law firm
taxMichiganVotes May 13 Weekly Roll Call Report
taxOfficials predict more Oregon income in next budget
taxA dose of reality for Minnesota's budget
taxBusiness Owner Questions Depth Of Tax Break
taxBusiness tax cut will wipe out rising Michigan revenue, House agency says
taxSnyder says business tax breaks will lead to jobs
taxMontana governor signs business equipment tax bill
taxNew Tax Breaks for Business Autos
taxLegislature Shows Bold Leadership in Repealing Job-Killing Michigan Business Tax, Says Michigan Chamber of Commerce
taxNevada Democrats Propose New Business Tax to Support Human Services
taxBig Business Lobbies for Tax Cuts
tax$690 million in extra tax revenue predicted for Michigan
taxEU to scrutinise French plans to tax holiday homes
taxRaise Revenues
taxClose vote expected on broad Michigan tax proposal
taxLongtime Tax Breaks May Get Booted By The Budget
taxDetroit going after income tax offenders
taxSchool Income Tax Groups Increase Campaign Efforts
taxSen. David Robertson, R-Grand Blanc Twp., on voting against tax plan
taxState income tax deadline is Monday
taxMNCs lower tax burden by swopping domicile
taxMissouri lawmakers end without passing tax credit bill
taxBig Oil's Political Ploy
taxBoehner's unreality check
taxMichigan Approves Bill That Cuts Corporate Taxes By $1.7 Billion, Raises Taxes On Low-Income Families
taxLaw changes corporate tax in Indiana
taxMcCaskill urges end to oil company tax breaks
taxCAT CFO calls for tax reform, says worldwide tax hurts U.S. companies
taxRepealing tax breaks for oil companies is a great idea

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