Tax News 2011 May

taxFBAR Filing Deadline Extended for Certain Financial Professionals
taxIRS Seeking Applications for Volunteer Tax Assistance Program Grants
taxPrepared Remarks of IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman to the Leaders & Legends Series, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Baltimore
taxIRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2011-03: Ten Things You Need to Know About the 2011 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
taxIRS Marks Small Business Week by Showcasing Tools, Resources; Spotlights Tax Benefits Available in 2011
taxIRS: Interest Rates Remain the Same for the Third Quarter of 2011
taxIRS Notice 2011-45
taxIRS Revenue Procedure 2011-35
taxIRS Notice 2011-46
taxIRS Revenue Procedure 2011-34
taxIRS Notice 2011-42
taxIRS Revenue Procedure 2011-32
taxSave Money on the 2011 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
taxTreasury, IRS Seek Public Input on Certain Employer Provisions of the Affordable Care Act
taxIRS Notice 2011-36
taxIRS Seeks Applications for Its Tax Administration Advisory Panel
taxIRS Revenue Procedure 2011-24
taxOECD Model Tax Convention: a discussion draft on tax treaty issues related to the trading of emissions permits
taxAdvanced IBM Technology Yields New Cost-Savings For Taxpayers
taxAustralia Tax: Budget 2011-12 implications for foreign investors
taxChina Tax: Supervision of private equity
taxPeru Tax: New rules allowing election of financial and tax year approved
taxSouth Africa Tax: SARS rules registration of external company will not automatically create PE
taxWorld Tax News
taxTax Treaties: May 2011
taxPotential U.S.-Poland treaty missing from Senate treaty hearing agenda
taxBrazil tax: Thin cap rules clarified
taxAustralia Tax: Reportable tax positions schedule being developed
taxCzech Republic Tax: Amendment to the Investment Incentives Act
taxCzech Republic Tax: Possibilities for Recognising Tax-Deductible Provisions Expanded
taxCzech Republic Tax: Technical amendment to the VAT Act
taxCzech Republic: Government Approves Draft of the New Civil Code
taxCzech Republic: Amendment to the Commercial Code
taxIRS issues final "Killer B" regulations under §367(b)
taxDeloitte celebrates double tax award success
taxAustralia Tax: Federal Budget 2011-2012 - Immigration update
taxJapan Tax: 2011 tax reform - Proposals and disaster relief
taxIRS: Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC)
taxIRS Gives Joplin Area Taxpayers Additional Filing and Payment Relief
taxIRS Tax Relief for Victims of April 19 Storms in Tennessee
taxIRS Tax Relief for Victims of April 19 Storms in Missouri
taxIRS Tax Relief for Victims of April 22 Severe Storms in Kentucky
taxTerminating a 403(b) Plan
taxSEC Charges Former NASDAQ Managing Director with Insider Trading
taxSEC Adopts Rules to Establish Whistleblower Program
taxMaine Tax: Overview of the 2011 Filing Season
taxUS Tax: House GOP, Senate Dems draw lines in the sand on tax, budget, deficit issues
taxUS Tax: House taxwriters, witnesses weigh benefits and risks of territorial tax system
taxOil price volatility challenges Canadian and global markets
taxND Tax: Motor Fuels Compliance Checks to be Conducted
taxLife Settlements
taxTop Investor Tips for 2011
taxEU VAT: VAT implications of organizing an event in the EU
taxGermany: Court confirms validity of Swiss notarial recordings on transfer of shares
taxNetherlands VAT: Relief granted for delayed foreign VAT refunds
taxThailand: Foreign company without operations required to obtain foreign business license
taxMalta Tax: Guidance issued on hybrid loans
taxN.D. Tax: Comprehensive Tax Relief Means Revised Withholding Tables
taxAverage tax burden on workers’ earnings starts to rise again, putting pressure on real after-tax pay
taxSEC Seeks Public Comment to Assist in Study on Assigned Credit Ratings

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