Tax News 2011 May

taxGOP Tax Cuts Haven’t Caused Jobs Or Wealth To Trickle Down
taxDemocrats See Strategy to End Big Oil Tax Breaks
taxYacht owners want a tax break
taxEnergy producers expect pressure over tax breaks
taxBudget tightens film credits
taxFatah: Israel will backtrack on tax revenue hold
taxMore tax money could be bad news for Jerry Brown
taxThe U.S. Tax Subsidies for Oil Companies
taxDon't close tax loopholes for just Big Oil
taxCarbon tax to hurt more than ETS, warns energy sector
taxWhy are we in debt? Tax cuts, recessions, wars
taxPush to make senior tax break automatic stalls in House
taxBrian Dickerson: Don't call it a tax cut
taxCuomo pushes ethics, tax cap, marriage
taxChina central-bank adviser: Be careful with taxes
taxUnfair Burden
taxAbbott carbon tax campaign boosted by polls
taxHow to handle an IRS audit
taxMost People Make Mistakes When They File Tax Credit
taxTax proposals go over well with Observer online readers
taxTax as a stimulus for renewal and economic growth
taxBusiness groups propose state budget reforms
taxPresumed innocent: Business owners should be
taxQld Party's tax plan a step backwards: industry group
taxGoing Back on the Deal
taxTax holiday to remain until 2013
taxSen. Turner says corporations taking millions in subsidies but not reporting results
taxTax reforms bring acclaim, apprehension
taxObama's tax piracy policy prevents honest debate on who pays how much
taxTwo banks beat TRA in Sh15bn tax cases
taxLodha Group asked to pay Rs 60 crore in taxes
taxGail Kerr: Proposed income tax ban won't help many seniors
taxCITN wants passage of Personal Income Tax Amendment Bill
taxRetirees Can Expect Less In Their Tax Return This Year
taxNo income tax on a reverse mortgage
taxShorewood sending message to Springfield
taxThe flaw in targeted tax cuts
taxBusiness seeks certainty on carbon tax
taxTaking the wrong road to a surplus
taxUncle Sam Considers Per-Mile Gas Tax
taxAmericans shed mortgage debt at record pace
taxGov. Snyder's policies are taking Michigan south
tax$22m corporate tax loop gets second life in D.C.
taxConsumer would pay for Big Oil taxes
taxCorporate tax holiday fans dismiss congressional estimate
taxDoubts grow over mining tax receipts and budget forecasts
taxNo capital gains tax on re-organisation
taxRevenue rebound poses challenge for Brown's budget
taxGingrich says he doesn't have tax problem
taxMultinational firms and transfer pricing
taxOnline isn’t tax free: Amazon fight centers on who collects sales tax
taxUTOPIA hurts, but sales tax drop hurts more
taxCities fight for sales tax dollars
taxTax remittances up 6 percent for year
taxSales tax referendum set for Tuesday
taxCity sales tax extension stumbles at the gate
taxTax hike proposal unveiled
taxPark tax hearing set for Monday
taxWoodland considers tax to pay for road projects
taxPittsgrove Township adopts 2011 municipal budget; holds the line on taxes

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